Blink Camera Prime Day Early Access Sale Deals for October 2022

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Blink Camera XT2

Year after year, Prime members all around the world eagerly anticipate Amazon’s Prime Day sale, but this year, the e-commerce giant isn’t making us wait too long. Only three months after the July 12 to 13 Prime Day sale, Amazon is holding a two-day Prime-exclusive event in October.

Happening on the 11th and 12th of October, the Prime Day Early Access sale is a special treat, particularly to fans of the Amazon-owned Blink security camera brand. Just a few days ago, Blink announced new products — a wired spotlight camera and a pan-and-tilt accessory for the Blink Mini — at the Amazon hardware event. Now, we get to see those products and other Blink cameras go on sale.

Blink Mini on Box
Blink Mini on Box

Ways You Can Save

There are two ways Prime members save on Blink Camera during Prime Day sales. First, by taking advantage of individual cameras on sale, and second, by buying multi-camera bundles.

A week before Prime Day October, Blink released a number of deals for multi-camera bundles. They did the same thing during Prime Day July, and while those multi-camera deals carried significant discounts, Blink also revealed deals on individual cameras when Prime Day July started (more on that later). Just something to keep in mind in case you’re looking to purchase just one or two cameras instead of a whole camera system.

That being said, you can enjoy these Blink multi-camera bundles right now at discounted prices.

Bundle inclusions Discounted bundle price Savings
Blink Mini (bundle of 3) $44.99 $40
Blink Outdoor (bundle of 3) and Blink Mini $169.98 $115
Blink Outdoor with Sync Module and Blink Video Doorbell $109.98 $35
Blink Outdoor with Sync Module (3-camera bundle) and Blink Video Doorbell $189.98 $90
Blink Outdoor and LED Floodlight Mount $74.98 $55
Blink Outdoor and Solar Panel Charging Mount $84.98 $55
Sync Module with Blink Indoor (2-camera bundle) and Blink Outdoor (2-camera bundle) $249.97 $70
Blink Outdoor, Blink Mini, Blink Video Doorbell, and Sync Module $139.96 $70

Those aren’t official Prime Day October deals yet, which could mean that we’ll see even bigger savings once the sale starts. That being said, here’s a look at how much Blink’s prices went down during the Prime Day sale in July to help us manage our expectations.

Individual Camera Deals

Blink Camera Sale Price Regular Price Savings
Blink Mini $29.99 $34.99 14%
Blink Video Doorbell $34.99 $49.99 30%
Blink Indoor $54.99 $80.00 31%
Blink Outdoor $59.99 $99.99 40%

All Blink cameras were on sale, with the Blink Outdoor battery-powered outdoor camera carrying the largest discount. The cheapest of the bunch was still the Blink Mini, which is a plugged-in indoor camera, followed by the battery-operated Blink Video Doorbell. The discounts on individual cameras were not that much, but given that Blink cameras are already affordable, the July Prime Day event presented a rare opportunity to get even more bang for your buck.


If you’re looking to buy more than one camera, you’re in for a treat. Some of the best Blink deals are multi-camera bundles. Two Blink Minis, for example, cost $29.99, the same as the sale price of one unit, so the second one is basically free. Not all bundled deals were that good, but surely they are all worth taking a closer look at.

Bundle Discounted Price Regular Price
Blink Mini (pack of 2) $29.99 $64.99
Blink Mini (pack of 3) $44.99 $84.99
Blink Indoor (pack of 2) $83.99 $139.99
Blink Indoor (pack of 3) $113.99 $189.99
Blink Indoor (pack of 5) $167.99 $279.99
Blink Outdoor (pack of 2) with free Blink Mini $99.99 $214.98
Blink Outdoor (pack of 3) with free Blink Mini $124.99 $284.98
Blink Outdoor (pack of 5) with free Blink Mini $189.99 $414.98
Blink Outdoor (pack of 2) plus Echo Show 5 $109.99 $264.98
Blink Outdoor (pack of 3) plus Echo Show 5 $134.99 $334.98
Blink Outdoor (pack of 5) plus Echo Show 5 $199.99 $464.98
Blink Whole Home Bundle (Mini, Video Doorbell, and Outdoor) $135.96 $209.96

Those were just some of the best deals around. Plenty more were available during the two-day event. For example, there were special bundles that paired together Blink cameras and Amazon’s Echo devices. This pairing makes sense, since Blink cameras work well together with Alexa, particularly with Alexa-enabled smart displays.

