Zander Insurance Identity Theft Protection

One of the more affordable identity monitoring services, Zander Insurance starts at just $6.75 a month.

  • Affordable plans start at just $6.75/mo.
  • Up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement
  • Endorsed by finance guru Dave Ramsey
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Identity theft is becoming a more prevalent problem than in recent years, and it can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, location or socioeconomic status. When your identity is stolen, it can take months and sometimes years to fully recover from the theft. Your finances, your ability to make purchases and your sense of security may all be affected. However, Zander Insurance offers identity theft protection that can help you monitor your accounts and recover if your identity is stolen.

About Zander

Founded in the 1920s, Zander Insurance Group has been meeting the public’s insurance needs for almost 100 years. The insurance plans, including identity theft protection, are designed to help people be protected with affordable coverage. The company has an A+ review from the Better Business Bureau. Its focus is to educate customers about financial and insurance policies while providing helpful and supportive customer service.

More recently, the company branched out into providing identity theft protection for individuals and families. The protection policy is backed by Dave Ramsey, who is known as an expert in the personal finance world as well as a prolific radio host, which adds further credibility to the service.


You expect a Zander identity theft protection plan to be full of features that provide assistance with monitoring your personal accounts and helping you salvage and restore your identity in the worst-case scenarios. Zander Insurance offers plans with a range of options designed to handle these challenges.

Protection Against Common Forms of Identity Theft

A Zander Insurance Identity Theft Protection plan features protection against the common forms of identity theft, such as tax fraud, Social Security fraud, identity fraud, employment fraud and financial fraud, to name a few. As soon as suspicious activity is noticed in conjunction with your personal account, you are notified. At the same time, if you notice any instances of identity theft, you must report it to Zander within 60 days if you wish to take advantage of the company support and the associated benefits.

Reimbursement Services

Identity theft often results in major expenses on your part, but Zander offers help with that. If your identity is stolen, you can receive up to $1 million in reimbursement funds. This includes lost wages with $30,000 being the maximum offered.

Recovery and Restoration Services

The recovery of a stolen identity can be a long, drawn-out process, but Zander provides services and support until your identity is fully recovered. To do this, a limited Power of Attorney is given to the recovery specialists so they can take care of the problem on your behalf. This includes notifying credit agencies and filing fraud alerts with three of the major credit bureaus.

Coverage of Expenses

Identity theft and the recovery process is often expensive for people, but one of the highlights of Zander’s identity theft protection is that it can cover those costs. Some of the typical fees associated with recovering your identity after an incident and the costs covered by this plan include the following:

  • Legal fees, including attorney costs, court expenses and witness payments
  • Expenses for transcripts
  • Postage
  • Phone calls
  • Travel expenses
  • Credit fees for freezing or thawing accounts
  • Credit report dispute fees

Plenty of Account Coverage

Identity theft can come in different forms, which is why people want as much protection as possible for everything from phone numbers to bank accounts. No matter how many people are included on an account, there are limits to the number of aspects a plan can protect. Each individual member is limited to the following monitoring services:

  • One driver’s license
  • Only one Social Security number
  • No more than five bank accounts
  • Only five phone numbers
  • No more than five medical identifications
  • Up to six debit or credit cards
  • A maximum of six email accounts

Consumer Education and Support

One thing that sets Zander apart from other brands is that it is focused on educating consumers about financial and insurance needs. For example, Zander offers reports on the latest scams or dangers to consumers. In terms of identity theft protection, you can freeze an account and have access to cost-free credit reports. In short, you are provided with tools for fraud prevention so you can stay on top of everything and be well informed.


There are two plans available for you to choose from. One is for individuals and the other is for families. The coverage is the same for both plans except for the number of people covered under each. A family plan can cover an unlimited number of children who can be on the plan until they turn 25 years old. Both plans come with monthly and annual payment structures, so take a look to see which option may be right for you.

Cost$6.75 with a monthly plan

$75.00 with an annual plan

$12.90 with a monthly plan

$145 with an annual plan

ServicesIdentity theft protection coverage

Online monitoring

Updates on data breaches

Year-round recovery services

24/7 customer support

Protection for lost wallets

Identity theft protection coverage

Online monitoring

Updates on data breaches

Year-round recovery services

24/7 customer support

Protection for lost wallets

Coverage for an unlimited number of children or dependents


Everyone has the potential to be at risk for identity theft, but a service such as Zander Insurance Identity Theft Protection can help you out in the event that your identity is stolen and used for another person’s financial gain. The plans offered are mainly geared towards helping people recover from identity theft, as they lack heavy monitoring that some people expect with such a policy. However, they do cover both individuals and families.

The information above provides you with a brief overview of the main features and pricing to help you decide if this service is right for you. Zander Insurance offers one of the more affordable identity theft protection plans on the market with a number of features that work to protect and restore your identity. However, you are the one to make the ultimate decision about which plan suits you best. Read the Zander review here to learn more.