SimpliSafe vs Abode Comparison

Our pick is SimpliSafe! Read below to find out why.

Aliza Vigderman
Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Aug 10, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Aug 10, 2021
SimpliSafe vs. abode


  • Monthly subscription plans
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Reliable professional monitoring
  • Professional monitoring costs $14.99 or $24.99 a month
  • Camera recording costs as little as $4.99 a month
  • Packages range from $160 to $342
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  • Flexible monitoring options
  • All-in-one CUE home automation
  • Extensive equipment offerings
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Note: SimpliSafe now offers self-monitoring, although you’ll only get notifications with the Interactive Plan. They also added a Google Assistant integration, and cloud storage is available separately from monitoring. They’ve also added a professional installation option for $79. Finally, abode now offers email and phone support to all of its customers regardless of their monitoring plan. They have also added an integration with Apple HomeKit as well as lowered their pricing, reflected in the written review.

Are you looking for a security system that thinks outside of the box? Then you’ve come to the right place! The company abode was founded in 2014 by a former executive at ADT, the oldest security company in the U.S. Unlike ADT, abode focuses on creating more choices for the user, including on-demand professional monitoring which I’ll explain in a bit.

SimpliSafe, on the other hand, was founded in 2006 by students at Harvard Business School. When their Cambridge apartment kept getting robbed, the entrepreneurs-in-training decided to create a security system for renters, without long-term contracts. As both of these companies hold customers at the focus of their enterprises, I’m excited to see how their security systems stack up.

I purchased the abode Essentials Starter Kit, plus an abode Cam, and the Summerfort system from SimpliSafe. Today I’ll be comparing them in terms of system components, installation, professional monitoring, customer support, and apps. Let’s get started for some key similarities and key differences.

Key Similarities

  • DIY installation or professional installation: Both abode and SimpliSafe offer DIY installation or professional installation for a fee.
  • Flexible contracting: Both SimpliSafe and abode have monthly contracting options, allowing you to avoid a long-term commitment.
  • Self-monitoring or professional monitoring: Neither company forces you to pay for professional monitoring.

Key Differences

  • App capabilities: Only users on SimpliSafe’s Interactive Plan get remote control and push notifications, while all abode customers get that for free.
  • Android app ratings: The abode app has higher ratings on the Google Play store than the SimpliSafe app.

System Components of abode vs. SimpliSafe

Feature abode SimpliSafe
Gateway/Base Station Yes Yes
Door/Window Sensor Yes Yes
Motion Sensor Yes Yes
Glass Break Sensor No Yes
Key Fob Yes Yes
abode Cam Yes Yes
Keypad No Yes
Panic Button No Yes
Auxiliary Siren No Yes

Like I said, I bought the abode Essentials Starter Kit, plus an abode Cam, and the SimpliSafe Summerfort system. Both include a base station, called a Gateway with abode, door/ window sensors, motion sensors, key fobs, and indoor cameras. SimpliSafe gives you some extras— a glass break sensor, a wireless keypad, a panic button, and an auxiliary siren.

Of course, the SimpliSafe equipment is a lot more money than the abode equipment I bought, at $559 compared to the total of $391 I spent on the Starter Kit and the abode Cam. Of course, with that extra $168 gets you a lot more equipment, so it really comes down to your preference.

abode vs. SimpliSafe Installation

Since both abode and SimpliSafe have DIY installation, I want to make sure it’s not too time-consuming or complicated. Let’s take a look!

Installing abode

The abode Motion Sensor Installed on a Wall

The first thing that you’ll install with your abode Essentials Starter Kit is the Gateway, your system’s base station which will connect all of your devices. On the Gateway is an activation code, which you’ll scan with your phone. Next, you’ll download the abode app and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you prefer, you can use the abode web app, which I found easier when I had to install my camera, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After you plug in the Gateway via power and ethernet adapters, you’ll install the motion and entry sensors, which have easy adhesives on the back— no drilling here! Lastly, I installed the abode Cam, which required me to plug in the ethernet adapter and connect to Wi-Fi. All in all, installing abode was not a bad experience.

Please note that abode also offers professional monitoring through HelloTech which will cost at least $99, depending on how much equipment you buy. Call me cheap, but I prefer to do it myself.

