ADT Doorbell Camera Pricing 2022

Find out what it costs to monitor your front porch with ADT.

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ADT Doorbell Camera

If you’re in the market for a video doorbell, ADT gives you options. You can go the full-service route with the ADT flagship system, or you can set up DIY monitoring through the company’s Blue by ADT brand. It turns out that you’ll pay the same cost for your doorbell camera no matter which one you pick. There’s a lot more to doorbell pricing than the cost of the equipment itself. What do we mean? Read on to find out.

ADT Home Security Control App - Streaming Cameras
ADT Home Security Control App – Streaming Cameras

ADT Video Doorbell Options

ADT isn’t just one company anymore. There’s ADT itself, an old-school full-service monitoring company with a 145-year history. Since 2019, though, the company has also offered DIY monitoring through its Blue by ADT brand. Both brands offer a doorbell camera, and both offer it for $199.99. What you’ll pay to install one of these doorbells doesn’t end with the doorbell itself, though.

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Let’s start by looking at ADT’s video doorbell option.

In fact, it’s a bit deceptive to say ADT’s video doorbell costs $199.99. That is what you’ll pay if you purchase the doorbell as an add-on to your ADT security system. You can’t buy a doorbell, or any other equipment, from ADT a la carte. If you want to monitor your front door, you’ll need to invest in an ADT package. Thankfully, these are some of the best home security systems in the business.

ADT System Window Sticker
ADT System Window Sticker

ADT offers three different packages. Only its most expensive package, the Video and Smart Home package, comes with video monitoring. That package comes in 11-piece and 15-piece versions. Both include a doorbell camera.

Video and Smart Home Packages

Equipment 11-piece package 15-piece package
Touchscreen control panel 1 1
Door/window sensor 5 7
Motion detector 1 3
Smart door lock 1 1
Smart plug 1 1
Indoor camera 1 1
Doorbell camera 1 1
Total Price $1,149 $1,449
Price per month (60 months) $19.15 $24.15

In addition to buying a full equipment package, ADT also requires you to sign up for at least three years of 24/7 professional monitoring. That plan costs $57.99 per month and includes:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Voice control
  • Remote access through ADT’s Control app
  • Smart home automation
  • Smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood monitoring
  • Video monitoring
  • Video clip cloud storage

Finally, you’ll also pay a $149 fee to have all your ADT equipment, including the doorbell camera, professionally installed.

The bottom line is that you’ll pay $1,298 upfront for an-11-piece system (with doorbell), plus $57.99 per month for monitoring. Or you can finance the upfront costs over 60 months, for $19.15 per month (monthly total: $77.14), which is what most people do.

A 15-piece system costs $1,598 upfront, plus the $57.99 per month monitoring fee. Finance the upfront cost over 60 months for $24.15 per month, and you’re looking at a monthly total of $83.14.

Again, ADT is one of the best security providers around, with reliable equipment and monitoring. But if you’re not looking for a full system and monitoring service, we think you’ll like the Blue by ADT option below.

Blue by ADT Video Doorbell Options

ADT established Blue by ADT to be a DIY home security company. Among other things, that means you can buy individual pieces of monitoring equipment, including doorbell cameras. As with ADT’s doorbell camera, the price is $199.99, but you’re under no obligation to purchase a package or, in fact, anything else.

Blue by ADT Equipment
Blue by ADT Equipment

You’ll save money on installation since Blue by ADT doorbell installation is also completely DIY. You should know that the company sells only a wired version of its doorbell, so you’ll need to do a bit of wiring to get it to work. However, Blue by ADT provides handy instructional videos to help you get through the process with minimal fuss.

In addition, Blue by ADT doesn’t require you to purchase a monitoring plan. As with all the companies on our list of the best self-monitored systems, you’ll have to do all the monitoring yourself. The company even provides you with 24 hours of cloud storage at no additional cost. In short, you can pay $199.99 for a doorbell and walk away. You’ll have nothing more to pay, ever.

However, Blue by ADT does offer professional monitoring for those who want it. That plan is just $19.99 per month and includes:

  • Customized alerts
  • Live video feeds
  • Video review
  • Unique codes
  • Remote arm/disarm
  • 30 days of cloud storage
  • Panic modes
  • Silent alarms

pro-tip: You can save a bit of money by self-monitoring your home security, but consider signing up for a month of professional monitoring any time you will be out of town or away from home.

