SkyBell Doorbell Camera

SkyBell offers two video doorbells, the HD and the Slim Line.

  • Attractive modern design aesthetic
  • Smart home automation integrations
  • Mobile alerts and mobile access/controls

Nothing can take you by surprise when you have a SkyBell doorbell camera, whether it’s the pizza deliveryman or an unwanted visitor. The combination of a doorbell and a camera allows you to keep track of anyone who comes near your home with technology that can be used when you’re in the home or on the go. The advanced features help you create a smart home that is secure. Take a look at the features and price plans to fully understand the type of system offered with the SkyBell doorbell camera.

About SkyBell

A relatively new company, SkyBell was established in Southern California in 2013, and it is known for using cutting edge technology to simplify smart home equipment and make it easy to use. The overall goal is a modest one and that is to help homeowners control the safety of their home from any location by using updated technology, a clean design and high-tech equipment.


There is an upward trend for doorbell monitoring systems that continues to rise as more technology is developed. SkyBell doorbell cameras come loaded with features that offer homeowners and renters serious benefits for convenience, ease of use and security.

SkyBell App

You can control the doorbell right from an app on your phone. That means you can virtually answer the door, speak with whoever is outside, view recorded videos, check in on your home while you’re away, and even set the doorbell on quiet mode if you are home and do not want to be disturbed. You can also allow multiple people to use the app so everyone in your family can be aware of whoever is at the door from wherever they are. You can also snap photos through the app. The SkyBell doorbell camera app can be used with iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Alerts

An instant notification is sent to your cell phone if someone presses the doorbell or is at your door. That allows you to decide if you want to watch a delivery person drop off a package, speak to whoever is at the door through voice communication, or alert the authorities if someone is trying to break in or steal a waiting package.

SkyBell Connect

SkyBell is designed with the purpose of helping you create a smart home. To do that, the system is capable of integrating with other platforms, including the following:

  • iControl Networks
  • Kwikset
  • Nest
  • Amazon Echo
  • Honeywell

HD Surveillance Camera

The SkyBell doorbell camera features an HD camera with a multi-color LED display for sharp imaging technology of whatever comes into the camera’s view. The camera is also equipped with 5x zoom. Plus, it won’t matter if you don’t have proper lighting around the camera and surrounding areas since the camera features color night vision capabilities to help you clearly see whoever or whatever activates the doorbell camera when it is dark outside, whether it’s a deliveryman or the neighbor’s dog.

Motion Sensors

The camera comes equipped with a motion sensor that alerts you when someone approaches your door, even if they do not ring the doorbell. If someone acts suspiciously or attempts to break in, you can watch the video the motions activated and contact the proper authorities to handle the situation.

Voice Response

This allows you to speak with whoever is at the door. Whether a neighbor came over for a visit but you’re not home or a plumber shows up before you’re home, you can speak to and hear your visitor through the live feed on the SkyBell app. This works whether you’re at home, at work or on the go.

Remote Access and Control

One of the best features is that you do not have to be home to access the doorbell or any features of the app. As long as you are connected to WiFi or are using data to access the app, you can control the functions of the doorbell camera no matter where you are.

24/7 Access

As the user, you can access the doorbell via the app whenever you wish. On the other hand, unless motion is detected or someone rings the doorbell, the camera does not activate by external sources. You can also record videos and watch them at whatever time is convenient for you with the help of free cloud storage.

Weather Proof

If you don’t live in an area with perfect weather, that’s ok. The SkyBell doorbell camera is designed to be rain- and weather-resistant, so you can have the coverage and security it offers no matter what your weather is like.

Theft Guarantee

You don’t have to worry about being without a doorbell camera for long if someone steals it thanks to SkyBell’s theft guarantee. If someone does steal your system, SkyBell replaces it for free.


When you purchase a SkyBell doorbell camera, you only pay a one-time fee for the system rather than a recurring monthly fee or a subscription. However, if you want any of the additional equipment, such as a mount, you must also pay a one-time fee.

There are two versions of the doorbell cameras, but both cost the same price. The only difference between the two versions is that the SkyBell Trim Plus is a bit more compact than the traditional version. Review the cost information below for a price breakdown of the cameras and additional equipment.

Product NameProduct PriceProduct Type
SkyBell HD$199Doorbell Camera
SkyBell Trim Plus$199Doorbell Camera
SkyBell Hardware Kit$4.95Accessory
SkyBell Wedge Mount$9.95Accessory
SkyBell Wall Mount$9.95Accessory
SkyBell Doorbell Adapter$12.95Accessory


Home security has never been as easy and affordable as it is with the SkyBell doorbell camera. This system features upgraded technology in the form of motion sensors, a night vision camera, voice response and remote access, which are all made simple via the mobile app. As an added bonus, it’s an affordable system that can keep your home and your family safe. SkyBell is an excellent choice for its range of features, ease of use and low price point.