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The most streamlined home security and automation systems available

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  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Smart home features and integrations
  • Industry’s best customer service
Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

Frontpoint wants to make it as easy as possible for you to have a protected home. This home security company embraces powerful technology that is all pre-programmed and ready to go when it gets to your house.

This well-established home security company offers a variety of solutions to meet your unique home security and home automation needs and provides 24/7 monitoring services with agents who are ready to respond in an emergency. You end up with a system that’s personalized to your routines and features plenty of automation to improve your quality of life, capable of working right out of the box.

Equipment & Tech

Flood Sensor

This device has a corrosion-proof design, so water damage doesn’t bring it down, and it alerts you as soon as it detects water in its vicinity. Whether you want to keep an eye on potentially leaky pipes in your home or you’re checking a vacation house, this is a great sensor to add to your system. The 10-year battery life makes it low-maintenance and dependable.

Keychain Remote

You don’t have to rush to the keypad or dig through your pockets for the key – you can use this remote to remotely arm and disarm the home security system, turn lights off and on and control other smart home devices.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Protect yourself and your family from the threat of CO2. If it detects a leak, it sets off an alarm and lets Frontpoint know that you have an emergency on your hands. It displays a warning light and has a loud siren that goes off. It has a long five-year battery life and reliable operation, so you’re always covered.

Door Lock

This touchscreen door lock offers many powerful features, such as a fingerprint-resistant screen and integration with the Frontpoint hub via Z-Wave. Remote keyless entry makes getting in and out of your house a snap.

LED Light Bulbs

Automate your home’s lights and remotely control them with these LED bulbs. You can schedule them at certain times, dim them and enjoy the energy efficiency that they bring to your home.

Wireless Light Control

This device turns your existing lights and appliances into equipment capable of being remotely controlled. You can add them to your home automation routine to streamline your life.

Garage Door Controller

You don’t need to change up your current garage door opener – this device pairs with it to allow you to remotely open and close it. It also sends alerts if something gets in the way of the door when it’s moving, and you always know its status through a tilt sensor.

Motion Sensor

This powerful motion sensor can pick up movement in a 44-foot area. It also has a 90-degree view, so you always know whether something is going on nearby. The best part about this motion sensor is that it’s pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your dog tripping it all the time.

Door/Window Sensor

These small-scale sensors fit anywhere you have a door or window that needs to be monitored. If the sensor detects any activity, it lets you know in real-time via the Frontpoint app.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass breaks at a particular frequency, and this sensor can notice it instantly. It has a 360-degree listening angle and can hear the sounds from 20 feet away.

Smoke and Heat Sensor

Get fast notification when smoke or fire is present in your home. You don’t have a long time before a small fire can turn into a massive blaze, so early detection gives you precious time in this emergency.

Frontpoint Hub + Frontpoint Keypad

This smart hub and keypad combination acts as the core of your Frontpoint home security system. It runs on a 4G cellular connection that’s built into it, and you also get a Wi-Fi backup in case that signal is not available. The keypad has anti-smash protection, so an alarm signal always goes through even if that piece of hardware is destroyed. All the data transmitted by your Frontpoint home security system is encrypted so only the authorized people can see it. If the power goes out, the battery backup keeps you protected for 24 hours and automatically recharges once power is restored.

Additional Frontpoint Keypad

Use more than one entryway regularly? Make your life easy by setting up an additional keypad at these locations.

Indoor Cameras

Want to get your eyes on a potential crime or simply want to capture some candid moments with your family? The indoor camera is high resolution and plays nicely with other smart home devices. They’re wireless so you’re not limited on their locations.

Outdoor Cameras

You can also set up outdoor cameras to protect the perimeter of your property. This weather proofed device does need to be near a power source, but you otherwise have plenty of flexibility when setting it up.

Doorbell Camera

You don’t have to be home to answer the door – the two-way audio on the Doorbell Camera will help you with that. You get a live feed at your front door so you can direct delivery people to the right drop off spot, address guests and scare off potential intruders.

Monitoring & Features

24/7/365 Professional Monitoring

The security experts at Frontpoint are always available and staying alert for any alarms coming from your system. If they receive an alarm notification, they quickly leap into action and get you the appropriate first responder to address the situation.

Encrypted Data

Your video and audio data is encrypted so it’s not at risk of being hijacked by a hacker. Everything stays private and secure with this home security system.

Redundant Backups

The internet connection and power both have backups to account for any emergency. If the smart hub can’t access the 4G cellular network, it can switch to your Wi-Fi network to get signals out. You’re also covered in case of a power outage.

Full Integration with Smart Home Technology

Frontpoint’s solutions focus on offering pre-configured devices that easily work together. When all the devices within the smart home ecosystem can communicate with one another, taking full advantage of home automation is an easy task.

