2022 Amazon Prime Day Deals on Echo Devices

  • New Echo speakers starting at just $34.08
  • Buy it in charcoal or sandstone
  • Works with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant

Amazon finally dropped the date of the much-anticipated Prime Day 2021. The 48-hour event will start on June 21 and run through June 22 (Pacific Time). That’s about a month earlier than we expected! But don’t fret; our team combed the web to find the best Echo Prime Day deals, so if there is an Echo product you’ve been eyeing for months, this may be the best time to click “add to cart”.

Prime Day 2021 Echo Deals

Details on Prime Day 2020 Echo offers are still sparse as of the moment. Amazon doesn’t really like announcing deals in advance until just before the day, so we may have to stay put for now. However, by looking at Prime Day deals from previous years, we could get a sense of what’s probably coming this year; we’re hoping for some great deals on the Echo Flex and the Echo Dot with Clock, two of our favorite smart speakers.

Echo Dot
Echo Dot

Past Prime Day Echo Deals

Last year, the Echo Dot was the most popular item on Prime Day,1 our personal favorite sales event. Let’s see what other savings we saw on these Echo Amazon devices.

Recap: Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals on Echo

Last year, Amazon discounted many of its Echo Shows and Dots, including:

  • Echo Dot (3rd Generation): $18.99 ($31.99 off)
  • Echo Dot (4th Generation): $49.99 or $79.99 for two ($20 off)
  • Echo Dot Kids Edition (4th Generation): $59.99 or $119.99 for two ($20 off)
  • Echo Dot with Premium Sound (4th Generation): $99.99 or $199.99 for two ($30 off)
  • Echo Dot with Smart Plug (4th Generation): $59.99 ($14.99) off2
Amazon Smart Plug
Amazon Smart Plug

Additionally, new Prime-users unlocked some amazing savings on the Amazon Echo Show 5, giving users $45 off and bringing the price down to $44.99.3 Not bad for an HD display that lets you video chat, play music, and talk to Alexa!

Not A Prime Member Yet?: You can get a free 30-day Prime membership trial and still qualify for Prime Day deals. Just go to your Amazon account’s settings and click on Manage Prime Membership.

Recap: Prime Day 2019 Echo Deals

Not surprisingly, the best deals we saw in previous Prime Day events were on Amazon’s own products and services in 2019. While pricing options have changed dramatically, you can see that the savings have only grown.

Products Regular Price Prime Day 2019 Price or Promotion
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) $49.99 $22.00-$25.00
Echo (2nd Gen) $99.99 $50.00
Echo Show 5 $99.99 $49.99
AmazonBasics Microwave $59.99 Free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for every purchase
Echo Show (2nd Gen) $159.99 Free Amazon Echo Dot and Philips Hue Bulb for every purchase
Echo (2nd Gen) + Amazon Smart Plug $94.98 ($49.99 + $44.99) $54.98

If 2019’s deals are any indication of what will be on sale this year, we suggest keeping an eye on discounts on older Echo devices, bundles, and smart displays again this year. And, if you’re new to smart displays, we recommend reading our Echo Show 8 review next. We have a feeling that smart displays will be one of the highlights of Prime Day 2021.

Watch out for deals on Alexa-enabled wearables and the latest generation of Echo smart speakers as well, as Amazon will likely use Prime Day to promote the future of Alexa.

FYI: The Echo Flex is currently the cheapest Echo device out there. Read our Echo Flex review to learn more about it.

2021 Echo Pricing

If you search for “Echo” on Amazon, there are over 2,000 results, but only 19 of them are what you’re looking for. One way to save, aside from cashing in on Prime Day deals, is to buy refurbished Echo Dots or Echo Shows. There are also smart speakers for kids with built-in parental controls, Echo Dots with Clocks to wake you up in the morning, and the Echo Auto, which is meant to be used in the car.

Name Product Type Generation Price
Certified Refurbished Echo Dot Smart speaker 3rd $34.99
Certified Refurbished Echo Dot Smart speaker 4th $44.99
Certified Refurbished Echo Show 5 Smart display 1st $69.99
Certified Refurbished Echo Show 8 Smart display 1st $69.99
Echo Smart speaker 2nd $34.08
Echo Smart speaker 4th $79.99
Echo Auto Smart speaker 1st $49.99
Echo Dot Smart speaker 2nd $17.04
Echo Dot Smart speaker 3rd $39.99
All-New Echo Dot Smart speaker 3rd $59.99
Echo Dot Smart speaker 4th $49.99
All-New Echo Dot Smart speaker 4th $59.99
Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart speaker 4th $59.99
Echo Dot with Clock Smart speaker 4th $59.99
Echo Flex Smart speaker 1st $24.99
Echo Show 10 Smart display 3rd $199.99
Echo Show 5 Smart display 1st $79.99
Echo Show 8 Smart display 1st $109.99
Echo Studio Smart speaker 1st $199.99
Echo Sub Smart speaker 1st $129.99

Aside from offering individual smart speakers and displays, Amazon also has some discounted bundles available in case you want smart lighting, Ring video doorbells, or charging mounts.

Ring Doorbell on Echo Show
Ring Doorbell on Echo Show
Name Product Type Generation Extra Package Price
All-new Echo Dot Smart speaker 4th Sengled Bluetooth Bulb $59.99
All-new Echo Dot Kids Edition Smart speaker 4th Echo Glow $74.99
Echo Dot Smart speaker 3rd Sengled Bluetooth Bulb $39.99
Echo Dot Smart speaker 4th Cocada Table Holder $13.99
Echo Dot Smart speaker 3rd GGMM D3 Battery Base $27.99
Echo Flex Smart speaker 1st Sengled Bluetooth Bulb $24.99
Echo Show 5 Smart display 1st Ring Video Doorbell $179.98

Given the current bundles, we’re hoping for Prime Day deals on bundles with the Blink Mini, and of course, Amazon Fire through the Fire TV Sticks, preferably Fire HD.

Pro Tip: If you don’t see a deal you are looking for, don’t lose hope! Try again on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Echo deals.

Echo Dot with box
Echo Dot with box


2021 was an unprecedented year, and we expect Prime Day to follow suit. Consider the fact that it’s a month earlier than usual to be a present, just for you. And before you buy your Echo Show or Echo Dot, be sure to check back for Prime Day deals; we know we’ll be on the lookout!

Editors Rating:
7.5 /10
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