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Is it Wise To Get Wyze? Wyze’s Pricing, Packages, and More

  • Ultra-low price starting at only $20
  • Motion tagging and sound recognition
  • Integrates with Alexa for voice control
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If you’re in the market for a home security camera on a budget, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that provides you with everything you need to know about the Wyze Camera V2, the Wyze Camera V3, the Wyze Cam Pan, and other Wyze cameras from a pricing perspective. Let’s get started!

Wyze camera models Cost of one camera
Wyze Cam V3 $32.99 (currently unavailable)
Wyze Cam Black $19.99
Wyze Cam Pan $29.99
Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Kit $49.99
Wyze Cam Outdoor Add-on $39.99
Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime $54.98 (currently unavailable)
Wyze Cam and Box
Wyze Cam and Box

Our Favorite Wyze Camera Features

Our favorite part about Wyze is the affordability of the cameras. Hands down, that’s what initially made these cameras stand out for us, but after taking a deeper look, we found so much more to love.

  • Affordable Pricing: Starting at just $19.99, the Wyze Camera V2 is the least expensive camera option, while the Wyze Cam Pan costs $29.99. We live in Brooklyn, where the cost of living is higher than most of the country,1 so a budget-friendly camera option ranked high on our list of pros. Check out our Wyze review to see how the cameras performed when we tested them out.
  • High-Quality Video: We quickly noticed how crisp our video was when we could clearly spot the etched glass details on the vase that sat on our coffee table. The clarity was thanks to the cameras’ 1080p HD video, which is the industry standard and the same video quality that comes with most of our picks for best security cameras.
  • Infrared Night Video: Thanks to LED lights, we were able to see clear, black and white video even in the pitch black. While we don’t have kids ourselves, we recognized this feature could make for a great baby monitoring option.
Wyze Cam Pan Night Vision
Wyze Cam Pan Night Vision
  • Two-Way Audio: Two-way audio was one of our favorite features because it allowed us to have not only eyes on our home when we were away, but also ears. With two-way audio, we could use the built-in microphone and speaker to talk to anyone in our home regardless of our location, as long as we had an Internet connection and the Wyze app. For example, when one of our moms was visiting and we had to go to work, we were able to communicate with her via two-way audio. When we noticed her in the kitchen opening all the drawers trying to find the knives, we told her where they were, even though we weren’t home. Sorry for giving you a bit of a fright, Mom!
  • Motion Detection Zones: With both Wyze cameras we set up motion detection zones, so we only got notified if a motion was detected in the particular areas we specified. We installed our cameras in our family room, kitchen and bedrooms. Our bedrooms house some of our more valuable items, like jewelry, so we wanted to make sure we had eyes on that. But, we didn’t want to risk anyone seeing anything more private, so we made sure to only allow the camera to detect motion in the zone where our jewelry is located as opposed to our entire bedroom.
  • Free Cloud Storage: This is a unique feature when it comes to home security cameras as most companies charge an additional cost for cloud storage. But with Wyze, our recorded video was stored for 14 days without us having to pay a subscription or monthly fee. It is important to note though, with the free option we only got 12 seconds of recorded video when motion was detected. There is the option of Complete Motion Capture which doesn’t limit the recording time, however, that’s an additional cost of $1.49 per camera per month.
  • Local Storage: In addition to cloud storage, there is also a local storage option with the micro-SD card, that holds between seven and eight days worth of video. It is important to note though that the micro-SD card is sold separately from the cameras.
Wyze Cam Pan Closeup
Wyze Cam Pan Closeup

A Snapshot of Wyze Camera Options

Wyze Cam V2 Wyze Cam Pan
Cost $19.99 $29.99
Location for Use Indoor Indoor
Power Option Plugged in Plugged in
Quality of Video 1080p HD 1080p HD
Field of View 110° 120°
Night Vision Option Infrared Infrared
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes
Storage Options Local and free cloud for 14 days Local and free cloud for 14 days
Smart Platform Capabilities Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
Artificial Intelligence Smart sound recognition for smoke and CO alarms, person detection with Cam Plus subscription service Smart sound recognition for smoke and CO alarms, person detection with Cam Plus subscription service

You Should Know: The only cost for Wyze cameras is the upfront camera costs. There are no mandatory subscriptions or monthly fees. To get person detection and unlimited clip lengths, buy Cam Plus, which costs either $1.99 if you pay monthly or $14.99 if you pay yearly (for one camera, that is).

