IDShield Review

Feature-rich plans with A+ identity theft restoration support

Editor's Rating

  • Access to licensed Private Investigators
  • Credit freeze and fraud alert features
  • Up to $1 million in ID theft restoration 
Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

IDShield has a long history in helping consumers with some of the most harrowing times of their life, and they bring in licensed private investigators if their customers become the victims of identity theft. This identity protection service is incredibly thorough in its monitoring and watches data sources that its competitors fail to cover.


IDShield is part of the LegalShield company, which has 15 years of experience in the legal and identity protection markets. Their focus is on providing the best customer-centric experience possible during your time of need. It operates in the United States and Canada, with one million customers.

They offer a variety of resources to help when you’re dealing with the consequences of identity theft, or you’re trying to be proactive about protecting yourself. This comprehensive approach to identity theft protection is an effective way of managing the threats that are present in today’s environment.

Customer Service

The licensed private investigators and other specialists are based in the United States and highly skilled at their jobs. Everyone is in-house, so you’re not dealing with a third-party service provider when you reach out to this company.  IDShield doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to helping you recover from the damage of identity theft.

The company will spend an unlimited amount of time and resources on your case to make sure that your identity is completely restored at the end of the process. They don’t just go above and beyond. They set the industry standard in this area.

The private investigators handle everything for you, so you don’t have to spend countless hours on the phone trying to untangle the identity theft. Some tasks that the investigator takes on for you include calling customer support lines, working with government agencies, reaching out to financial institutions, talking to the credit bureaus, and negotiating with collection agencies.

You work with the same investigator throughout the process. They’re FCRA, CITRMS, CIPP/US, and CFE certified. You can reach them through the phone, on email, and on the mobile app.

Features, Services, and Plans

IDShield Plus Mobile App

The app provided with this service is user-friendly, which is no surprise given how customer-centric the rest of IDShield is. You have one-touch calling to the support line, 24/7 emergency assistance, a credit score tracker, and the ability to look at your restoration case status. You also have access to your user account, in case you need to update your personal information. This app is available on iOS and Android devices.


The identity theft monitoring starts the second you sign up. IDShield uses the information that you provide during the sign-up process to make sure that nothing malicious is going on. The company can use your partial or full Social Security Number to start the process. You also need to share your first and last name, address and date of birth for this feature. You can provide other personally identifiable information if you want that monitored too.

Transunion Credit Monitoring

You can opt for a single bureau for credit monitoring, and the default is Transunion. If you prefer a more comprehensive view of your credit health, then you can choose to add Equifax and Experian as well. Some of the information that IDShield processes when determining whether identity theft is happening include new inquiries, new accounts, new addresses, lost and stolen card numbers, deceased cardholders, major delinquency, new liens, and other unusual credit information.

Monthly Score Tracker

Watch your credit score over time and see when it reaches certain milestones, such as achieving a 720 score.

Credit Freeze and Fraud Alert Assistance

IDShield walks you through the process of setting up credit freezes, putting fraud alerts on your credit reports and writing victim’s statements.

Communicate with the Issuing Organization

One unique feature that IDShield has to offer is how they can tell organizations that the activity on an account is not yours. They have an electronic way of doing this, which speeds up the restoration process significantly. Some of the accounts that IDShield monitors in this way include:

  • Banking accounts
  • Cell phone accounts
  • Utilities
  • Car loans
  • Mortgages
  • Retail charge cards
  • Check orders
  • Payday loans
  • Credit card inquiries
  • Title Pawn
  • Auto Pawn
  • Rent-to-own

Public Records Monitoring

IDShield tracks 34 pieces of personal information and compares it to the data on 78 billion records. The sources of this data include criminal and civil case files, professional licensing, vehicle registrations, concealed carry permit, lease history, county courts, legal agencies, Department of Corrections, Social Security Numbers, voter registration, Administration of the Courts, and the Social Security Death Index.

Credential Screening

A credential in this context is a username and password combination. IDShield looks for leaks of this information so you can quickly change your login information on the affected sites.

File-Sharing Networks

Do you worry about your data being shared over peer-to-peer networks? IDShield has a feature in place to track potential data sharing on these hard to monitor networks.

Phone Redirection Monitoring

This telecom monitoring feature looks at databases that have 1.5 billion phone records. They look for matches with your information, to see whether someone is opening up a number in your name, or redirecting your number to a different location.

Address Changes

IDShield checks with the USPS to confirm your current address and lets you know if someone tries to put in a change of address form.

Financial Account Monitoring

Keep your 401K and other retirement accounts safe and sound with this feature.

Social Media Monitoring

Social networks make it easy for criminals to steal your personal information. IDShield will look for anything that puts your privacy at risk on these platforms. In addition, it also informs you if it detects content that might hurt your reputation. You can focus this search on a specific area and language, in case your name is common, and you’re getting a lot of false alarms.

Sex Offender Search

This function is not directly related to identity theft, but IDShield helps you stay informed when new sex offenders move into your neighborhood.

$1 Million Identity Fraud Reimbursement

Restoring your identity can be a costly process. You’ve got legal fees, filing fees, documentation payments, travel costs, accountant fees, credit reports, childcare payments, notarization, and lost wages to worry about. If your identity gets stolen or money is stolen from your bank account, you can leverage this coverage to recover this money.

Start to Finish Restoration

Some identity theft protection services expect you do to most of the heavy lifting to restore your identity. IDShield is with you from the beginning to end, so you’re never left feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. The investigators work closely with you to help you through the restoration and to answer any and all questions that you might have about what’s going on. In some cases, they will request a limited Power of Attorney so that they can take actions on your behalf.

IDShield’s involvement doesn’t stop after your identity gets restored. They check back in 120 days later to confirm that you are completely restored to your pre-theft status and you weren’t the victim of another identity theft crime.

Lost and Stolen Wallet Support

Losing a wallet or having it stolen is a frustrating situation and one that can lead to financial harm. IDShield will get your cards canceled and reissued for you, saving you a lot of time on the phone.

Reducing Credit Card Offers

Don’t give criminals an easy way to steal your identity. You can use IDShield to minimize the amount of pre-approval mail you receive.

Learn About Data Breaches Quickly

The data breach notification laws can result in you finding out about a massive breach long after it happened. By that time, the identity theft damage could already be done. IDShield keeps you up to date on data breaches that may impact your financial security.

Unlimited Consultations

You don’t have to get your identity stolen to ask questions. IDShield has many trained experts who are happy to help you learn about personal finance.

Individual and Family Plans

You can opt for an individual plan or a family plan that covers two adults and 10 children. The only difference between the two plan types is whether you use a single credit bureau for your credit monitoring, or three.

The individual plans are $12.95 per month or $17.95 per month, and the family plans are $25.95 per month or $32.95 per month. You are not locked into a contract, and you can cancel at any time.


The price is exceptional, given the amount of identity theft protection that is covered with this service. The family plans get a bit pricey if you’re looking for three-bureau coverage, but they automatically include two adults, so it ends up being a bargain overall. You’re not going to beat the level of service or the sheer amount of monitoring that IDShield is capable of.

Our Verdict

IDShield is a gold standard in the identity theft protection industry, and it shows. From the unlimited consultations to the long list of data that gets monitored, IDShield has it all. You might find it a bit lacking if you want more credit monitoring and financial planning features, but if your primary focus is identity protection, then you’re in the right place.