Installing SimpliSafe

Like abode, installing SimpliSafe doesn’t require any tools, drilling, or skills of any kind. The sensors were peel-and-stick, my personal favorite method, and all I had to do to connect them was plug in my base station and sync everything in my SimpliSafe app.

SimpliSafe Base Station
SimpliSafe Base Station

All in all, it was extremely convenient!

After a recent update, SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring for $79.

Top System Installation

This was a tough one as both abode and SimpliSafe are pretty easy to install, but I’m going to give the crown to SimpliSafe by a hair.

Professional Monitoring with abode vs. SimpliSafe

abode Basic Plan abode Standard Plan abode Pro Plan SimpliSafe Self-Monitoring SimpliSafe Standard Plan SimpliSafe Interactive Plan
Remote control Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Push notifications No No No No No Yes
24/7 Professional monitoring No No Yes No Yes Yes
Timeline and media storage (in days) 0 7 30 0 unless you want 30 days and pay $4.99 a month for 1 camera or $9.99 a month for 2-10 cameras 0 30
Cellular Backup No No Yes No Yes Yes
Monthly Price of plan $0 $6 $20 $0 $14.99 $24.99
Yearly Price of Plan (First Year) $0 $60 $100 $0 $179.88 $299.88

When it comes to monitoring, abode and SimpliSafe have some similarities and some differences. Both offer a self-monitoring option, although SimpliSafe’s is pretty limited and doesn’t include livestreaming. If you want cloud storage only from SimpliSafe, that is possible for low prices. Storage is included in all abode plans, although if you don’t pay for a plan, you won’t get any cloud storage whatsoever.

abode vs. SimpliSafe Contracts

Great news: abode and SimpliSafe both offer flexible, month-to-month contracting, while abode also offers a yearly, discounted plan.

abode vs. SimpliSafe Moving Policies

One of the benefits of DIY installation is that you can just pick up your system and reinstall it in your new place, and that holds true for abode and SimpliSafe, unless of course you prefer paying to get your abode system professionally installed.

Top System for Monitoring

Since its recent price update, abode charges less than SimpliSafe for monitoring across the board.

Customer Support with abode vs. SimpliSafe

Both SimpliSafe and abode offer customer support over email, an online help center, as well as a phone line. Now let’s talk customer reviews. The abode Essentials Starter Kit has an Amazon rating of 4.3, which is pretty good. Unfortunately, the majority of the reviews that mentioned customer support were negative, and many people said that they didn’t hear back for days after emailing. This is a bit concerning, especially for people who have no other option.

While SimpliSafe’s Summerfort system isn’t on Amazon, I looked at reviews for a similar 12-piece security system with a rating of 3.5. Of the reviews mentioning customer support specifically, 70% were three stars or above, a definite improvement over abode.

“Our base station had trouble getting and keeping a cellular connection. But a call to customer support got immediate help and a new cellular chip for Verizon overnighted and at no charge. Easy to follow instructions had the base station up and running with a strong cellular connection in under 15 minutes,”

wrote Ken and Karin in a recent five-star review.

Top System for Customer Support

This one’s easy— SimpliSafe has much better customer ratings than abode.

abode vs. SimpliSafe Apps

The final things I want to look at are abode and SimpliSafe’s mobile apps. Whether you’re monitoring your system yourself or using professional monitoring, it’s important that you can easily check in on and change your security system’s settings if necessary. Are the abode and SimpliSafe apps up to my very high standards?

The abode App

abode App

From the abode app, you’l be able to livestream footage, receive notifications, control any connected devices you have and view cloud storage. The app has a decent rating of 3.1 from the Apple store and a great rating of 4.2 from the Google Play store. Can SimpliSafe measure up?

The SimpliSafe App

SimpliSafe has the exact same capabilities as the abode app, plus you’ll be able to download footage with the Interactive Plan. Like abode, the SimpliSafe app has a 3.1 rating from Apple users.

Livestreaming on the SimpliSafe App
Livestreaming on the SimpliSafe App

Its app for Androids, however, it not as highly-ranked as abode’s app at 3.4 out of five stars.

Top System App

Another easy win for abode, although both abode and SimpliSafe have really good apps.