And that’s it for Blink’s past Prime Day deals. Now we wait for the Prime Day Early Access Sale. Meanwhile, you can head over to our Blink camera review for a refresher course of Blink’s current lineup. Looking for deals is important, but knowing which cameras are right for you is just as valuable. That said, in the next section, we’ll talk about Blink’s current pricing to serve as your reference point when comparing deals.

Blink XT2 Camera
Blink XT2


Blink is known for being affordable, which ironically, makes it harder to discern a good deal. A 20 percent discount sounds like a good deal, for example, but it translates to only a $7 savings when applied to the $34.99 Blink Mini. So it’s best to know Blink’s regular pricing as a reference point when comparing how much you’re saving.

Blink Indoor
Blink Indoor Camera

Cameras and Packages

You might have heard of Wyze Cam, the sub-$30 camera that instantly went viral after its initial release. The Blink Mini, Blink’s cheapest camera, is its closest competitor. At $34.99, it costs only a few dollars more than the Wyze Cam, and it boasts a sleeker and more modern design than the cube-shaped camera. (Check our Wyze Cam review to see what we mean.) In terms of features, you’re getting the same functionalities from either cameras: 1080p resolution, infrared night vision, two-way audio, and integrations with Alexa.

The Blink Mini becomes even more affordable if you buy multiple cameras. You’ll save $5 by buying two Blink Minis, cutting the bundle price down to $64.99. The same is true for the other Blink cameras. The Blink Indoor, a battery-powered indoor camera with a two-year battery life, costs $79.99, but a bundle of two Blink Indoors costs $139.99, a $20 discount. Here’s a more complete price list.

Number of Cameras Blink Mini Blink Indoor Blink Outdoor Blink Floodlight Blink Video Doorbell
1 $34.99 $79.99 $99.99 $139.98 $49.99
2 $64.99 $139.99 $179.99 $209.98 n/a
3 $84.99 $189.99 $249.99 $279.98 n/a

Note: The only Blink camera that doesn’t require a Sync Module is the Blink Mini.

Save More With Bundles

Aside from multi-camera bundles, you can save more by bundling Blink cameras with Echo devices. Amazon owns the Blink company, and as such, Blink cameras work well with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. By pairing Blink cameras with an Echo smart display, you can unlock features like hands-free streaming and playback. Here are the bundles currently available. Note that the prices listed below are their early Prime Day prices, which reflect discounts of up to 60 percent compared to their normal bundle prices. The three-pack Blink Outdoor with an Echo Show 5 bundle, for example, originally costs $334.98.

Blink Camera Bundled Device Price
Blink Outdoor 2-pack Echo Show 5 $109.99
Blink Outdoor 3-pack Echo Show 5 $134.99
Blink Outdoor 5-pack Echo Show 5 $199.99
Blink Outdoor
Blink Outdoor

Blink Behind The Scenes

Blink is a company that flies beneath the radar, especially when it’s compared to Amazon’s other smart home company Ring, often the subject of privacy and surveillance scandals. So, we wanted to learn a little bit more about the company behind the cameras. Blink began its life in 2009 as Immedia Semiconductor Inc in Andover, Massachusetts, raising $800,000 from a Kickstarter campaign five years later. But it wasn’t until 2017 that Amazon bought the company for an undisclosed amount.1

Blink Indoor Cam and Sync Module
Blink Indoor Cam and Sync Module

So far, Blink has been relatively scandal-free, save for a security breach in 2019. However, Amazon released patches for this vulnerability quickly and had its users update their firmware ASAP. Since data breaches are pretty common, Blink still has a fine reputation when it comes to privacy and security.


Prime Day in October is like Christmas in June — you don’t want to miss it. That’s especially true if you’re planning to shop Blink products, as Blink is a steady presence in previous Prime Days, and it will undoubtedly be one of the brands to watch during the Prime Day Early Access Sale on October 11 and 12.

To learn more about home security, read our home security buyer’s guide. Security cameras are just a piece of the puzzle; there are also motion sensors, door/window sensors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, keypads, and other devices to choose from, so get started on securing your smart home today.

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  1. Boston Globe. (2017). Maker of Blink home security cameras bought by Amazon.