Zander Identity Theft Review

Refreshingly affordable ID theft protection from a trusted brand

Aliza Vigderman
Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Apr 23, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Apr 23, 2021
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If you're looking for affordability, Zander Insurance is the identity monitoring service for you. Their plans start at just $6.75 a month, the lowest price we've seen from an identity monitoring service so far.

Zander Insurance is mainly a home and auto insurance provider, which is not my bag, but what is my bag is their identity protection service. In this digital world, it’s easy to find out people’s sensitive credentials and use them to steal their identities, whether that’s filing a tax return with their Social Security Number, taking out a loan in their name, or even registering a car to someone else. That’s where identity monitoring services come in, to oversee different channels for your personal info.Zander Insurance Services

In this Zander Insurance identity theft review, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about their identity theft protection service, from what exactly it covers to pricing and everything in between. Let’s get started!

Editor's Rating
Overall Rating
  • Affordable plans start at just $6.75/mo.
  • Up to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement
  • Endorsed by finance guru Dave Ramsey

Zander Insurance Features

Zander Insurance Website
Zander Insurance Website Screenshot.

Now, one thing that sets Zander Insurance apart from all of the other identity monitoring services I’ve reviewed is that they won’t monitor your credit score or report. Typically, this is either bundled with identity monitoring or is offered as one package, but for Zander Insurance, credit scores and reports from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax aren’t a thing.

Keep in mind that it’s pretty easy to monitor your credit for free, which is why the company says it’s not included. However, if you wanted to review these reports automatically, then Zander Insurance definitely isn’t for you. They also don’t monitor the activity on your bank or credit card accounts, but rather look for your account and card numbers on the Internet, so you’ll have to self-monitor your financial accounts for fraud.

Really, what Zander Insurance monitors is your credentials on the Internet, which includes the dark web. If you’re not familiar, the dark web is an area of the Internet only accessible through special software where all of the users are completely anonymous, making it a hotbed of cybercrime. Here’s what Zander Insurance is looking for:

  • Financial fraud
  • Medical ID theft
  • Tax fraud
  • Criminal ID theft
  • Social Security fraud
  • Child ID theft
  • Benefits and employment fraud
  • Title fraud.

Despite the lack of credit monitoring and monitoring for the activity of your bank accounts and card numbers, this coverage is pretty comprehensive. If your credentials are found anywhere online, Zander Insurance will alert you via email and app notifications. Of course, like any other identity monitoring service, it can’t prevent identity theft completely, which is why they offer up to a $1 million in reimbursement if your identity is stolen, plus help from a restoration specialist.

Zander Insurance Privacy and Security

Encrypted Data

In order to monitor your identity properly, Zander Insurance needs some personal information from you, including your:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone number
  • Medical insurance number
  • Debit and credit card numbers
  • Bank account numbers.

If that information got into the wrong hands, that could mean having your identity stolen, defeating the purpose of the service in the first place. Another issue is that since Zander Insurance is based in the United States, they could be legally forced to hand over customer data under the jurisdiction of the international surveillance alliances Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes. That’s why I checked out Zander Insurance’s privacy policy so I could see exactly what information of yours they keep.

Zander Insurance Privacy Policy

Aside from the personal information you gave them, here’s what data of yours Zander Insurance keeps whenever you visit their website:

  • Traffic data
  • Communications data
  • Information about your computer and Internet, including your IP address, operating system and browser type
  • Non-identifiable information like your username, password, job title and employer name
  • Third party content that syncs with your profile like your email contacts, mobile contacts and calendars
  • Responses to surveys, if you contact them
  • Transaction details and financial information
  • Search queries on website
  • Data from cookies.

This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually pretty standard for websites to keep all of this information. And believe it or not, I’ve seen identity monitoring services that keep a lot more of your data, including biometrics like fingerprints and DNA.

Zander Insurance ensures it’s customers that all of this information is protected by firewalls and that all payment transactions are encrypted. While they wouldn’t get more specific, unfortunately, this was also the case with every other identity monitoring service I’ve reviewed.

Using Zander Insurance

Zander Insurance Dashboard
Zander Insurance Dashboard Screenshot

Setting up and using ID monitoring was easy with Zander Insurance. First, I picked out the individual plan and entered my name, email, birthday, phone number and billing information. Then, they gave me a membership ID number, which I used to activate the account. After entering my Social Security Number, creating a username and password as well as a security question and answer, I was in.

Zander Insurance Personal Information Monitoring
Zander Insurance Personal Information Monitoring Screenshot.

