SimpliSafe vs Vivint

Vivint and SimpliSafe have a lot in common, but their pricing is pretty different. Which one leaves more money in your pocket?

Aliza Vigderman Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Jun 1, 2020


  • Month-to-month plans
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Reliable professional monitoring
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  • Sleek and modern equipment design
  • Advanced but easy to use smart home features
  • Same-day professional installation
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Note: SimpliSafe now offers self-monitoring, although you’ll only get notifications with the Interactive Plan. They also added a Google Assistant integration, and cloud storage is available separately from monitoring. They’ve also added a professional installation option for $79. Vivint now offers 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup for $39.99 a month plus $5 per camera for 14 days of cloud storage. Without this plan, your system will be a local alarm only. Vivint also offers professional installation for free. 

If you’re a security nerd like me, then you probably already know about SimpliSafe and Vivint. SimpliSafe was founded in 2006 by two students at Harvard Business School who wanted to create a security system for renters. That’s why they created a company with month-to-month contracting, because you never know when you’re going to be on the go!

Vivint, on the other hand, is an older company founded in 1999. In 2012, they were acquired by the Blackstone Group for over two billion dollars and currently, they have over 1.3 million customers in the U.S and Canada. No big deal, right?

I purchased the Summerfort system from SimpliSafe and the Basic Security System from Vivint. Which one is the system for you? We’re about to find out.

Key Similarities

First I want to give you an overview of what the two systems have in common, and what they have that’s different. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Option to self monitor: Both companies give you the option to self-monitor your system and avoid paying monthly fees.
  • Customer support: Both companies have Google ratings in between three and four stars.
  • Some system components: Both systems I purchased include entry sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and security cameras.

Key Differences

  • Installation: While Vivint offers professional installation, SimpliSafe is DIY.
  • App ratings: The SimpliSafe app has better ratings than the Vivint app.
  • App capabilities: While all Vivint users can get notifications from their app, only SimpliSafe’s users of the Interactive Plan receive push notifications.

If that all sounds good, we can move on to system components.

SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint System Components

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint System Components

Both the SimpliSafe Summerfort System and the Vivint Basic Security System include entry, motion, and glass break sensors along with security cameras. SimpliSafe also gives you a base station, panic button, key fob, and auxiliary siren, while Vivint throws in smoke and C.O monitors, a video doorbell, a smart lock, and a control panel.

SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint Installation

While all Vivint systems come with free professional monitoring, it’ll cost $79 with SimpliSafe, or, you can do it yourself for free. I did it myself, so let’s take a closer look.

Installing SimpliSafe

Installing SimpliSafe requires no tools, no drilling, and no knowledge of security systems at all.

Connecting the SimpliSafe to Power
Connecting the SimpliSafe to Power

The majority of the system is peel-and-stick, which a literal child could handle. Once the sensors are up, all I had to do was plug in the base station and sync everything in my SimpliSafe app. From start to finish, installing SimpliSafe took only a few minutes, so I’m super pleased. However, if you’re not a DIY person, professional installation is available for $79.

Installing Vivint

Installing the Vivint Entry Sensors

For free, you’ll get your Vivint system professionally installed by the same person who delivers it. My technician was very polite and courteous, putting booties around his shoes as to not track in dirt into my home. He also clearly knew what he was talking about with the system, making me feel very confident that it was set up correctly.

Top System Installation

Vivint clearly has the best possible installation, free and professional. However, SimpliSafe’s options aren’t bad at all, so you’re in good hands with either system.

Professional Monitoring with SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint

When it comes to home security monitoring, there are two main options available: self-monitoring through your mobile app or 24/7 professional monitoring. If you choose the latter, you’ll get a team of people monitoring your system at all times. If one of your alarms goes off, it’s the professional monitors that will contact emergency services for you, if need be. This can be especially helpful if you’re on vacation or simply preoccupied. I recommend getting professional monitoring whenever it’s offered, but Vivint does give you the option to self-monitor. Let’s get into more detail.

SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint Monitoring Options

With SimpliSafe, the cost of your monitoring will depend on the services you get, whereas Vivint bases it on the amount of cameras you have.  Let’s start with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe Professional Monitoring Options

Both the Standard and the Interactive Plans include 24/7 professional and environmental monitoring as well as cellular backup, ensuring your system will stay on in a power outage, but that’s where the similarities end. For remote control of your system, notifications, cloud storage, and smart home integrations, you’ll need to do the Interactive Plan for $24.99 a month. If you want to avoid paying fees at all, you’ll be able to use the app but you won’t get push notifications, which are pretty essential.

Now let me explain a couple of SimpliSafe features that may not be super-obvious.

