PrivacyGuard Review

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Last Updated on Dec 18, 2019

PrivacyGuard is an identity theft protection service that also offers credit monitoring, and innovative solutions such as a secure mobile keyboard and browser. The parent company, Trilegiant Corporation, primarily operates in the consumer membership program market space.


PrivacyGuard is part of the Trilegiant Corporation, which started in 1973. This organization has an extensive presence in consumer membership clubs and loyalty programs.

The company got its start In 1973 and now has more than 25 million customers worldwide. They keep up with the demand through 3,000 employees. Given their focus on consumer shopping, it makes sense that they have a vested interest in helping people keep their identities safe. If their customers don’t feel comfortable with shopping online, then they would lose out on a lot of revenue. They also handle a significant amount of credit card processing through free trial programs and similar incentives. The company can’t make money if it has to continually refund fraudulent transactions.

You have access to many useful identity protection and credit monitoring features, which allows you to steer clear of identity theft and ensure that your credit information is accurate and only reflects your own accounts.

Customer Service

PrivacyGuard has mixed reviews when it comes to customer service. It can be challenging to reach a customer service representative, and the information given is sometimes inconsistent. Customers have reported unexpected account cancellations, problems with receiving identity theft alerts, and a lack of concern from the phone representatives.

Most of these complaints are directed towards general customer support for this company. If you have an identity theft incident, then you deal with a completely different set of people. The FCRA-trained caseworker is dedicated to your incident and supplies support throughout every part of this process.

Features, Services, and Plans

iOS and Android App

PrivacyGuard stands out in the crowd of identity theft protection services through two exciting features in the mobile app: a secure mobile browser and a secure keyboard. This technology improves the security of your online experience and makes it less likely to fall victim to phishing attempts and other malicious activities. The secure browser is also available on the PC.

The secure mobile keyboard works by encrypting each button press as you use your phone. It also proactively protects you from malware. The secure browser blocks keyloggers along with phishing attacks.

Three Bureau Credit Reports

You receive access to your credit reports from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax through PrivacyGuard. Monitoring your credit and your identity becomes much easier when you can look over this information on a convenient platform.

VantageScore Credit Score

The VantageScore is similar to a FICO score. The primary difference is that the VantageScore uses a scoring model developed by the three credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, while FICO was created by a different organization. The credit scores that you see with VantageScore might not be exactly what your lenders see when you apply for a loan, but they’re useful to get a baseline understanding of your financial health.

Text, Email and Phone Notifications

Receive real-time notifications when unusual activity shows up on your credit report. The information that these notifications cover include new inquiries, new accounts, changes of address, public records, and derogatory information.

Black Market Data Monitoring

A lot of stolen personal data gets sold on the Dark Web. PrivacyGuard monitors these resources to determine whether you’re at risk of identity theft based on this information.

Social Security Number Monitoring

Your social security number opens up a lot of doors for scammers – doors that you’d rather keep shut. PrivacyGuard helps you with that by letting you know whether it’s getting used.

Online Directory Scan

There are online directories that contain a substantial amount of your personal information. You can configure PrivacyGuard to scan these websites to see whether your information is available. This service supports up to 3 addresses, 3 phone numbers, and 3 email addresses.

Public Records Monitoring

Your information is checked against public records to see whether someone used your identity as part of a criminal or civil matter. It can get quite complicated to untangle this type of situation, so it’s better to catch it as early as possible.

Removing Opt-in Offers

Scammers may try to steal pre-approved credit card offers from your mail and get accounts in your name that you never know about. PrivacyGuard helps you opt-out of these offers to reduce the mail containing your personal information.

$1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance

If your identity is stolen while you’re protected by PrivacyGuard, then you have up to $1 million in coverage to handle your losses and damages.

The basic tier of PrivacyGuard is $9.99 per month, which does not include multiple bureau credit reports and scores. All of the previously mentioned features are included in this plan.

If you want to only use the credit monitoring features offered by PrivacyGuard, the Credit Protection plan is $19.99 per month. This level of service gives you access to all three credit bureaus, 24/7 daily credit monitoring, monthly credit score tracking, a simulator that shows you where your credit score lands based on changes, and a financial calculator. A credit information hotline allows you to reach a representative capable of answering many personal financial questions and concerns. However, you don’t have most of the identity protection features.

If you want all of the features from both plans, you can go with the Total Protection tier at $24.99 per month.


You can test out PrivacyGuard with a $1, two-week trial, which gives you enough time to determine whether you’d like to continue with it further. The price points are on the high side, given the fact that you don’t have access to FICO scores, and the split between plan features on the first two tiers may be confusing to some.

Our Verdict

PrivacyGuard has several unique features, such as the secure mobile browser and keyboard. However, the service feels somewhat barebones for the price that you’re paying, and it falls behind the market leaders through the lack of a FICO model credit score.