Recap of abode vs. SimpliSafe

What’s the final verdict here? Well, in the end, we have to give the advantage to SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe integrates beautifully with both Google Assistant and Alexa, it has an easy-to-use, intuitive app, and its customer service is among the best in the business. More importantly, SimpliSafe offered us more options than abode. For example, with SimpliSafe, we could get 30 days of cloud storage and professional monitoring together, or we could purchase cloud storage on its own. In contrast, abode has seven days of cloud storage if we self-monitored, but when we needed more time, we were locked into their professional monitoring service as well.

Pick SimpliSafe if you’d like…
  • Lots of options: SimpliSafe gives you the choice of 30 days of cloud storage or 30 days of cloud storage with professional monitoring.
  • Higher-rated apps: Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android user, you’ll prefer SimpliSafe’s apps over abode’s apps.
  • Superior customer support: When we called, SimpliSafe customer support was not only friendly, but they stuck with us until they fixed our problem, even when the first solutions didn’t work.

Want to learn more? Read our review of the SimpliSafe system.

Pick abode if you’d like…
  • Apple HomeKit integration: Although both systems work with Alexa and Google Assistant, only abode integrates directly with Apple Homekit.
  • Remote control and notifications for free: While you’ll have to pay $24.99 a month for these features with SimpliSafe, abode offers them free of charge.

For more information, read our review of abode.


We took on some of your most frequently asked questions about the SimpliSafe and abode security systems and came up with answers.

  • Which is better, abode or SimpliSafe?

    SimpliSafe is better than abode. Among other advantages, SimpliSafe offers more options. For example, SimpliSafe allows you to build your own packages, while abode requires you to pick from their pre-made packages. In addition, SimpliSafe has better customer service. Like abode, SimpliSafe offers phone and email support, but it also offers online manuals and user forums. Finally, SimpliSafe has better apps. While SimpliSafe’s app gets a rating of 4.4 from Google Play and 4.8 from the App Store, abode’s apps get only a 3.3 from Google Play and a 2.5 from the App Store.

  • Are SimpliSafe and abode compatible with Apple HomeKit?

    Both abode’s iota and smart security kits work with Apple’s HomeKit. SimpliSafe devices, in contrast, are not compatible with HomeKit. However, Apple’s Homebridge device makes non-iOS appliances compatible with iOS, so technically, it is possible to connect SimpliSafe and HomeKit using the Homebridge.

  • Do you need Wi-Fi for either SimpliSafe or abode?

    Both SimpliSafe and abode work without Wi-Fi. In fact, abode’s hub doesn’t work with Wi-Fi at all. Instead, the hub must be connected to your router directly using an ethernet cable. SimpliSafe notes that, while its basic security system doesn’t require Wi-Fi, it is necessary for its SimpleCam and Video Doorbell Pro.

  • Which is more affordable, SimpliSafe or abode?

    SimpliSafe is the more affordable system compared to abode. Most of its equipment, including door/ window sensors, motion sensors, and smoke detectors, is cheaper. SimpliSafe is more affordable when it comes to equipment packages, as well. Its lowest priced package is just $183, about half of Abode’s lowest priced package. Finally, you can get 30 days of cloud storage for just $4.99 through SimpliSafe and professional monitoring plans for as low as $14.99. To get either from Abode, you’ll pay $20 a month.

    Product Abode Price SimpliSafe Price
    Base station n/a $114.99
    Door/ window sensor $20 $14.99
    Key fob $15 $24.99
    Glass break sensor $27 (vibration), $34 (acoustic) $34.99
    Keypad $69 $69.99
    Motion sensor $32 29.99
    Panic button $24 $19.99
    Siren $49 (Indoor), $65 (Outdoor) $59.99
    Camera $79 (Wide Angle Motion Camera), $99 (abode Cam) $99
    Smoke detector $39 $29.99
    Water sensor $45 $19.99
    7 days of cloud storage $6 per month (month-to month), $5 per month (annual, first year) n/a
    30 days of cloud storage only n/a $4.99 per month
    24/7 monitoring n/a $14.99
    24/7 monitoring with 30 days of cloud storage $20 per month (month-to-month), $8.33 (annual, first year) $24.99