Next, Zander Insurance prompted me to add more information, like my passport number, driver’s license number, any retail store/ membership cards, and my medical ID, so they could monitor the Internet for this data. I skipped this for now because I wanted to check out my Personal Information Monitoring Report. Alarmingly, I already had a few alerts that my credentials had been found online, including from a forgotten Poshmark account. Thank god Zander Insurance let me know because I’m not sure I would have found out otherwise before it was too late.

Aside from accessing the information monitoring report, you can also access Zander’s education and restoration centers or get quotes for other Zander products. The setup process was really easy, and the dashboard was simple to navigate in general.

Zander Insurance Subscription Options

Zander Identity Protection Subscriptions
Zander Identity Protection Subscriptions

When it comes to subscriptions, Zander Insurance keeps it very simple. You can either buy an Essential individual plan for $6.75 a month or $75 a year, saving you $6, or buy a family plan that’ll cover two adults and up to 10 kids for $12.90 a month or $145 a year, saving you $9.80. With either plan, you’ll receive the exact same monitoring, alerts, and reimbursement services. There is also an Elite plan for individuals and families, which includes all the identity theft protection features of the Essential plan plus a VPN, antivirus software, Experian CreditLock, account takeover monitoring, and new account monitoring.

Plan name Price
Monthly Essential Plan for individuals $6.75
Yearly Essential Plan for individuals $75
Monthly Essential Plan for families $12.90
Yearly Essential Plan for families $145
Monthly Elite Plan for individuals $9.99
Yearly Elite Plan for individuals $110
Monthly Elite Plan for families $19.49
Yearly Elite Plan for families $215

Compared to some of its competitors, Zander Insurance is one of the most affordable identity monitoring services around. I also love that you can pay monthly and don’t have to sign a long-term contract, although discounted yearly plans are available. I’ve seen similar services charge up to $50 a month, locking you into a year, so Zander Insurance is definitely winning when it comes to subscriptions!

Zander Insurance Customer Support

Zander Insurance Contact Us Page.
Zander Insurance Contact Us Page Screenshot from Website.

If you need help with Zander Insurance, you can call them, fax them, email them, fill out a form on their website or check their online help center, which I must say is pretty limited. When I emailed them with a few questions, it took about a week to get a response, and by that time, I had already called to get the answers I needed. But I must say that the phone support was excellent as was the email support, albeit delayed. I’d recommend calling for the fastest results.

The Zander Identity Theft Protection App

Zander Identity Theft Protection App
Zander Identity Theft Protection App. Screenshot from Google Play store.

In order to receive notifications and access monitoring reports and identity restoration services, you’ll need the Zander Identity Theft Protection app for Android or the Zander ID Theft Protection app for iOS. The app has pretty good ratings, a 3.9 on the Apple store and a four-star rating on the Google Play store, although that’s from only three ratings. Charles Atwood, an Android user, wrote in a recent five-star review,

“It’s great that with a couple of clicks I can cleanly read the page and update my info.”


Overall, I’d definitely recommend Zander Insurance for identity monitoring for a few reasons. Of course, it has its drawbacks, so I wanted to break it down for you even further.

I’d go with Zander Insurance if you’d like…
  • Comprehensive identity monitoring: You’ll be monitored for many different types of fraud and theft.
  • Low prices: Starting at only $6.75 a month, Zander Insurance provides the lowest prices I’ve seen for identity monitoring and restoration.
  • Monthly plans: I also like that you can sign up for a month and cancel without any fees.
But Zander Insurance isn’t for you if you’re looking for…
  • Credit monitoring: If you use Zander Insurance, you’ll have to either manually check your credit reports or sign up for another service.
  • Bank and card activity monitoring: While Zander Insurance checks the web for your bank and card numbers, they won’t monitor your accounts or cards for fraudulent activity.

That’s it from me! I included some FAQs below, but if you still have questions, be sure to let us know and I’ll get back to you soon.

Zander Insurance FAQs

  • Is Zander ID Theft any good?

    Zander ID Theft is a good service, with comprehensive identity monitoring, low prices and monthly contracts. However, if you want credit monitoring, then Zander ID Theft isn’t a good choice.

  • Which is better, LifeLock or Zander?

    I would choose Zander Insurance over LifeLock. Not only is it much more affordable and flexible, but Zander hasn’t had any issues improperly storing customer data and advertising falsely, unlike LifeLock.

  • What is the best identity theft protection?

    PrivacyGuard provides the best identity theft protection. They have extremely comprehensive credit and identity monitoring, affordable pricing starting at $9.99 a month and flexible contracts.