Scout Alarm

  • No long-term contracts
  • Award-winning monitoring
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Scout Alarm is a Chicago-based company that has been in business since 2013 and is one of the newest security companies in the industry. The beauty of this particular company is that they manufacture their own devices then sell them to the general public online so you can avoid ever having to deal with a salesperson.

This alarm company specializes in DIY home security systems that can be easily integrated with home automation features such as Echo, Nest, hue, IFTT, Google Home, and LIFX. Unfortunately, Scout Alarm doesn’t offer any free service options and they do require you to pay a monthly monitoring fee of $9.99/mo. if you want to use their equipment.

Another great feature found with Scout Alarm is that their equipment uses your home’s Wi-Fi to communicate and has an accompanying cellular backup system in place should you ever lose power. So you can rest assured you will be covered when you need it the most.

Keep reading… Why?

Because if you thought installing a home security system was too costly, you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how affordable they’ve become in recent years. Let’s take a look.


Scout Alarm systems come with many of the most popular security equipment features. And, they offer high-quality equipment at reasonable prices, an extremely low monthly monitoring rate, and there are very few negative aspects of owning their system.

Here are the most popular Scout Alarm system features.

Fantastic Terms

With Scout Alarm systems, you don’t have to sign any long-term contracts, the equipment is 100% wireless so you can easily install it yourself, it has Wi-Fi with cellular backup, and its compatible with home automation devices and environmental sensors. They also provide you with a corresponding mobile app and a 60-day return policy.

Window, Door, Motion, and Glass Break Sensors

The number of window and door sensors you receive will depend on either the number you choose to purchase or the number included in the security equipment package you’ve selected.

The window and door sensors are designed to trigger the alarm if any of the protected windows or doors are breached. The monitoring company will then send you a mobile alert that activity was detected. If you want the authorities to be contacted, Scout Alarm has a premium service you can add-on to your system for a small monthly fee of $19.99.

The motion detectors (sensors) work by sensing motion within the protected area then triggering the alarm versus triggering the alarm when a window or door is breached as is the case with window and door sensors.

The glass break sensors work a bit differently than the window, door, and motion detectors. The glass break sensors use a microphone to listen for the acoustical frequency of breaking glass which will then trigger an alarm if breaking glass is detected.

RFID Stickers

The Scout Alarm systems come with RFID stickers that use radio waves to detect trusted users. Every door panel comes with an RFID sticker that can detect an authorized user’s key fob once the user nears the door. This feature was designed to cut down on false alarms and to create more urgency when the alarm is triggered.

Mobile App

All Scout equipment comes with a corresponding mobile app that serves as a control panel for your system. It will also send you text, email, and push alerts when activity is detected. The mobile app is offered and works with both service plans.


Monitoring Plans

With Scout, the monitoring plans are simple and straightforward. They offer two different monitoring plans. The first one is $9.99/mo. and is self-monitoring only. This plan is required in order to use this system and it will alert you if activity is detected. The second monitoring plan is $19.99/mo. and if activity is detected it will alert you and the authorities using their C.O.P.S. award-winning provider that has multiple stations and several signal carriers to make sure all calls are processed quickly.

Scout Alarm Monitoring Plan Pricing

 Self MonitoringEmergency Monitoring
Monitoring Options$9.99/mo.19.99/mo.

Equipment Packages

Scout Alarm is now offering bundled equipment packages that range from $299-$799 in your choice of either Arctic or Midnight colors. They have four different packages and they come with a hub, door panels, motion detectors, access sensors, glass break sensors, a smart lock, key fobs, a yard sign, and several environmental sensors (smoke, CO, water). The equipment and number of sensors you get will depend on which package you choose.

Scout Alarm Equipment Package Pricing

Small PackLarge PackElements PackArchitect Pack
1-Door Panel1-Door Panel1-Door Panel1-Door Panel
1-Motion Detector2-Motion Detectors1-Motion Detector1-Motion Detector
2-Key Fobs5-Access Detectors4-Access Detectors4-Access Detectors
1-Yard Sign2-Key Fobs2-Key Fobs2-Key Fobs
 1-Yard Sign1-each (yard sign, smoke, CO, water sensor)1-each (yard sign, smart lock, glass break sensor)

Add-On Equipment

Scout doesn’t offer a wide variety of add-on equipment/accessories. However, they do give you the option of buying extra items as needed. They have extra yard signs you can purchase for $4.99/ea. Key Fobs you can purchase for $4.99/ea. Window stickers you can purchase for $0.99/ea. And, RFID Stickers you can purchase for $2.49/ea.

Scout Alarm Add-On/Accessory Pricing

Yard Signs$4.99
Key Fobs$4.99
RFID Stickers$2.49
Window Stickers$0.99


Scout Alarm is an affordable DIY home security system that does not require you to sign a long-term contract and it comes with a 60-day return policy. They offer Wi-Fi communication with a 4G cellular backup (12 hours) so you will still be covered if you ever lose power. Their equipment is about middle of the road cost wise; however, their low monthly monitoring fee of $9.99 makes the overall value extremely reasonable. The Scout products are also compatible with a wide variety of third-party home automation equipment such as Echo, Nest, Google Home, and more. And while Scout Alarm is a relatively new security company, they are well on their way to becoming a big name in the industry. Read the full Scout security review here to learn more.