IdentityForce Identity Theft Protection

With daily credit scores and reports plus monitoring for financial and criminal areas, IdentityForce works to protect your identity online and offline.

  • All 3-bureau credit reporting and scores
  • Stellar customer service with A+ BBB rating
  • Multiple family plans and children plans

IdentityForce is an identity, privacy, and credit security monitoring company. It wraps these services together to provide customers with real-time alerts when there is a violation of some type. The company isn’t new, having served the public in a number of different ways for the last 40 years. It is currently being used by millions of consumers and comes with an impressive $1 million insurance policy should a violation occur.

The company’s services include a number of different features and competitive pricing. The company’s mission is to monitor accounts to keep them safe from access. If there is a breach, the alert you of it, control it, and the recover any losses or damage to your reputation.


IdentityForce offers a number of key features that make it an ideal choice for many users. Take a look at the company’s features, which are offered through two plan options, UltraSecure, and UltraSecure + Credit.

Monitoring Features

The company’s main goal is to provide monitoring to users. It offers a variety of monitoring applications including advanced fraud monitoring, change of address monitoring, court records monitoring, dark web monitoring, and payday loan monitoring. The company’s monitoring services also offer social media identity monitoring and sex offender monitoring.

Easy-To-Use App

The mobile app for IdentityForce is robust, allowing the user to do just about anything on the app they need to. The benefit of the app is having on-the-go access when an alert comes in.

Activity Alerts

The bank and credit card activity alerts are a good way to learn when your accounts are being used. This is helpful, for example, if you lose your card and don’t know about it. You control how and when it alerts you, such as transactions over a certain amount.

Social Security Number Tracking

Social Security Number theft is a growing problem for many people. It is one of the hardest areas to monitor as well. This service offers Smart SSN Tracker, which pinpoints any type of activity that indicates if the number is being used. This may include use in opening accounts, for example.

Identity Theft Alerts

At the heart of this service is comprehensive identity theft protection. Any time a person’s personal information is used, this alert sends a notification of it. This can help to minimize the risks associated with data breaches.

Other Alerts

The company’s alerts also include other protections. IdentityForce includes a fraud alert reminder, which places fraud alerts on your credit file. This can help to minimize identity theft and keep people from opening new lines of credit under your name. There’s also a junk mail opt-out alert. This allows you to remove your name from some of the most common databases used by marketing companies. It can also stop all pre-approved card credit card offers, minimizing the risk someone else will open an account in your name.

Medical ID Fraud Protection

Medication ID fraud is a growing problem and involves the theft of your personal information so that charges can be made to your health insurance. This service helps to review your medical benefits state to ensure you and those on your policy are the only ones receiving the benefits your insurer is paying for.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft insurance provides financial protection for you after the fact. For example, if there are out of pocket expenses that occur as you work to restore your identity, this policy helps to provide financial coverage to you for those costs. It only applies for fraud events that happen after you secure their plan.

Managed Restoration

Managed restoration is one of the best reasons to buy any type of identity theft protection. If an incident occurs, you do not have to handle the recovery process on your own. Rather, this process provides you with a Certified Protection Expert. This person, who is available to you 24/7, works to determine what happened and then works to verify your identity. It handles the calls, paperwork, and frustrations that typically come with identity restoration.

Credit Monitoring

The UltraSecure + Credit protection plan offers everything that the UltraSecure plan offers. It also provides more control for credit monitoring. It does this in several ways. It provides monitoring for all three of the credit bureaus. It then provides credit reports and credit scores to you from each of them. It also offers a credit score tracker so you can see how your credit score is changing over time. And, it offers a credit card simulator, which works to show you what may happen if you add new inquiries or pay down your death.


The costs for these plans are broken down here. Keep in mind that costs can change over time.

UltraSecure provides:

  • 24/7 personal monitoring
  • Alerts for compromised accounts
  • Backing with a $1 million identity theft insurance plan and more

UltraSecure + Credit provides:

  • Everything UltraSecure offers
  • Monitoring from all three credit bureaus
  • Credit scores from all three bureaus
  • Credit score simulator tools and more
ProductMonthly CostYearly CostFree Trial
UltraSecure$8.99$89.9014-day Free Trial
UltraSecure + Credit$19.99$199.9014-day Free Trial

ChildWatch is an additional service meant to provide monitoring protection for children under the age of 18. If you purchase an adult membership, ChildWatch is free.


IdentityForce is a robust company with numerous features, which helps it to stand out from other companies. A few things help it to stand out further, outside of the features. For example, having access to 24/7 support is important. Most people learn about identity theft events long after normal business hours, but worrying about it doesn’t wait. It also offers a significant amount of control features, such as helping you to protect your PIN numbers, credit card information and keystrokes.

If there is an event and you find yourself facing months of trying to restore your credit and countless costs, IdentityForce steps in to provide help. With a full $1 million identity theft insurance plan, it takes away a lot of the frustration of managing your credit. Read our full IdentityForce review here to learn more about their identity theft protection offering.