Scout Alarm Review

Scout redefines DIY home security with basic and affordable options

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  • No long-term contracts
  • Award-winning monitoring
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

The founders of Scout got the inspiration to make these home security devices after trying to find a system that was affordable and technologically advanced. They ended up running into a lot of issues during this process and wanted to bring something better to the market. The focus was on simple, affordable, and smart.

Scout first started out as a crowdfunded project. The response was immediately positive, and the company exceeded its original goal. They’ve since sold more than $500,000 worth of these home security systems.

Equipment & Tech

Scout Hub

The Hub is the brains of the system, and it connects to your network or uses a built-in 4G LTE cellular backup to keep you protected even when the Internet is unavailable. This home security device comes with a 105 DB alarm. It has a design that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your home décor, and you can choose to put it on its side or stand it straight up as space allows.

You can plug it directly into your modem or router, and the device includes a battery backup in case there’s a power disruption. You only need one hub for your network of sensors. It alerts you to the exact sensor that sends a warning rather than giving notifications based on zones.

Motion Sensor

If you have many entry points and areas that don’t work well with other types of sensors, a motion sensor can keep you protected. It works during the day and night, as it relies on an infrared sensor. The 90-degree field of view provides you with a comprehensive view of what’s going on at your door.

Door Panel

You can arm and disarm your system with this phone-free access choice. The RFID sticker or a key fob is all that you need. It runs off of a battery, so you eliminate wires that get in the way. With the stickers and fobs, you don’t need a separate keypad to gain access to your home. This device is equipped with a 105 DB alarm to scare off potential intruders and to warn you about what’s going on.

Access Sensor

This door and window sensor will pick up someone opening these entry points. Since they’re small and use adhesive mounting, you can put them on any surface. It functions off batteries.

Door Lock

This door lock is battery powered and allows you to get rid of bulky keys in your pockets. It’s a digital touchpad that uses pin codes for access to your property. You can synchronize the door locking and unlocking with various Scout modes. This tamper-resistant device protects your home against people trying to figure out the pin codes. Scout uses the smart lock technology of Yale locks for this particular piece of hardware.

Glass Break Sensor

The sound and vibration that glass makes as it breaks are distinctive. This smart sensor notices it. It can sit up to 15 feet away from the glass in question.

Scout Indoor Camera

This HD camera has 1080p quality with a 115-degree field of view. It supports night vision and saving clips directly to the cloud. You can watch a live stream view through the app or watch recorded clips later. The camera acts as a motion and sound detector and helps Scout responders to verify a crime or emergency in progress.

Water Sensor

Waiting to find out about a leak leads to a lot of expensive damage. Find out as soon as it happens with this sensor.

Smoke & CO Detector

This device not only detects these two dangers, but it can also contact the fire department.

Monitoring & Features

Customize Your Home Security System

You get a lot of control over the level of security you want for your home, from the devices that you use on your smart network to the level of monitoring that you want.

Use Any Smart Device

You can check your system, get a bird’s eye view of the entire system, or find out what’s going on at a sensor level.

Custom Actions and Alerts

You can create context-aware security scenes that automate how Scout works in each situation. It can auto-alert a trusted network of friends and family if you’re not available during an emergency.

Set custom actions and alerts: tell Scout how to react in different situations set location and context-based modes auto-alert a trusted network if you’re out of reach

Remote Control

You can arm and disarm your Scout as needed from your phone, stop false alarms and grant access to your home.

Certified Monitoring

Scout uses a certified professional monitoring provider to keep close watch over their systems.

Backup Systems

You don’t need Internet or power to be available to stay protected with backup cellular and battery. Once those utilities are back up, it seamlessly switches back to normal operation.

RFID Control

This feature is not commonplace on home security systems. It ends the need for arming and disarming via the phone or key fob.

Review Recorded Clips or Watch Live Streams

You can see precisely what happens through the video cameras on your network.

One Button Testing

Ensure that everything is running normally by testing out your system and sirens through the app.

Video Cloud Storage

All your recordings are saved to the cloud for easy retrieval later.

Verified Video

The monitoring service uses video to confirm what’s going on so that you can get a higher priority with police dispatch.

Zigbee and Z-Wave Integration

Connect your third-party smart home devices with support for these two protocols.

Installation & Usability

The Scout home security system is designed to be easy and straightforward, and that shows through in the simple installation and functionality of the devices. Most of the time, you just need to push and stick a device to the installation location. Other than the hub, the devices are wireless and battery powered.

Customer Support

Scout offers a straightforward range of products and services, so the representatives that you interact with have a strong understanding of the system. You can look for answers to your questions in the knowledge base, go through step by step tutorials, send in a support request, or call the company over the phone.

Cost & Pricing

The pricing for Scout devices and packages is affordable for what you’re getting. Several home security starter kits are available:

  • Scout Small Pack $299.00: Hub, 1x door panel, 1x motion sensor, 2x access sensors, 2x key fobs and 1 yard
  • Scout Large Pack $449.00: Hub, 1x door panel, 2x motion sensor, 5x access sensors, 2x key fobs and 1 yard
  • Scout Elements Pack $599.00: Hub, 1x door panel, 1x motion sensor, 4x access sensors, 2x key fobs, 1x yard sign, 1x smoke/co2 detector, and 1x water sensor.
  • Scout Architect Pack $799.00: Hub, 1x door panel, 1x motion sensor, 4x access sensors, 2x key fobs, 1x yard sign, 1x smart lock, and 1x glass break sensor.

You have two options for service plans:

  • Always On $9.99 per month: 4G LTE cell and battery backup, email notifications, mobile app access, push notifications, and SMS alerts. Camera cloud storage is available for $2.99 per month per camera.
  • Always On+ $19.99 per month: Includes previous features and adds 24/7 professional monitoring to respond to alerts and sirens when you’re unavailable. You get cloud storage for one camera included free, with a $2.99 per month fee for each added camera.

If the upfront cost of the equipment is out of the home security budget, Scout offers 3 to 12 months of financing. The rates start as low as $15 per month with a 0 percent APR. The company provides this service through Affirm.

You don’t have a contract with Scout, and you can cancel without any penalties at any time. If you’re unhappy with your service, you can get a full refund within 60 days (minus any shipping costs.

Our Conclusion

Scout cuts through the confusion that can come from selecting a home security system that does what you need it to do. Their flexible, ad hoc security systems make it easy to customize the option that best suits your needs, and the affordable pricing makes it an attractive choice for budget conscious shoppers looking for something more than a basic home security system.