Zander Identity Theft Review

Refreshingly affordable ID theft protection from a trusted brand

Editor's Rating

  • Affordable plans start at just $6.75/mo.
  • Up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement
  • Endorsed by finance guru Dave Ramsey
Last Updated on Oct 20, 2019

Zander Insurance, a family-owned insurance group, helps its clients keep their identities safe in today’s digital world with identity theft protection. This highly affordable option is a great entry-level option for people who want this coverage without needing credit monitoring or scores.


The Zander Insurance Group has almost 100 years of providing insurance and related services to its customers. This family-owned firm prides itself on its commitment to offering high-quality service for all of its products. This independent insurance brokerage covers many types of insurance, and it also has an identity theft protection plan to help people identify identity theft and recover from it.

One of the most interesting aspects of this company is that it’s 49 percent employee-owned. The staff members you interact with have a vested interest in the company’s success and go above and beyond to make that happen.

Personal finance guru Dave Ramsay has spoken highly of Zander Insurance, and the company has a good track record in being responsive to its clients and helping them to get the most value out of their services.

Customer Service

Zander Insurance has a customer service-centric approach to doing business. They have 24/7/365 coverage on their communication methods. When you run into problems with your service or you receive an alert about potential identity theft, you receive immediate help.

No company is perfect with its customer service, and there are several complaints about Zander Insurance for various issues. However, they stand out by responding to each of these problems and doing everything they can to resolve it. The response to a customer service mistake is far more telling than how a company reacts when everything goes smoothly. Zander passes this test with flying colors.

Features, Services, and Plans

This identity theft monitoring service will cover up to $1 million for any stolen funds and the expenses associated with getting them back. This amount is divided into up to $1 million in electronic funds transfer loss, up to $1 million in reimbursement, and up to $7,500 per week in lost wages and lost vacation time. The wage benefit is limited to $30,000. You do not have a deductible to use this coverage.

The primary theft and fraud types that Zander Insurance focuses on are:

  • Financial fraud
  • Medical ID theft
  • Tax fraud
  • Social Security fraud
  • ID theft
  • Child ID theft
  • Employment fraud
  • Title fraud
  • Benefits fraud
  • Family fraud

This company streamlines the process for accessing consumer services, which allows its customers to put preventative and proactive measures in place to stop identity theft before it happens. Zander Insurance does this through credit reports, credit freezes, fraud alerts, and opt-out programs. You also receive a useful newsletter that goes over the latest scams, so that you have the knowledge to avoid falling victim to those types of attacks.

Zander Insurance will monitor one social security number, six credit or debit cards, five email addresses, five medical IDs, five phone numbers, five bank account numbers, and one driver’s license per person. The company monitors websites on the Dark Web to see if your personal information is being bought, sold, or traded.

In the event that your identity gets stolen, Zander Insurance works with you to restore your identity, rather than leaving you to do the work on your own. There’s an unlimited recovery limit, and you have a three year follow up period if you discover other problems after the initial resolution process.

Individual plans start at $6.75 per month and cover one adult. The family plan has all the same features, but includes two adults, and your children are covered until they’re 25. This plan starts at $12.90 per month. You get a discount if you choose to pay annually for either plan.


Zander Insurance is one of the most affordable identity theft protection services on the market. You have a large amount of coverage if you end up becoming a victim of identity theft, and the plans are straightforward so you don’t have to get confused by a lot of options.

Our Verdict

Zander Insurance is an incredibly barebones identity theft protection service. You don’t have any of the bells and whistles that are common with other providers, but it is one of the least expensive options on the market. If you just want something basic to put in place for your identity theft protection, and you wouldn’t end up using any features beyond what Zander offers, then this is a good option for you and your family.