VPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN Deals Verified

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Black Friday conjures images of discounted washing machines, TVs sold for the prices of yesterday’s DVD players, and malls crowded with Moms, coupons in hands. However, it’s 2020, and this year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to look a little different. If you’re looking for an affordable VPN, it makes sense to wait until these shopping holidays. We’ve found the best deals on the VPNs we’ve tested so you can save on online privacy.

Announced Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN Deals

For some VPNs, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come early— literally. Here are the VPNs with early Black Friday deals.


Our rating: 9.4

Last year, ExpressVPN offered three free months with an annual plan, with the monthly rate coming out to only $6.67 on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s a 49 percent discount, which is good because ExpressVPN’s pricing tends to be on the higher end. And we just found out that they’re doing the same promotion for 2020, extended until December 14th! Learn more about ExpressVPN deals here.

ExpressVPN WebRTC Leak Test
ExpressVPN WebRTC Leak Test

FYI: Location, location, location doesn’t just apply to real estate. Be sure to check out a VPN’s server locations before buying to make sure one is close to you; that’ll affect your browsing speed. ExpressVPN, for example, has over 2,000 servers in 148 locations worldwide.


Our rating: 9.1

Surfshark Browser
Surfshark Browser

As of November 11th, Surfshark is giving us a two-year subscription with three months added, for free. If you do that math, that comes down to $2.21 a month for $59.76 total, a very low price indeed. Read our Surfshark review for more information.

Private Internet Access

Our rating: 8.9

This year, Private Internet Access is offering an 82 percent discount on their three-year plan through Cyber Monday, which means prices as low as $2.19 a month.


Our rating: 8.5

ProtonVPN is taking 33 percent off its monthly price, bringing its cost down to $6.67. They also have discounted bundles with ProtonMail Plus as well as ProtonDrive.


Our rating: 8.3

FastestVPN is offering a lifetime subscription for a one-time fee of only $20, which accounts for 15 logins. This is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen from a VPN, period!


Our rating: 8.2

Until December 1st, 2020, PureVPN is offering a five-year plan for $79 total, which breaks down to $1.32 a month. That’s a whopping 88 percent off!


Our rating: 7.9

Trust.Zone App
Trust.Zone App

Trust.Zone already has a live and early Black Friday deal for three-year memberships at $1.99 a month with the code EARLYBF80; however, this plan will disappear after 250 activations,1 so make sure you sign up soon! To see if the VPN is right for you in the first place, read our Trust.Zone review.

Past Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN Deals

As of now, most VPN companies haven’t announced their Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, which is why we looked into the past to see what was discounted. We saw savings of up to 90 percent, so we can expect to put a lot of money back in our pockets this year, as well. Here are the best VPN deals for this year, ranked.

NordVPN Mac App Screenshot
NordVPN Mac App Screenshot


Our rating: 9.5

In Black Friday 2019, NordVPN gave us $3.49 a month for a three year plan, which included three months on the house plus 70 percent off a three-year plan for Nordlocker, their encrypted cloud storage.


Our rating: 9

IPVanish is super generous with its discounts, giving us up to 88 percent off two year plans last Black Friday, which amounted to $3.33 a month, or, the year before, 72 percent off two year plans on Cyber Monday. We expect big things in 2020!

Halt: Do you want a VPN based in a country that’s a non-member to Five Eyes? If so, IPVanish is not for you, as the company is based in Orlando, Florida and the U.S is a Five Eyes member.

IPVanish Data Logging Policy
IPVanish Data Logging Policy

Hotspot Shield

Our rating: 8.6

Although we didn’t see any Black Friday deals from Hotspot Shield last year, we did see an offer of 38 percent off the annual plan, which came out to $7.99 a month. Not bad!

Astrill VPN

Our rating: 8.5

Sure, it’s been a minute since Astrill VPN gave us discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (five years, to be exact). That being said, in 2015, they gave us up to 57 percent off their VPNs plus free routers or wireless extenders, while Cyber Monday gave us an annual subscription for $29.95 plus a free StealthVPN subscription. We haven’t reviewed StealthVPN, but free is free!

Ivacy VPN

Our rating: 8.5

Last year, Ivacy offered the same deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, either 90 percent off a five year plan for $0.99 a month, or 66 percent off the one year plan for $3.33 a month. Less than a dollar a month for a VPN? Sign us up!


Our rating: 8.4

It’s been a couple years since ibVPN has given us Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, but we did see annual subscriptions discounted by 69 percent, making them only $1.54 a month. This is by far one of the lowest monthly prices we’ve seen from a VPN, so we’re hoping that ibVPN picks up these discounts in 2020.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Our rating: 8

Remember those lifetime subscriptions we mentioned earlier? In 2019 Black Friday, KeepSolid gave us over 90 percent off a lifetime subscription, which came out to only $39; yes, you read that right. In 2017, we saw 89 percent off lifetime subscriptions on Cyber Monday, plus an extra 40 percent off using the code CYBER40.2 In other words, expect deals on deals on deals.

Norton Secure VPN

Our rating: 8

Last Black Friday, Norton gave us up to 65 percent off their VPN, and, on Cyber Monday, a free VPN with the purchase of Norton 360 Deluxe, which was 60 percent off at $39.99.

Avast SecureLine on Windows with VPN
Avast SecureLine on Windows with VPN

Avast SecureLine

Our rating: 7.9

In sales holidays past, Avast has given us discounts, although the exact numbers aren’t available on their website.


Our rating: 7.8

In 2018 and 2017, BlackVPN offered a 50 percent discount on all of their subscriptions; the same went for Cyber Monday 2014.3


VPNs aren’t hugely expensive in general, but on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get them for less than ever before. Of course, if you’re not sure which VPN is for you, we recommend reading our reviews, where we go over the entire testing process to determine whether a VPN is worthy of your money. Sure, you could pay less than a dollar for a VPN per month, but that only makes sense if it’s truly trustworthy, which is where our experts come in. Happy shopping!

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