Smart Platform Integrations

We were happy to see that the Wyze cameras worked with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT,2 which stands for If This Then That. We tend to like products that work with a variety of digital ecosystems and the Wyze cameras definitely checked off that requirement.

Wyze Cam Pan Alexa Integration
Wyze Cam Pan Alexa Integration

Amazon Alexa

The Wyze cameras streamed video footage to our Echo Show (featured in our Echo Show review), our Echo Spot and our Fire TV devices, allowing us to see what was taking place on a larger screen. We said things like “Alexa, show me the camera in the living room,” and that footage would appear on our big screen. Even though we couldn’t talk through Alexa, having the video stream on a larger screen made it easier for us to monitor our cameras. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use our voices to arm or disarm our cameras, but that wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.

Google Assistant

We like variety and also use Google products, so we tested out these cameras with Google Assistant as well as Alexa. We found the Wyze cameras to integrate more seamlessly with our Google Nest smart displays, which you can learn more about in our Nest Hub review and Nest Hub Max review, as well as our Android phones. Unlike Alexa, with Google Assistant we could not only see our footage on a bigger screen, we could also say “Google turn on our camera,” and the camera would turn on. The same worked when we would ask to turn off our devices, making it more robust than the Alexa integration.


IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, is a free way to get your apps and devices to communicate with each other. IFTTT is compatible with Wyze products, which added a layer of protection. Because the smart lights in our family room were also compatible with IFTTT, we connected those lights to our cameras. Whenever our camera detected our motion in the family room, like when we got up from the couch when watching a movie in the dark, the lights automatically turned on. This prevented us from running into the corner or our coffee table or knocking over our bookshelf.

Professional Monitoring Options

Unlike companies like Nest, Wyze only offers 24-hour professional monitoring options through third parties as a result of its compatibility with IFTTT. With self-monitoring only, if we were at work and saw something out of the ordinary, there was no way for us to get it checked out unless we went home or called someone ourselves. That’s where IFTTT really came in handy for us. For $10 a month, we used Noonlight,3 another IFTTT-integrated service, to get 24 hour a day professional monitoring. We connected the Noonlight app to our Wyze cameras and when the camera picked up a ringing smoke alarm, Noonlight sent the fire department to our house. Having this additional integration capability made us feel confident our home would be well protected even when we were gone for longer periods of time like on a vacation.

Wyze Cam V2
Wyze Cam V2

Wyze Camera Recap

Overall, Wyze delivers on its goal to provide great home security at an affordable price. In fact, Wyze is currently one of the most affordable cameras on the market. But inexpensive doesn’t mean ineffective and Wyze has top-notch features. The company offers high-quality video of 1080p HD which is industry-standard as well as 14-day free cloud storage. Additionally, the infrared night vision features allowed us to record clear night time video at all hours of the night, regardless of how dark it was in the room.

In addition to its affordable pricing for the cameras, Wyze didn’t nickel and dime us when it came to storage. The company offered free cloud storage for our video and stored it for up to 14 days. We also didn’t have to pay for 24-hour monitoring unless we opted for it from a third-party provider. Overall, Wyze cameras were best for us because they fit in the budget we had to work with without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you install Wyze cameras?

    The installation process for Wyze cameras is simple. First, you need to download the Wyze app, connect to your Wi-Fi network and sign up for an account. Next, you plug in the camera using the USB cable and power adaptor that comes with the camera. Once the camera is plugged in, you go into the Wyze app to add a new device and your Wi-Fi information. The final step in the installation process is to scan the QR code that will appear on the app screen. Once the QR code is scanned and you tap the “I heard the QR code scanned. Please wait” button, your setup is complete

  • Can I use my Wyze cameras without Internet connection?

    Technically, you can use the Wyze cameras without Internet connection, however, you won’t have access to all the available features. The Internet is what allows you to stream video, get notifications and update your settings via the Wyze app. That being said, if you purchase the micro-SD card, the camera will record to that local storage option even if you are offline, however without Internet, you won’t be able to view live footage, get push notifications or use your two-way audio.

  • What kind of customer service does Wyze offer?

    When it comes to customer service, Wyze offers a chat option, an email option and a phone option. Live customer support is available Monday through Friday, five AM to six PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Saturday eight AM to four PM PST.

  • Does Wyze have any warranty options?

    Wyze offers a one-year limited warranty for any quality-related defects on products sold directly from Wyze or other authorized resellers.

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