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How To Change Location on Facebook Dating

Facebook has a dating service now. Here’s how to change your location.

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Gabe Turner
Gabe Turner Chief Editor
Last Updated Jan 16, 2024

Facebook is more than the social network you use to keep up with your friends and family. It has a bunch of services available, from Facebook Marketplace to Facebook Live. But did you know you can also use Facebook to date? In May of 2018, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Dating, which disrupted the online dating industry as we knew it.

If you want to change your location on Facebook Dating, it’s easy and free. The best part? You can do it all on Facebook’s app or website. Keep reading to find out how.

A Smarter Way to Change Location on Facebook Dating

Usually, when it comes to changing virtual location on apps and devices, we use VPNs. However, that’s not necessary with Facebook Dating. With that said, using a VPN could affect your Facebook Dating location, and it gives you other benefits too like improved privacy and digital security, so we do recommend using a VPN after all. Here are some of the top options we’ve tested:

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How To Change Location on Facebook Dating

To change your location on Facebook Dating, you’ll need to:

How to Change Location on Facebook Dating Manually

  1. Click on the three horizontal bars at the top of your screen.
  2. Click “Dating.”
  3. Click “Profile.”
  4. Click “Edit.”
  5. Click “Dating Location.”
  6. Update your dating location.
  7. Click “Save.”

Until you change your location manually, it will remain static. Like Hinge and unlike location-based Tinder and Bumble, Facebook Dating won’t change your dating profile’s location based on your physical location.1

That makes Facebook Dating ideal if you’re looking for a relationship. After all, if you live in South Florida but are visiting California, it’s likely you still want to match with people in South Florida. Of course, if that’s not the case, changing your location on Facebook is easy and free.

Are you on multiple dating apps? Learn how to change your location on Tinder, how to change your location on Bumble, and how to change your location on Hinge.

Did You Know: Once Facebook announced Facebook Dating, shares of Match Group Inc. — which owns Tinder, OkCupid, and Hinge — decreased by nearly 10 percent.2

Do I Need a Location for Facebook Dating?

Yes, in order to create a Facebook Dating profile and see and match with people, you’ll need to turn Location Services on. Facebook will then suggest matches based on your distance preferences.3

How To Turn Facebook Location Services On and Off

Maybe you’re done with Facebook Dating, or maybe you’re just starting out. Either way, here’s how to turn Facebook Location Services on and off.


  1. Go to your home screen.
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. Click “Apps.”
  4. Click on Facebook.
  5. Click “Permissions.”
  6. Click “Locations.”
  7. Turn Locations on or off.


  1. Go to your home screen.
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. Click “Privacy.”
  4. Click “Location Services.”
  5. Toggle Location Services on or off.

Why Change Your Location for Facebook Dating?

There are a few reasons why someone would want to change their location on Facebook Dating.

Perhaps you got a job in a new city and want to see how the dating pool is before you move. Maybe you are on a trip and want to have some extra fun while you’re away, or maybe you just want to explore matches outside of your normal location.

Whatever the reason, changing your location on Facebook Dating only takes a few seconds and won’t cost you anything, so really, why not experiment?

Easiest Ways to Switch Your Facebook Dating Location

You can change your Facebook Dating location easily by updating your profile information. However, there are also other ways, if you prefer. Here are the three most straightforward options.


What is a VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts both your web traffic and your IP address. Once you connect, a VPN will hide your device’s real IP address and change your IP address to that of its server. So if you’re using Facebook Dating via your Location Services, then changing your IP address could make Facebook think you’re in another location.

Of course, you can also change your profile location manually, but sometimes, using a VPN is easier, especially if you already have one set up.


Another way to change your IP address is to connect to a proxy server. There are a few key differences between VPNs and proxies:

  • Cost: While there are some free VPNs as well as VPNs with free trials, we had to pay for most of the VPNs we’ve tested. In contrast to VPNs, proxies are usually free.
  • How many times you can use it: Except VPNs with free trials, you can use most VPNs for as long as you uphold your subscription. However, you’ll use proxies only one time each, so they’re not a good option for changing your IP address in the long term.
  • What it encrypts: While VPNs encrypt your IP address and web traffic, proxies only encrypt your IP address. Therefore, if you want to keep your Facebook Dating data aside from your IP address away from your internet service provider, a VPN is a much better option.
  • User data: The best VPNs won’t log your IP address or web activity. In contrast, many proxies sell user data, which is why they’re typically free. In other words, if you don’t have to pay for the product, you are the product.
  • What’s covered: VPNs encrypt all of your web activity across browsers and apps, while proxies only work on a single website or app.

FYI: You can use a proxy server to hide your real IP address from the Facebook app, but it won’t work across any other apps or websites, unlike a VPN.

GPS-Changing App

Finally, you can change your IP address through a GPS location app; check out the Google Play or App Store to find one for your Android or iOS device, respectively. We like the Dr.Fone app for Android and iOS devices, free on either platform.


Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or just a fling, Facebook Dating is a great way to meet someone. Of course, if you want to meet someone in another location, that’s easy and free as well.

Just keep Facebook’s data collection policies in mind; when it comes to the data tech companies collect, Facebook is one of the worst offenders. If you still want to use Facebook for dating or any other reason, make sure to protect your account with a secure password and authentication. While Facebook may collect a ton of your data, using the best digital security practices will increase your privacy.


Facebook is an interesting and ever-changing beast, so naturally, you had a ton of questions about it.

  • How do I correct my location on Facebook?

    To correct your location on Facebook:

    1. Go to your home screen.
    2. Click “Settings.”
    3. Click “Apps.”
    4. Select “Facebook.”
    5. Select “Permissions.”
    6. Select “Locations.”
    7. Turn Locations on.

    Now, Facebook will access your phone’s GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth information to identify your location.

  • How do I change my dating profile on Facebook?

    To change your dating profile on Facebook:

    1. Click on the three horizontal lines on the top of the screen.
    2. Select “Dating.”
    3. Select “Profile.”
    4. Select “Edit.”
    5. Make any changes you want.
    6. Click “Save.”
  • Why is my location on Facebook wrong?

    Your location on Facebook may be wrong because you entered it manually for a service like Facebook Dating, but you changed physical locations. To fix your location, turn Location Services on in your phone or desktop settings.

  • Why does my Facebook location keep changing?

    Your Facebook location may keep changing because you keep changing locations, or because you keep updating your location manually in your profile.

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