Blink Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • No long-term contracts
  • Impressive two-year battery life
  • Affordable home security
Blink Camera XT

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, this year falling on November 27th and 30th, so get those shopping carts ready! If there are two things Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good for, it’s getting slashed prices on electronics online and offline. Amazon’s Blink home camera systems are no exception. With sales and perks for Prime members and non-members on this shoppers holiday, Amazon wants to do whatever they can to get their products in our hands. That’s why each year on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they slash prices on products like Blink, making these days the perfect opportunity to boost your home security.

Blink Mini Equipment
Blink Mini Equipment

Blink Deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Beyond

It’s almost hard to believe Cyber Monday is celebrating its fifteenth iteration this year. What started as a push for more online sales by the website back in 20051 has quickly turned into one of our favorite holidays and one of the biggest spending days across the world. In 2019, Cyber Monday was responsible for $9.4 billion in sales,2 and even though the percent of people who do most of their holiday shopping on Black Friday has dropped from 59 percent to 36 percent from 2015 to 2019,3 we can still expect great deals.

Although the deals change each year, one thing stays the same: Amazon keeps most of the deals under wraps until just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday actually start. Luckily Amazon’s Prime day might show us a little bit of what they have in store. This year, the Blink Mini is one of their Prime Day teaser deals. There are two confirmed ways to save on Blink Mini this year; we could get a single Mini for $24.99, which is $10 off its usual price, or a two-pack for $49.98, which is essentially the same discount but saved us from having to add an extra item to our cart!

Blink XT2 on Box
Blink XT2 on Box

With these deals, there’s no better time to up your security and snag a Blink Mini for your home. Although it isn’t a wireless camera, it more than makes up for this with an Alexa integration and 1080p HD video quality. The Blink Mini is one of the most versatile home security cameras on the market, but don’t just take our word for it, check out our full Blink Mini camera review and decide for yourself!

Even though we don’t have access to all of Blink’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, last year retailers (including Amazon) offered up to 40 percent off of their XT2 cameras. Since last Prime Day, Amazon upgraded the Blink suite, and no longer sells the XT2 cameras. However, if last year was any indication, there might be more deals in-store. Although no deals have been announced yet, we’ll look forward to both Black Friday and Cyber Monday for even further deals on Blink Cameras.

Blink App
Blink App

Blink Pricing and Packages

Since Amazon acquired Blink back in 2017,4 there have been a few different versions of thor camera offerings. Their most recent and updated versions of the Blink Cameras came out less than a month ago to go alongside the Blink Mini. These two new cameras are called Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor; easy enough, right? Both boast two-way audio so we could speak to pets, people, or Alexa whenever the situation calls for it. As far as battery life goes, all Blink cameras have a two-year battery life, so we’re able to rest easy knowing we only have to climb a ladder to put these cameras up once in a while. If we really didn’t want to be bothered by replacing camera batteries, Blink will soon sell a battery extender for $29.99 which brings the life to four years. Now, let’s check out the price comparison between these new Blink cameras.

Blink Mini Blink Indoor Blink Outdoor
Add-On Camera Price $34.99 $69.99 $89.99
One Camera Kit Price $34.99 $79.99 $99.99
Two Camera Kit Price $64.99 $139.99 $179.99
Three Camera Kit Price n/a $189.99 $249.99
Five Camera Kit Price n/a $279.99 $379.99

Earlier this year, when Blink Mini launched, Blink also built a new cloud-subscription system. If you’re a new Blink user, cloud storage now requires a monthly fee for the Blink Mini, Blink Indoor, or Blink Outdoor. That being said, Blink will only start charging for the subscription in January 2021. It’s free until the end of this year, so at least we get a few months before the charges hit.

Free Basic Plus
Monthly Price $0 $3 $10
Mobile Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Live Streaming Yes Yes Yes
Motion Recording No Yes Yes
Cloud Storage in Days 0 60 60
Video Sharing No Yes Yes
Supported Cameras Unlimited 1 Unlimited
10percent Discount on Blink Products No No Yes
Warranty Coverage in Years 1 year 1 year As long as the subscription is active

If we wanted a storage option other than the Cloud, Blink is preparing to offer the Sync Module 2 for $34.99, which would allow us to store local video for up to 10 cameras on a USB stick, a potential alternative to the subscription storage model.

Blink Indoor
Blink Indoor Camera


Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to beef up a security profile, and video monitoring is a big piece of that puzzle. Although Blink Prime Day deals ($10 off the Blink Mini) are the only confirmed deals so far, there could be more in store. Even with Black Friday and Cyber Monday upcoming, folks hoping to score a deal on Blink products may just be in luck.

Still not sure if Blink is the right choice? If you haven’t already, check out our video review for the Blink Mini,5 where we take a deep dive into what makes this tiny camera so powerful. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the new Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor, but in the meantime, our guide to home security cameras is an excellent starter for anyone!

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