Secret Alarms allow you to receive a notification without the alarm physically going off, which could be useful for a liquor cabinet or safe.

Video Verified Alarms send a one-minute clip of your livestream footage to the professional monitoring teams, allowing them to verify that a crime has taken place. With evidence in hand, video verified alarms lead to higher arrest rates, according to the SimpliSafe website.

SimpliSafe also offers cloud storage separate from any monitoring, if you prefer.

SimpliSafe Cloud Storage Options
SimpliSafe Cloud Storage Options

Vivint makes it a lot more simple, basing your monitoring cost on the number of cameras you have.

Vivint Smart Home Video Service

Their prices aren’t cheap, especially when you consider that you’re already paying a monthly fee for your equipment. That’s right— you’ll pay nothing for Vivint upfront, but instead will pay a monthly fee for your equipment.

Vivint Security System Plans

If you have more than two cameras, your monthly fee will simply increase. All Vivint plans include cellular backup, which is a good thing.

Clearly, SimpliSafe has more reasonable prices, with its highest option at $24.99 a month being less money than Vivint’s lowest option at $29.99 a month. Keep in mind that the Vivint equipment itself was $844 compared to the $559 I paid for the Summerfort system so overall, you’re going to spend a lot more money with Vivint than with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint Contracts

While all SimpliSafe contracts are month-to-month, Vivint requires you to sign either a 3.5 or a five year contract. However, you can cancel Vivint at any time— you’d just need to finish paying for your equipment.

SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint Moving Policies

As SimpliSafe has DIY installation, if you’re moving, just pick up your system and install it in your new home. Or, you can get it professionally installed again for $79. With Vivint, on the other hand, they’ll reinstall it for free.

Top System for Monitoring

To me, the choice is clear. SimpliSafe’s monitoring is more affordable and flexible than Vivint’s, with monthly contracting and lower monthly prices. Okay, now it’s SimpliSafe one, Vivint zero. The next two rounds should be interesting.

Customer Support with SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint Customer Support

Both SimpliSafe and Vivint offer customer support in the form of phone lines and online help centers. SimpliSafe lets you send support an email or submit a form online, while Vivint has a live chat feature. To see what real customers thought of SimpliSafe and Vivint’s customer support, I turned to Google reviews. Google combines customer reviews from many different websites to bring you one comprehensive rating. While SimpliSafe received a three-star rating, Vivint received a 3.8.

“Absolutely love this company. Equipment has only had one hiccup and a technician was out the next day to fix it free of charge. Customer service is always great even with small holds during busy hours (normal for any company though),”

wrote James Ballard of Vivint in a five-star review.

Top System for Customer Support

The algorithms don’t lie— Vivint has better customer support than SimpliSafe, as evidenced by their higher rating on Google. I also prefer live chat to email, as it typically yields faster response times. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie, and you know what that means— it’s all going to come down to the apps.

SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint Apps

SimpliSafe vs. Vivint Apps

Now it’s time for the final round, the apps. We’re talking smart security here, so a user-friendly app is essential to monitoring and controlling your security system. Who will break the tie and reign supreme?

The SimpliSafe App

From the SimpliSafe app, you can arm and disarm your system, control any connected devices you may have, receive notifications, and if you have the Interactive Plan, livestream and download footage.

Livestreaming on the SimpliSafe App
Livestreaming on the SimpliSafe App

The app has amazing ratings, a 4.8 from the Apple store and a 4.5 from the Google Play store.

The Vivint App

Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint app has the exact same capabilities of the SimpliSafe app, plus it allows you to see and speak to visitors through your video doorbell. With ratings of 4.5 from Android users and 4.6 from iPhone users, the Vivint app is one of the highest-rated in the app store.

Top System App

Both of these systems have some of the best apps in the security games, but overall, SimpliSafe’s is ranked higher by only .2 stars. SimpliSafe for the win!

Recap of SimpliSafe Vs. Vivint

While SimpliSafe has more affordable, flexible professional monitoring and a better app for iPhone users, Vivint won for customer support and installation, it being free and professionally done. Overall, I’d choose SimpliSafe, but let’s break it down even further.

Pick SimpliSafe if you’d like…
  • DIY installation: I had no issue setting up my SimpliSafe system, and what’s better is I didn’t have to pay for it.
  • Flexible contracting: SimpliSafe only offers month-to-month contracting, my personal favorite.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: If you absolutely hate your SimpliSafe system, you can send it back for a full refund— including shipping!

For more information, read our full review of the SimpliSafe security system.

Pick Vivint if you’d like…
  • Free professional installation: Vivint’s installation is top-notch and free, a great combination.

Want to learn more about Vivint? Check out our review of the Vivint home security system.