Finally, Blue by ADT offers a storage-only plan for DIYers who want the flexibility to record more video. That plan provides 60 days of storage for $2.99 per month.

ADT Doorbell Cameras Features and Tech

Whether you’re buying an ADT or a Blue by ADT doorbell camera, you get a number of great features. Both models include the following features:

  • Two-way audio: Not only can you talk with whoever’s outside your door, but with noise reduction and echo cancellation, you’ll actually be able to understand them.
  • Facial recognition: Scan just a few pictures into your system, and your doorbell cameras will be able to tell you who’s visiting. In addition, the cameras can recognize the difference between the three P’s: people, pets, and packages.
  • Smart home compatibility: ADT doorbell cameras work well with both Alexa and Google Home. That means you can operate your system with just your voice, and you can create custom routines connecting your doorbell cameras to devices like smart locks.
  • Night vision: Both cameras feature crystal-clear night vision. The ADT camera uses two LEDs to capture images in the darkest conditions. The Blue by ADT camera uses true-day technology to ensure a clear picture even when the light is changing at dawn or dusk.

Despite these similarities, there are differences between the ADT and Blue by ADT cameras. You’ll want to consider these when you’re making your final choice.

ADT Video Doorbell Options

Features ADT Blue by ADT
Model Google Nest Doorbell Camera Doorbell Camera
Resolution 960×1280 1080p
Field of view 160 degrees 180 degrees
Power Wired or battery Wired
Durability IP54, negative 4 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit Not IP rated, negative 40 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit

Of course, the most important difference between the ADT and Blue by ADT models has to do with how you purchase them. Buying an ADT doorbell camera requires you to buy a complete home security package and invest in three years of 24/7 professional monitoring. You can purchase the Blue by ADT doorbell camera by itself.

Final Words

Both the ADT and Blue by ADT doorbell cameras cost $199.99. That’s a little pricey when you consider some Ring doorbells cost just half of that. And, while ADT’s models include useful features like facial recognition and custom activity zones, their resolution isn’t exactly top of the line. In addition, the ADT camera is rated IP54, which means it isn’t dust-tight and it can withstand splashing water only. The Blue by ADT camera isn’t IP rated at all.

What We Like
  • Monitoring options: We had the choice to go with ADT’s full-service 24/7 professional monitoring or monitor our system ourselves with Blue by ADT.
  • The ADT name: ADT has a 145-year history in the home security business, so we had no trouble trusting the company to do exactly what it promised.
  • Smart home integration: Both ADT’s and Blue by ADT’s doorbell cameras worked with Alexa and Google Home, so we were able to operate them using just our voice.
What We Don’t Like
  • Relatively high prices: We’ve found several doorbell cameras cheaper than $199.99.
  • Third-party equipment: ADT doesn’t manufacture its own doorbell camera. Instead, it offers Google Nest doorbell cameras.
  • No local storage options: Cloud storage is fine, but we like having the option to record directly onto our cameras. With an SD card slot, we could access our footage without storage fees.

The thing is, when you invest in an ADT camera, you aren’t just buying equipment; you’re buying the ADT name as well, and that’s a name associated with quality, integrity, and customer service. When you purchase an ADT doorbell camera, you’re signing up for a complete home security package and 24/7 professional monitoring. The same great monitoring is available from Blue by ADT as well. When you take all the extras into account, we think ADT doorbell cameras are worth the extra expense.


Want to know even more about ADT doorbell camera pricing options? We’ve got you covered.

  • How much does an ADT camera cost?

    The cost of an ADT camera varies by model. The company sells three cameras. The indoor camera costs $130. The outdoor camera costs $270. The doorbell camera costs $200. You should know, however, that you can’t buy a single camera. These are the prices to add a camera to an ADT home security package.

  • How much is an ADT doorbell camera per month?

    You can finance an ADT doorbell camera for $3.33 per month for 60 months. However, that covers just the cost of the camera. ADT will also require you to sign up for at least three years of its top-tier 24/7 professional monitoring at $57.99 per month.

  • Does ADT have a wireless doorbell camera option?

    ADT does have a wireless doorbell camera option, but the company doesn’t sell its own doorbell camera. Instead, it sells the Google Nest doorbell camera. That camera comes in two different models: one wired and one wireless.

  • Do you have to charge the ADT doorbell camera?

    The wireless ADT doorbell must be charged periodically. You do this through a micro-USB charger. Recharging takes six to eight hours, and a single charge can last up to three months. ADT also offers a wired version of its doorbell camera.

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8.7 /10