Zmodo Security Camera

Zmodo has a number of security cameras to choose from, and our experts tested them all so you don't have to.

  • Wide-range of camera options
  • Free basic cloud video storage
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Cost need not be a barrier when it comes to equipping your home with quality security cameras. With a plethora of indoor and outdoor camera options, a Zmodo security camera may meet your budget and home security needs. Zmodo includes several standard features across all cameras, including easy and flexible do-it-yourself installation, free 12-hour basic cloud storage for captured footage, alerts when motion is detected and 256-bit encryption for top-tier security. Get these features starting at $29.00 for the brand’s most affordable indoor camera and $39.99 for its lowest-priced outdoor camera option.

Zmodo security cameras can be a solid choice for do-it-yourself types. Every Zmodo security product comes with simple and easy-to-follow installation instructions so you can get your security cameras up and running on your own schedule when the timing is best for you. Once you’ve installed the cameras, there’s no need to commit to a contract or monthly service plan. While plans are available for additional storage time for your video footage in the cloud, these systems allow you to self-monitor your cameras.

Dive further into Zmodo security camera features, models and pricing below to determine which system may work for monitoring and protecting your home.


These cameras may include some or most of these options, depending on the model.

Alerts for Motion Detection

Motion detection is included on all Zmodo security camera options, even the affordable EZCam indoor camera and the 1080p, a combination indoor/outdoor variety. When your Zmodo camera detects motion in your defined motion zone, you’ll receive a smartphone notification.

Recording Over the Cloud

Your video alert clips captured by your chosen Zmodo security camera are securely saved in the cloud. you can choose a monthly plan to extend the length of cloud storage times and to add on continuous cloud recordings. The free Basic plan provides access to your alert clips for 12 hours, giving you time to review them at your own pace.

Bank-Level Security

Both Zmodo security cameras and the accompanying app utilize Transport Layer Security (TLS) and secure AES 256-bit encryption. Zmodo ensures only you have access to your personal pictures and videos thanks to AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption.

Two-Way Audio

Many Zmodo security cameras are equipped with two-way audio, allowing you to talk with family when you can’t physically be in the room with them. This feature also allows you to communicate with anyone who comes into range of the camera.

DIY Installation and Monitoring

Higher-end security cameras and systems with pricey subscription plans and installation time windows aren’t for everyone. The easy-to-install DIY nature of Zmodo’s offerings allows you to choose what you need and install and monitor the equipment on your own terms. In this way, Zmodo provides flexible options that may accrue possible cost savings over time.

The Zmodo App

Access and remotely control all of your Zmodo security cameras and smart devices from the easy-to-use Zmodo app. Update your alert preferences and control your Home, Away and Sleep modes. Share permissions and grant other family members access to your Zmodo cameras and devices.

Night Vision

Available in many Zmodo cameras, including the Sight 180 indoor camera and the brand’s least-expensive outdoor camera option, the Zmodo 1080p Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Camera, this feature allows you to continue to see what’s happening around your home once the lights are turned off or the sun goes down. If your top concern is keeping tabs around your property at night, options like the Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Camera Pro brings peace of mind with night vision that stretches to 98 feet.

Sensor Alerts for Doors and Windows

Select Zmodo security cameras, including the 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera, come complete with sensors to install on your windows and doors. If these sensors are disturbed, you receive a notification delivered straight to your smartphone.

Humidity and Temperature Readings

Oversee the whole health of your home with an all-in-one smart home hub, such as the Zmodo Pivot Cloud. Advanced features on this camera include the ability to keep readings of your home’s humidity and temperature right at your fingertips. Access this data from anywhere through the Zmodo app on your smartphone.

Up the Ambience

Zmodo offers some advanced security cameras that serve additional unique purposes as well. For example, the Torch 360 Outdoor Light is not only a remote-controlled camera capable of providing a 360-degree view of your property, but it also doubles as a mood-setting exterior light. You can set the light to automatically turn on and off at certain times, or use the Zmodo app to turn on the light before you arrive home. Enjoy a range of color themes in Zmodo’s app so the bulb color in your Torch 360 matches the current mood or occasion.


Zmodo offers a wide range of security cameras to meet nearly any need and budget. Compare prices of the various cameras and systems below.

Indoor Cameras
Sight 180$79.00
Sight 180 C$79.00
720p Mini Camera (4 Pack)$99.00
1080p Pan&Tilt Camera$99.00
Pivot Cloud$149.00
Replay Indoor Cameras$149.00
Snap Pro Security CameraFrom $169.00
Zmodo Snap PT$199.00


Outdoor Cameras
1080p Indoor&Outdoor Camera$39.99
1080p Outdoor WiFi Camera Pro$79.00
Sight 180 Outdoor$99.00
720p Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Camera$119.00
720p Outdoor Camera (4 Pack)$119.00
Zmodo Torch 360$129.99
Snap Pro Security CameraFrom $169.00
720p sPoE Security System$249.00
1080p Indoor&Outdoor Security System$349.00
16-Channel Security System$999.99
24-Channel Security System$2199.99


Video Doorbells
Greet HD Smart Doorbell$99.00
Greet Smart Doorbell$149.00
Greet 1.0 Smart Doorbell$149.00
Greet Select Smart Doorbell$149.00
Greet Pro Smart Doorbell$179.00


With a wide range of product offerings at various prices, a Zmodo security camera can be a good option for many homes. Keep it simple with a well-placed indoor camera or provide your home with complete protection with one of Zmodo’s full security system packages.