Wyze Security Camera

Is it Wise To Get Wyze? Wyze’s Pricing, Packages, and More

  • Ultra-low price starting at only $20
  • Motion tagging and sound recognition
  • Integrates with Alexa for voice control
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If you’re looking for the most affordable smart home company, Wyze is it. Despite only being in business for two years, this company, made up of former Amazon engineers1, began with the Wyze Cam, a $20 camera that had the same qualities as other top security cameras for a fraction of the cost. The next year, they came out with the Wyze Pan Cam, Wyze Sense, security sensors, a smart bulb, a smart plug, and even a smart lock, but is Wyze the right company for your smart home? Our experts have weighed in, so listen up to what they have to say!

How Much Does Wyze Cost, and How Does It Compare?

It’s no exaggeration to say that Wyze has the lowest priced IoT devices on the market, starting with the original Wyze Cam, an impressive camera sold for just $19.99. Most other comparable indoor cameras cost a minimum of $60 like the Ring Indoor Cam, with the average price lying around $100.

Equipment Price Matrix for Wyze

ProductPrice (Lowest to Highest)
Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack (includes Wyze Cam, 3 Wyze Bulbs, Wyze Sense, 2 Wyze Plugs and a micro-SD card)$99.99
Wyze Lock$89.99
Wyze Thermometer$53.98
Wyze Pan Cam$29.99
Wyze Band$24.99
Wyze Cam$19.99
Wyze Scale$19.99
Wyze Plug 2 Pack$14.99
Surge Protector$9.99
32 GB Micro-SD Card$9.99
Wyze Cam Pan Mounting Kit$8.99
Wyze Bulb$7.99
Wyze Sense$5.99
Wyze Cam Mounting Kit$3.99

Wyze Sense, which includes a motion sensor and two entry sensors, costs even less at only $5.99, a ridiculously low price. We’ve reviewed nearly identity sensors that cost $50 a piece, so there’s really no comparison when it comes to Wyze’s equipment pricing.

While smart locks typically cost $150, Wyze’s version only costs $89.99. Smart plugs normally retail for about around $30 each, while Wyze sells a two-pack for only $14.99. And while most companies charge around $32 for a single smart bulb, Wyze sells them for $7.99 each, less than a third of the industry average. In other words? If you’re looking for affordable smart home products, Wyze is your best bet.

Wyze Security Camera
Wyze camera close-up view.

Monthly Fees with Wyze

In a nutshell, you won’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fees to use your Wyze products. The cameras come with 14 days of cloud storage on the house and local storage through the micro-SD card. You’ll be able to use the Wyze app for free, which is where you’ll livestream footage, receive notifications, control devices remotely, and more. However, the company doesn’t offer professional monitoring as of yet.

Tip: The Starter Kit only has a value of about $74, although it’s sold for over $99, so it’s cheaper to buy all the components separately.

The only optional service that Wyze offers is called Complete Motion Capture.2 Without it, your recorded clips will be a maximum of 12 seconds long, but if you want your camera to record until the motion ends, Complete Motion Capture is available for $1.49 per camera per month. Like the rest of the clips, these will be stored for 14 days. You can also try it out for free with a two-week trial.

But alas, hope is not lost! Since Wyze works with IFTTT, you can pair Wyze with security systems from other companies that offer professional monitoring and backup, which brings us to our next point…

Wyze Unboxing
Our Wyze Cam unboxed.

How Smart is Wyze?

Wyze works with the two most popular voice assistants, Amazon’s Alexa3 and Google’s Google Assistant.4 Here are the commands you can use with each:


  • Alexa, show me my living room.
  • Alexa, lock the side door.
  • Alexa, show my bedroom on the Echo Show.
  • Alexa, turn on the kitchen light.
  • Alexa, turn off the fan.

Wyze works with many Alexa-compatible devices including the Echo Show, Echo Spot, FireTV Stick Gen 2, FireTV Gen 2, FireTV 4K Gen 3, FireTV Cube and Fire Tablet 7 or higher.

FYI: FYI: Alexa only works with the Wyze Cam V2, not V1.

Google Assistant

  • OK Google, show me the garage camera.
  • Hey Google, is the light on in the foyer?
  • Hey Google, turn off the TV.
  • Hey Google, show my living room on Chromecast.

Wyze works with Android watches 6.0 and over, Android phones 5.0 and over, iOS devices 10.0 and up, Google smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, and Android tablets 6.0 and over.

Wyze also works with IFTTT,5 which stands for If This Then That. IFTTT lets Wyze work with hundreds if not thousands of other connected devices, allowing you to create automated triggers. Here are some brands that work with IFTTT:

  • Smart bulbs: TP-Link, LIFX, Philips Hue
  • Smart plugs: TP-Link, Wemo
  • Smart thermostats: ecobee, Honeywell
  • Smart security cameras: Blue by ADT, Arlo, Scout, iSmartAlarm, abode
  • Smart security systems: abode, Blue by ADT, iSmartAlarm, iSmartSafe, Minut, Notion, Scout.

This means that, even though they’re from different companies, you can have Wyze products trigger other IoT devices or vice versa. Here are some things we’ve tried successfully:

  • Having our Wyze plug-connected fan turn on if the thermostat detects temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Having our Wyze Cam arm whenever we arm our Arlo Pro 2 is armed
  • Having our Philips Hue lights turn on home mode whenever Wyze Sense is armed, meaning we’re not home.

There are so many different things you can do with Wyze’s IFTTT integration, and we’re happy it works with the voice assistants as well. Low prices do not mean you have to skimp out on smart home integrations, apparently!

Wyze Cam Box
Wyze box arriving to our office.

Wyze Overall Value

Overall, Wyze is one of the best values we’ve seen in the smart home space. With security cameras available for only $20, you literally can’t get more affordable than Wyze. Of course, that also means that you won’t get professional monitoring or cellular backup, so Wyze is for those that want to self-monitor only. However, with the IFTTT integrations, Wyze can be added to your larger smart ecosystem easily, allowing you to completely customize your smart home.

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