ADT vs Bay Alarm Comparison

We're putting ADT, the best-known security company, with Bay Alarm, a newer company. Will the underdog come out on top?

Aliza Vigderman
Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Aug 13, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Aug 13, 2021
ADT vs. Bay Alarm


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Bay Alarm

In terms of effective home security, ADT and Bay Alarm offer quality systems and reliable service. ADT offers nationwide service which allows subscribers to take their system with them if they move to a new state. Bay Alarm, on the other hand, limits its service to the bay area of California. Both companies offer home automation and can set up your home so that you can handle most of the functions through their downloadable app. One of the unique aspects of Bay Alarm is that they require a home security review before installing your system. This ensures you get the devices you need without overpaying for services that aren’t necessary.


ADT and Bay Alarm includes 24/7 professional monitoring with their plans. Both companies offer landline, cellular, and Wi-Fi connectivity to establish emergency connections. When alerts are received, the staff at the monitoring centers identify the problem notify the subscribers and their contacts. Emergency responders will also be dispatched to the location.


ADT offers a variety of features that many subscribers look for in a quality home security system. They include indoor/outdoor security cameras, home automation, 24/7 monitoring, mobile alerts, wireless devices, environmental, hazard detection, video doorbells with two-way voice communication, and nationwide service that allows them to take their service to almost any location in the country.

Bay Alarm also includes several notable features in their packages. They offer medical alerts, intrusion protection, environmental hazard protection, home automation, 24/7 professional monitoring, security cameras, and video doorbells with two-way voice communication.


ADT requires a two or three-year contract depending on what options you choose. ADT requires an upfront payment of $125 to start service. Their Traditional package starts at $28.95 a month. The next package is the Control plan that starts at $36.99 a month. The final package includes everything in the previous two packages and adds video surveillance for $52.99. There is also a $99 to $199 fee for installation. Equipment options for ADT include video doorbells, indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, environmental hazard sensors, motion sensors, entry sensors for doors and windows, garage door locks, and door locks with keypads. They also offer a remote and mobile app so you can control your system when you are away from home.

The cost for Bay Alarm home security is approximately $30 a month. It costs $30 upfront to start your service. If you want to extend the service for your medical alert system, there will be additional fees. The in-home package costs $19.95 a month while the Mobile GPS package will cost you $29.95. Bay Alarm offers a variety of devices including door/window sensors, motion sensors, video doorbells, security cameras, and smart devices that allow for home automation.


Professional installation is mandatory with both ADT and Bay Alarm. Before Bay Alarm allows you to sign a contract or install any equipment, a detailed home security audit must be performed by one of their service technicians. This will determine the number and type of devices you need to keep your home secure. The security package you receive will be based on the security review.

Our Take: ADT vs Bay Alarm

ADT is well-known as one of the top home security companies in the country. If you want a reputable brand with quality equipment and service, ADT is one of the best choices. It’s also a good choice if you prefer to have all the gadgets and high-tech tools.

Bay Alarm is a good choice if you live in California and other areas along the west coast. It’s also one of your best options if you want to include a medical alert service. Both features make Bay Alarm a well-rounded service for individuals who may need medical assistance.


We're sure you still have many questions about ADT and Bay Alarm, and while we can't answer all of them here, we answered the most frequently asked ones below.

  • Is ADT better than Bay Alarm?

    Yes, ADT is better than Bay Alarm. Besides having nationwide coverage as opposed to Bay Alarm’s west coast coverage, ADT is also a reputable company with over 100 years of experience. No other alarm company in the U.S. has been around for that long. In terms of feature, though, ADT and Bay Alarm are almost on par. ADT is well known for its modern take on home security that includes cellular monitoring, smartphone control, home automation, and video monitoring. Bay Alarm, on the other hand, has a well-rounded system that works best for individuals who might need medical help, thanks to its medical emergency response offering.

  • How much does ADT cost a month?

    ADT costs approximately $40 to $60 a month. These prices are negotiable, since ADT likes to customize each system to each customer. Aside from the monthly cost, we recommend checking ADT’s current security equipment packages and installation rates, as their prices change from time to time.

  • Where can I use Bay Alarm?

    You can use Bay Alarm in California, Washington, and Arizona. In California, Bay Alarm services the Greater Bay Area, the Northern and Central Area, and the Southern Area. In Arizona, Bay Alarm is available only in Phoenix, while in Washington, it only services the North Sound area.

  • Does ADT and Bay Alarm require a monitoring contract?

    Yes, ADT and Bay Alarm both require a monitoring contract. Customers of both companies must sign a three-year contract, with the exception of ADT customers in California. There, ADT requires a two-year contract instead of three years.