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When you think of Black Friday, you probably think of crowded malls, long lines, and the occasional push from a stranger, but Black Friday 2020 is going to look very different. Rather than having sales in brick-and-mortar stores, many retailers are moving their deals online, so you can save from the safety of your own home. If you’re on the market for a Ring camera, it’s definitely worth it to wait until sale holidays to make your purchases. We’ll tell you the deals you can expect and the best ways to save on Ring cameras on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ring Spotlight Camera
Ring Spotlight Camera Battery

How Much Do Ring Cameras Cost?

First, let’s take it back to how much Ring cameras cost under normal circumstances. Then, once we estimate the discounts, you can do the math from there.


Ring has a really large range when it comes to the costs of their cameras, going from about $60 all the way up to nearly $250. You can read more about each camera in our Ring camera review, or dive deeper into the pricing in our Ring pricing page, but we’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes here.

Tip: Outdoor cameras can also be used indoors, although they’re typically more expensive than cameras that aren’t weather-resistant.

CameraType of CameraPrice (Low to High)
Ring Indoor CamIndoor$59.99
Ring Stick Up Cam BatteryOutdoor$99.99
Ring Stick Up Cam WiredOutdoor$99.99
Ring Stick Up Cam SolarOutdoor$148.99
Ring Spotlight Cam WiredOutdoor$199
Ring Spotlight Cam BatteryOutdoor$199
Ring Stick Up Cam EliteOutdoor$199.99
Ring Spotlight Cam SolarOutdoor$229
Ring Spotlight Cam MountOutdoor$249
Ring Floodlight CamOutdoor$249

Aside from the cameras themselves, Ring also sells camera accessories, which includes mounts, battery packs, security signs, and more. Here’s how much they cost and which Ring cameras they work with.

AccessoryCostWorks With
10 Foot Power Adapter$12.99Indoor Cam
Ceiling Mount$19.00Spotlight Cam Wired
Chime$29.99All Ring cameras
Chime Pro$49.99All Ring cameras
Indoor/Outdoor Barrel Plug Power Adapter$39.00Stick Up Cam Plug-In
Indoor/Outdoor Micro USB Power Adapter$39.99Stick Up Cam Wired

Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd Gen)

Mount$19.00Stick Up Cam (2nd and 3rd Gen)
Quick Release Battery Pack$29.00Spotlight Cam Battery

Solar Stick Up Cam Battery

Security Yard Sign$15.00All Ring cameras
Solar Panel$49.00Stick Up Cam Battery

Spotlight Cam Battery

Solar Security Sign$49.00All Ring cameras
Spare Parts (Floodlight Cam)$2.00Floodlight Cam
Spare Parts (Spotlight Cam Battery)$2.00Spotlight Cam Battery/Solar
Spare Parts (Spotlight Cam Wired)$2.00Spotlight Cam Wired
Super Solar Panel$99.00Stick Up Cam Battery

Spotlight Cam Battery

Wall Mount$19.00Spotlight Cam Wired
Window Security Stickers (pack of four)$4.99All Ring cameras
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Storage and Monitoring

If you want to store your footage for 60 days, or if you want 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup, it may be worth it to invest in a monthly or yearly Ring Protect plan, either Basic or Plus. On the other hand, Ring doesn’t make you pay any monthly fees if you don’t want to, an advantage of self-monitoring.

FeatureNo PlanProtect BasicProtect Plus
Cellular BackupXX
CoverageXOne Ring cameraAll Ring devices at one home
Exclusive Discounts at Ring.comXX10% off Ring Products
Days of Cloud StorageX6060
Person DetectionX
Professional Monitoring for Ring AlarmXX
Review, Share, and Save Ring VideosX
Warranty1 Year1 YearExtended
Monthly Price$0$3$10
Annual Price$0$30$100

FYI: Not all of Ring’s cameras are compatible with person detection, just the Ring Stick Up Cam Wired, the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, and the Ring Floodlight Cam.

How Much Can I Save on Ring Cameras on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Ring Indoor Cam and Box
Ring Indoor Cam and Box

Now let’s get to the meat, how much you can save on Ring cameras on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While 2020 sales haven’t been announced at the time of writing, last year we saw savings on Ring cameras from QVC.com, deals from B&H Photo Video, up to 66 percent off from Walmart, and up to $30 off from Amazon.1 Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t the only times you can save on Ring cameras; Prime Day is another good option, especially as Amazon owns Ring. To learn more, read our page on Ring Prime Day deals.

Note: Unlike Prime Day, which only applies to Amazon Prime members, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are open to all.

The Most Private Ring Camera

It’s no secret that Ring, and its parent company Amazon, aren’t exactly the most trusted companies when it comes to customer privacy. In the beginning of this year, Ring cameras were hacked,2 plus, it’s come out that Amazon employees listen to Alexa recordings3 to improve the voice assistant’s artificial intelligence. Since all Ring cameras work with Alexa, many have privacy concerns, understandably.

Ring Stick Up Cam Install
The Ring Stick Up Cam was by far the easiest camera to set up.

If you’re on the fence about getting a Ring camera, check out the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. Unlike all of the other cameras, the Stick Up Cam Battery has a feature called privacy zones, which lets it completely ignore areas you don’t want it to see. You can also disable the camera’s motion alerts, recordings and audio, keeping your private life private. While this may not be able to make up for Ring cameras being hacked or Amazon employees reviewing Alexa recordings, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Ring Recap

Ring App Live View
Ring App Live View

Ring cameras are already pretty affordable, but discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday make them ever cheaper. To learn more about individual Ring cameras, read our Ring Indoor Cam review, our Ring Stick Up Cam Battery review or our Ring Stick Up Cam Wired review. With 10 options, you’re sure to find an indoor or outdoor camera that suits your home security needs.

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