Zander Insurance Identity Theft Protection

One of the more affordable identity monitoring services, Zander Insurance starts at just $6.75 a month.

  • Affordable plans start at just $6.75/mo.
  • Up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement
  • Endorsed by finance guru Dave Ramsey

When somebody’s identity is stolen, it’s typically from thieves using information like their Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or bank information. But it’s more than that, too. It’s safety nets and family vacations and food on the table. It’s lost sleep, anxiety, and lots of time on the phone with insurance companies. It’s important to protect these parts of our identities, our personally identifiable information, which is why we’re going over the identity theft protection offered by Zander Insurance. Are they worthy of protecting our precious and unique identities? Let’s find out.

Monthly plans and prices Annual plans and prices
Individual Plan: $6.95 Individual Plan: $75
Family Plan: $12.90 Family Plan: $145
Zander Insurance Website
Zander Insurance Website

What Does Zander Cover?

What immediately struck us about Zander’s identity theft services is that there are no subscription tiers with varying levels of protection. If you’re thinking that this immediately piqued our interest, you are absolutely correct. It’s notable that in an industry full of “Premium” versus “Plus” or “Total” versus “Ultra,” the Zander Insurance plans are simple: Individual or Family. One plan for each.

One explanation for the simplicity of Zander’s plans might be that they aren’t your typical identity theft company. Zander Insurance is mainly a home and auto insurance provider, which, to be frank, we don’t care about at all. We live in Brooklyn. We rent our apartments and haven’t driven a car since our suburban high school days. Come to think of it, we can’t even remember whether the brake is the left or right pedal…all this to say, we aren’t Zander’s typical demographic. But they’ve drawn us in with their identity theft protection, which is refreshingly straightforward.

Both the Individual and Family plans cover exactly the same services, detailed below. In contrast to individual plans, which cover one person, family plans cover two adults and up to ten children under the age of 18 living in the same household. Here’s what Zander monitored when we signed up for our own Individual plans:

  • Financial fraud: Zander didn’t monitor the activity on our bank, credit card accounts or credit scores and reports. This was frustrating at first, as this is a common feature we’ve seen from most identity theft protection services. But after a while, we got used to going into our bank apps on our phones and checking our credit at free sites like Turbotax. But Zander does do the financial monitoring that’s impossible for us to do on our own: they looked for our account and card numbers on the Internet. They found some things too—a forgotten Poshmark account for Aliza, and an old Etsy account that Gabe used to buy Beanie Babies. Zander also searched the dark web for uses of our information, but there were no matches there. Phew!
  • Medical ID theft: Hospitals and medicine have never been our strong suit. It’s a scary and confusing world, and one we haven’t quite mastered as well as we have identity theft. However, medical bills and health insurance can cost more than a college education (even our fancy private school degrees), so it makes sense that stolen identities would be used to make fraudulent Medicare or health insurance claims. Zander kept an eye out for these violations, so we didn’t end up paying for Joe Schmo’s laser eye surgery.
Zander Insurance Personal Information Monitoring
Zander Insurance Personal Information Monitoring
  • Tax fraud: There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and tax fraud. You may have thought that tax fraud and identity theft are separate issues, but that’s why we’re here. Before we became identity theft experts, there was one year that Gabe quit his job and went back to graduate school. That year, he received the biggest tax return he’d ever gotten, because he had half a year’s worth of income, and a whole year’s worth of student credit. Now imagine if somebody used his personal information to claim that sweet, sweet tax refund as their own? Zander made sure that didn’t happen.
  • Criminal ID theft: True story that you won’t believe: in high school, a popular girl who got arrested for shoplifting from the mall tried to tell the police that her name was Aliza. We weren’t the experts then that we are now, but luckily the popular girl wasn’t an expert either, so the police simply looked at her ID, still in her bag next to her stolen goods. But criminal identity theft, when someone arrested for a crime presents themselves as another person, is a real threat. That’s why it’s another facet of identity that Zander is always monitoring.
  • Social Security fraud: Zander monitored the names and addresses associated with our Social Security numbers. While we’ve had our Social Security numbers memorized since we were children, so that they didn’t have to be written down anywhere, the Internet is a vast and endless flow of information. They could be out there without our ever knowing, so thanks Zander for monitoring it 24/7.
  • Child ID theft: This monitoring service is particularly valuable for families. Often, a child’s Social Security number and credit history are new and untarnished, so they’re at a unique risk for identity theft. When a child’s identity is stolen, it can go undetected longer than usual, because they’re less likely to use credit or take steps to protect their identities, which is why it’s important to monitor their identities from the beginning of their lives. Better safe than sorry!
  • Benefits and employment fraud: The lesson here is that everything is at risk. You would never file for unemployment while working a stable job, but somebody else could use your information to illegally collect unemployment in your name. You may be thinking that this one isn’t as big of a deal, since you aren’t losing any money. But if the government thought you were double-dipping with a salary and unemployment, you’d be in deep trouble.
  • Title fraud: This occurs when somebody obtains the title to any property you own and attempts to transfer ownership. If we ever manage to buy a condo or apartment or one of these “houses” we’ve heard of around New York City, you can bet we want somebody to make sure it stays ours.

FYI: Employment and tax-related fraud are the most common types of identity theft in America, followed by credit card fraud.1 Zander and most other services cover all of the common ways that our information could be stolen, so we don’t have to worry.

