Blink Camera Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022

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Blink Camera XT

If there are two things Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good for, it’s slashed prices on electronics online and offline. Amazon’s Blink home camera systems are no exception. With sales and perks for Prime members and non-members on this shoppers holiday, Amazon wants to do whatever it can to get its products in our hands.

That’s why each year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon drops prices on products like Blink cameras, making these days the perfect opportunity to bolster your home security. So without further ado, let’s see what Blink has in store this holiday season.

Blink Mini Equipment
Blink Mini Equipment

Blink Deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Beyond

Although the deals change each year, one thing stays the same: Amazon keeps most of the deals under wraps until just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, though, Amazon launched pre-Black Friday deals as teasers of what’s to come. Towards the end of October, Amazon slashed the prices of several Blink cameras, including the Blink Mini, Blink Indoor, and Blink Outdoor.

Blink XT2 on Box
Blink XT2 on Box

Blink Mini

Product Regular price Sale price
Blink Mini 1-camera kit $34.99 $24.99
Blink Mini 2-camera kit $64.99 $44.99
Blink Mini 3-camera kit $84.99 $64.99
Blink Indoor 1-camera kit $79.99 $59.99
Blink Indoor 2-camera kit $139.99 $99.99
Blink Indoor 3-camera kit $189.99 $139.99
Blink Outdoor 1-camera kit $99.99 $69.99
Blink Outdoor 3-camera kit $249.99 $169.99
Blink Outdoor 5-camera kit $379.99 $259.99

Unfortunately, these were blink-and-you-miss-it deals. If you haven’t had the chance to buy Blink cameras in late October, you’ll have to wait for Thanksgiving week to enjoy discounts again. On the bright side, Amazon might have better and bigger deals in store for its actual Black Friday sale. So while we’re waiting for the retail giant’s announcements, now is the best time to plan which Blink cameras to buy. Our review of Blink cameras, as well as our Blink Mini review, might offer you some insight.

Blink App
Blink App

Blink Pricing and Packages

Since Amazon acquired Blink back in 20171, Blink has launched a number of different cameras. Last year, Blink released the Blink Mini, a $34.99 wired indoor camera, followed by the Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor, both battery-powered cameras. This year, Blink followed up with a video doorbell and a floodlight-equipped camera.

Product Price per camera
Blink Mini $39.99
Blink Video Doorbell $49.99
Blink Indoor $79.99
Blink Outdoor $99.99
Blink Floodlight Camera $139.98

If some of these products seem familiar, that’s because they’re similar to what Ring offers, specifically the video doorbell and the floodlight-equipped camera. Take note that Blink isn’t a copycat of Ring; in fact, the two are sister companies both owned by Amazon. While Ring security cameras are superior in quality, Blink’s pricing on its cameras are lower, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, the prices might drop even lower.

FYI: Amazon owns both Blink and Ring, but the two companies target different markets. Blink sells affordable products, with cameras starting at only $39.99 apiece and video doorbells selling for $49.99. Ring, on the other hand, is superior in features and quality, but a little more expensive than Blink.

Cloud and Local Storage

Aside from cameras, Blink sells video storage solutions for its cameras. While historically, Blink hasn’t offered discounts on its cloud storage plans, we might see the price of the Blink Sync Module 2 this Black Friday. What’s the difference between cloud storage and the Sync Module 2, you ask?

The Sync Module 2 is a base station, required for any Blink camera system with a Blink Indoor, Blink Outdoor, or Blink Video Doorbell. The Blink cameras connect to the Sync Module 2 wirelessly, and if you plug a USB flash drive into the base station, the cameras can use it as storage for videos. In other words, it’s a way to store videos locally.

On the other hand, cloud storage means that your cameras will send videos to Blink’s cloud servers, powered by Amazon Web Services. You can access your videos anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. However, cloud storage isn’t free. You can opt to not pay for a cloud plan, but that would mean that your cameras won’t be able to store videos unless you have a Sync Module 2.

Blink Video Storage Costs

Free Basic Plus
Monthly price $0 $3 $10
Yearly price $0 $30 $100
Mobile alerts Yes Yes Yes
Live streaming Yes Yes Yes
Motion recording No Yes Yes
Cloud storage in days 0 60 60
Video sharing No Yes Yes
Supported cameras Unlimited 1 Unlimited
10% discount on Blink products No No Yes
Warranty coverage 1 year 1 year As long as the subscription is active
Blink Indoor
Blink Indoor Camera


Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to beef up your home security profile, and video monitoring is a big piece of that puzzle. This is where Blink delivers in a big way.

But if you’re still not sure if Blink is the right choice, check out our Blink Mini video review, where we take a deep dive into what makes this tiny camera so powerful. Also stay tuned for our thoughts on the new Blink Video Doorbell and Blink Floodlight Camera. And in the meantime, our guide to home security cameras is an excellent primer for anyone!

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8.4 /10
  1. Business Insider. (2018). Amazon quietly dropped $90 million on a camera startup last year to acquire its unique chip technology.