Smart Home Rules

Create a perfect environment by using home automation to follow a set of custom rules. They can be based on your activities, locations, and daily schedule.

Custom Notifications

You can let Frontpoint know which alerts are the most important to you, and which it can safely skip over telling you about.

One-Tap Scenes

This feature allows you to configure all the connected smart devices to a pre-set scene. It just takes one tap to get everything to your liking

Alexa Support

Frontpoint has native support for Amazon Alexa technology.

Z-Wave Support

Use Z-Wave devices on your home automation network? Many of these will work with your Frontpoint smart hub.

Installation & Usability

One of the biggest focuses for Frontpoint is the easy installation process. This company preconfigures all the hardware before they send it out, so all you need to do is install it and power it up. They also offer a Smart Home Concierge to help during this process, as well as an installation wizard that takes you through everything step by step.

It’s DIY friendly so you don’t have to wait around for a professional installer. No drilling or wiring is needed, so you don’t have to be a handy person to get it all set up.

As far as usability goes, the home security and automation system is set up so everything is controlled through the Frontpoint app. You don’t have to bounce around between software to check your security cameras or answer the doorbell. It sends you notifications when it detects activity, gives you remote control over your systems and alerts you if environmental issues occur.

Customer Support

Frontpoint prides itself on its customer service and avoiding any “hard sales” tactics. These experienced customer support agents want to offer you the best experience possible and accomplish this with a welcoming attitude. They are highly trained and respond quickly in case of an emergency. Due to their experience, they know exactly how to keep you calm during an intrusion, fire, or another problem.

Cost & Pricing

Frontpoint is a highly customizable system to fit in with your home security and automation needs. You get a 30-day trial period to test out your system and see whether it works well for you. If it doesn’t, then Frontpoint gives you a full refund and even free return shipping.

The warranty is also impressive. If the equipment stops working, such as a sensor no longer detecting a door being opened, they will replace that device for you without any charges.

Since Frontpoint’s pricing varies significantly depending on the size of your house and the level of home automation you’re looking for, you can have a highly affordable, straightforward security system on the low-end of things, and a completely decked out smart home (with the price tag to match).

Thankfully, this home security company is transparent about its pricing, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you contact the company.

Frontpoint offers a few pre-built kits to get you started. It’s easy to add more equipment to your system as your needs change over time.

  • Safe Home Starter $130.95 (with a three-year contract): This starter home security kit includes the Frontpoint Hub and keypad, 2 door and window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 yard sign, 5 window decals and 1 door sticker.
  • Safe Home Everyday $228.93 (with a three-year contract): You get an added window sensor and another motion sensor on top of what you get with the Starter plan.
  • Safe Home Plus $248.93 (with a three-year contract): This plan is designed for pet owners, who may have problems with their animals setting off the motion detector. Instead of the detector in the Everyday plan, you get 2 glass break sensors instead.
  • Safe Home Select $401.90 (with a three-year contract): This robust home security kit is excellent for people who want a substantial amount of protection or who have larger homes. You get another door and window sensor, bringing the total up to 4, 2 motion sensors, 1 glass break sensor and 1 smoke and heat sensor, on top of all the equipment you get in the lower tiers.
  • Safe Home Preferred $534.88 (with a three-year contract): This kit is excellent when you want to branch out into smart home devices. It adds another door/window sensor and an indoor camera into the mix.
  • Safe Home Elite $1,032.94 (with a three-year contract): You get everything that Frontpoint has to offer in one convenient package. You end up with the Frontpoint Hub and Frontpoint Keypad, 6 door and window sensors, 2 motion sensors, 2 glass break sensors, 1 smoke and heat sensor, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor camera, and 1 doorbell camera.

You also pay for a monthly monitoring plan alongside the upfront equipment cost of Frontpoint. All three tiers require a three-year contract:

  • Protection Plan $34.99 per month: This plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring, wireless and cellular connectivity, a built-in system check and unique user codes.
  • Interactive Plan $44.99 per month: This adds crash and smash protection, geolocation, email and text notifications, remote access and sensor history to your security system.
  • Ultimate Plan $49.99 per month: You also get live video streaming, video and image history, motion triggered alert, night vision mode, light control, and smart lock control on top of the other features from previous tiers.

Our Conclusion

Frontpoint does an excellent job at balancing an accessible and user-friendly security system with one that can grow and expand to meet your needs. The starter plan and equipment package are affordable and give you an entry point into a secure home that’s ready for smart automation. At the higher tiers, you get a complete smart home ecosystem that works seamlessly together. Any plan that you have is backed by an award-winning monitoring service that helps you stay safe.