Zander also offers the industry standard of $1 million reimbursement if your identity is stolen, plus help from a restoration specialist. Despite the lack of credit monitoring and monitoring for activity in bank accounts and card numbers, we still think this coverage is pretty comprehensive. If our credentials were found anywhere online, Zander Insurance alerted us via email and app notifications.

Favorite Features:

That’s a lot of information, so if your eyes glazed over, we forgive you. Here are the highlights of what we think is the best parts about Zander Insurance’s identity monitoring:

  • Comprehensive identity monitoring: They monitor for many essential types of fraud and theft, and offer the industry standard for reimbursement, should our identity be stolen.
  • Low prices: Starting at only $6.75 a month, Zander Insurance provides among the lowest prices we’ve seen for identity monitoring and restoration.
  • Monthly plans: We also like Zander’s flexibility. You can sign up for a month and cancel without any fees.

If all this information still leaves you wanting more, you can check out our Zander review, which goes even more in-depth.

Zander Insurance Dashboard
Zander Insurance Dashboard

Can I Try Zander for Free?

We’ve given you all the information we have on Zander’s identity theft services, but maybe you’re still not sure if it’s the right option for you. While many identity protection companies offer free trials so that you can see how it feels, Zander does not have that option. We know, we know. But here’s what we haven’t told you yet, and what we’ll give more details on below. One month, for one individual, only costs $6.75. As you might know, we measure every bill in the number of lattes it will cost us, and this is just one latte per month. So, it’s not free, but at least it’s relatively affordable.

How Can I Cancel Zander?

So, let’s say you spend one latte on a month’s subscription, and it’s not for you. It happens! We just want what’s best for you. This is why we want you to know that Zander allows users to cancel at any time without extra fees; we’ve had bad dates that were harder to get rid of. All you have to do is reach out to customer service. You can do that via a form on the website, by phone at 800-356-4282, or by email at You could even fax them, if you’re feeling retro, at 615-352-2850.

Zander Insurance Privacy Policy
Zander Insurance Privacy Policy

What are Zander’s Subscription Options?

So, you might be thinking, how much does this actually cost? We mentioned that one month costs just $6.75 for an individual, which you might have thought sounds too good to be true. But here’s the best part of the Zander’s identity theft monitoring options: they are among the cheapest plans we’ve found yet, especially for families of up to 10 people.

Individual Family
Covers 1 adult Covers 2 adults and up to 10 children
Recover Specialist Recover Specialist
Coverage Against All Types of Identity Theft Coverage Against All Types of Identity Theft
24/7 Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support
Reimbursement for up to $1 Million for Stolen Funds and Expensive Reimbursement for up to $1 Million for Stolen Funds and Expensive
Monitoring and Alerts Monitoring and Alerts
$6.75 monthly or $75 yearly $12.90 monthly or $145 yearly

Zander does not have different tiers of subscription offerings, so there are no price tiers, either. It’s simple: an individual pays $6.75 per month, and a family of two adults and up to 10 children pay $12.90 per month. Both plans offer yearly subscriptions at lower rates: $75 per year for an individual, saving $6 per year, and $145 per year for a family, which saves about $10 per year.

Did You Know: About 40 percent of mothers create social media profiles for children under a year old, and an additional 7 percent will create accounts before a child turns two years old.2 However, putting sensitive information like full names and birth dates online puts children more at risk for identity theft, so think twice before you make your baby an Instagram account.

That’s it as far as Zander’s pricing goes. You won’t find much lower rates, so if price is your only consideration, Zander is your stop. If you’re interested in what’s available for more money, check out our breakdown of the best identity theft protection.


The bottom line? Zander’s services are simple, comprehensive, and effective. It may not be all the bells and whistles that you dream of—and if you’re particularly interested in credit scores and bank monitoring, it’s certainly not the service for you—but ultimately, it’s one of the most affordable options out there. At $6.75 per month for an individual and $12.90 for families, it can’t be beaten. If, like us, you’re willing to find a free credit monitoring service out there to save a few bucks, then Zander is a great option.


  • Which is better, Zander or LifeLock?

    Zander and LifeLock are each better for specific interests. LifeLock has a wider range of features, like credit alerts and device protection. Zander, on the other hand, doesn’t monitor credit or bank accounts, but it does provide the best pricing of any identity theft service that we’ve tested.

  • Who does Dave Ramsey recommend for identity theft protection?

    Dave Ramsey, a personal money-management expert and popular national radio personality, recommends Zander for identity theft protection.

  • Why does Dave Ramsey recommend Zander Insurance?

    Dave Ramsey recommends Zander Insurance because, as he says in his own words, “they’re good people.” Ramsey built his success as a financial guru after digging himself out of financial ruin, so he appreciates Zander’s low prices, and CEO Jeff Zander has been Ramsey’s own personal insurance agent for over 20 years. Ramsey also says that Zander’s identity theft plan was specifically designed with his audience’s needs in mind.

  • How do I protect my bank account from identity theft?

    Many identity theft services provide bank account monitoring and can notify you of suspicious activity. Zander does not provide this service, but most others do.

  • Is Zander ID Theft any good?

    Zander identity theft protection services are effective and worthwhile if you’re looking to protect yourself without breaking the bank. We particularly appreciated the low price and flexible cancellation options; however, they lack credit and bank account monitoring, a common feature of other identity theft protection services.

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  2. Baby Center. (2014). 2014 Millennial Mom Report.