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This year, Prime Day falls on October 13th through the 14th; blink and you’ll miss it (pun intended). Here, we’re focusing on Blink cameras, which are already super affordable starting at just $34.99. Here are all the deals and discounts you can expect on Blink cameras from Prime Day 2020, a holiday tantamount to Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa combined in our smart security-obsessed hearts.

Blink Mini on Box
Blink Mini on Box

Ways You Can Save

We’ve scoured the Internet, and as it turns out, Amazon is keeping its Blink camera 2020 Prime Day discounts under wraps, at least for the time being. And so, in order to predict the future, like many great historians, we look into the past, specifically Prime Day 2019.

Last year, Amazon took $30 off of the Blink XT2, changing it from $100 to $70, $80 off of a two-camera kit of the XT2, decreasing the price from $180 to $100, and $90 off of a three-camera kit, lowering the price from $250 to just $160. But it didn’t end there. While five XT2s would have cost $380 normally, last Prime Day Amazon lowered the price to $250, which amounted to savings of $130 over 30 percent. And for those that just wanted an XT2 without the Sync Module, the price went from $90 to $60, 30 percent savings.1

ProductRegular PricePrime Day 2019 PriceSavings in $
Blink XT2 Add-On$90$60$30
Blink XT2 1-Camera Kit$100$70$30
Blink XT2 2-Camera Kit$180$100$80
Blink XT2 3-Camera Kit$250$160$90
Blink XT2 5-Camera Kit$380$250$70

Although the XT2 is no longer available from Amazon, we can expect similar discounts on their current offerings, which you can learn more about in our Blink Mini review and our general Blink cameras review.

Blink XT2 Camera
Blink XT2


A lot has changed in the past year, and we’re not just talking about the global coronavirus pandemic. Blink no longer sells the XT or the XT2, and they’ve come out with a new indoor camera, an outdoor camera and the Blink Mini. Let’s see how the pricing compares.

Blink Indoor
Blink Indoor Camera

Cameras and Packages

Blink is known for being one of the lowest-priced smart camera brands on the market today. It’s even better if you buy their two, three or five camera kits, which offer great savings. Starting at just $34.99 for the Blink Mini, the only camera brand we’ve seen that costs less is Wyze, as the Wyze Cam costs only $20 (learn more on our Wyze pricing page). That being said, the cameras are pretty comparable in terms of features, with their latest cameras all including 1080p HD video, infrared night vision, two-way audio, and integrations with Alexa.

Original Blink IndoorBlink MiniNew Blink IndoorBlink Outdoor
Add-On Camera PriceCurrently unavailable$34.99$69.99$89.99
1 Camera Kit Price$54.99$34.99 (without cloud/ local storage)$79.99$99.99
2 Camera Kit Price$94.99$64.99 (without cloud/ local storage)$139.99$179.99
3 Camera Kit Price$129.99n/a$189.99$249.99
5 Camera Kit Price$194.99n/a$279.99$379.99

Note: The Blink XT2 and the XT no longer available on Amazon or Blink’s website.

Two things that the new Blink Indoor and the Blink Outdoor cameras have that are pretty rare are temperature monitoring and privacy zones. We don’t trust the iPhone weather app at all, so it was helpful to get accurate weather readings from our outdoor camera, while it was less useful with the indoor camera. Privacy zones, on the other hand, let us select areas we wanted our Blink cameras to ignore, areas like our bedrooms and bathrooms. Given that so many smart security companies have run into privacy issues, like when Ring’s cameras were hacked,2 we’re glad Blink is putting up a good defense to protect people’s privacy at home.


Blink also seriously scaled back its accessories compared to Prime Day 2019. Of course, any Blink camera package will include a Sync Module 2, so you shouldn’t need to buy one unless you accidentally purchased the add-on camera on its own. The battery expansion pack, on the other hand, increases the new Blink cameras’ battery lives from two years to four years. Impressive!

ProductCameras It Works WithPrice
Sync Module 2Indoor, Outdoor, XT2, XT, Mini* not required for Mini$34.99
Battery Expansion PackNew Indoor, Outdoor$29.99

FYI: The Blink Mini is the only of Blink’s cameras to not require a separate Sync Module.

Blink Behind The Scenes

Blink is a company that flies beneath the radar, especially when it’s compared to Amazon’s other smart home company Ring, often the subject of privacy and surveillance scandals. So, we wanted to learn a little bit more about the company behind the cameras. Blink began its life in 2009 as Immedia Semiconductor Inc in Andover, Massachusetts, raising $800,000 from a Kickstarter campaign five years later. But it wasn’t until 2017 that Amazon bought the company for an undisclosed amount.3

So far, Blink has been relatively scandal free, save for a security breach in 2019. However, Amazon quickly released patches for this vulnerability and had its users update their firmware,4 and since security breaches are relatively common, Blink still retains a fine reputation when it comes to privacy and security.


Given the amazing savings that we saw on Blink cameras in 2019, 2020 is set to be bigger and better, giving you home security that’s more affordable than ever before. Be sure to set reminders on October 13th and 14th so you don’t miss Prime Day! 2020 may not have been the best year for a multitude of reasons, but participating in Prime Day is one thing that’s in your control.

To learn more about home security, read our home security buyer’s guide. Security cameras are just a piece of the puzzle; there are also motion sensors, door/window sensors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, keypads, and other devices to choose from, so get started securing your home today.