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How To Get A US IP Address

Many people want US IP addresses to access the largest Netflix library in the world, among other reasons.

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Gabe Turner
Gabe Turner Chief Editor
Last Updated May 29, 2024

Changing your IP address has its benefits, like unlocking tons of streaming content, getting around annoying government restrictions, or even just hiding your web activity from your Internet Service Provider. Many people want to get an IP address from the US, specifically, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting a US IP address, and why you would want it in the first place.

NordVPN has 16 US different cities to connect to with over 1765 servers
NordVPN has 16 different US cities to connect to with over 1,765 servers

How To Get A US IP Address

The easiest way to get a US IP address is to use a VPN, which usually comes with a cost. However, we’ve included two other free options, as well.

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Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs for short, will first hide your IP address and then change your IP address to one from the US. Most VPNs cost around $5 a month, however, there are some free VPNs available. That being said, free VPNs typically place limits around things like the number of servers you can connect to, the amount of data you can use while connected, and regular old time limits with free trial VPNs in particular. These may do the job, but if you need a US IP address for a long period of time, it’s best to pay for one of the best VPNs with US addresses. Here are the steps to follow to get that VPN on your device:

NordVPN App using a US IP address
NordVPN App using a U.S. IP address

Get A US IP Address with a VPN

  1. Find a VPN you like.
  2. Download it onto the appropriate devices.
  3. Login.
  4. Connect to a US server.


But if you don’t feel like paying and are okay with only having your web browser encrypted, you can change your IP address with Tor. Tor is a free online browser that encrypts all of your web activity three times, hiding your IP address and replacing it with a US address. However, Tor isn’t a great option for streaming, as many streaming services block it (and when they don’t, you can expect slow connections). But if you’re not streaming or gaming, then Tor is a decent option and one you can download from the Tor Project’s website for free.

Logging onto our Proton Mail account using the TorWeb App
Logging onto our Proton Mail account using the TorWeb App


VPNs and proxy servers are pretty similar, but while VPNs usually cost money, proxy servers are almost always free. However, the saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” is never true more than proxy servers. Why? We thought you’d never ask:

  • Unlike VPNs, proxy servers only encrypt your IP address and not your actual web activity, so they’re not the best choice for the privacy-minded.
  • Proxy servers are one-use only, so they’re not a great choice if you need a US IP address for the long haul.
  • Proxy servers only cover one website or app, while VPNs can cover many devices simultaneously.
  • Since proxy servers are free, they often make their money by selling user data, while the best VPNs do not keep or sell any sensitive user information.

While proxy servers can be a good idea if you need a single-use US IP address (say that three times fast), VPNs are simply the best option to turn that address into an American one. That being said, here’s how you can connect to a proxy server if need be:


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Under the Proxies section, click Change Settings.
  5. Update your settings with the necessary information that was provided to you.
Proxy Settings on Mac
Proxy Settings on Mac


  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Click Wi-Fi.
  3. Select the lowercase i, in the WiFi section.
  4. Scroll to HTTP Proxy section.
  5. Click Manual.
  6. Change the setting from Off to Manual.
  7. Enter in the Server and Port information needed.
Proxy Settings on iOS
Proxy Settings on iOS


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Connections.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi.
  4. Tap Settings next to the network name.
  5. Tap View More.
  6. Tap Proxy.
  7. Tap Manual.
  8. Enter your Hostname and Proxy port.
  9. Click Save.
Proxy Settings on Android
Proxy Settings on Android


  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Click Network & internet.
  3. Click Proxy.
  4. Click Set up under the automatic or manual section.
  5. Enter your proxy information.
  6. Click Save.
Proxy settings on Windows
Proxy settings on Windows

Why You Might Want A U.S. IP Address

Having a U.S. IP address can be useful for many different reasons. It can help unblock certain geo-restricted websites and platforms, access local news for those traveling, access banking information, or stay connected with family and friends. Using a VPN is also a great way to enhance your privacy and security online since it encrypts your internet traffic. More specifically, here are a few reasons why you might want to use a U.S. IP address:

  • Streaming Platforms: Getting a U.S. IP address can unblock loads of geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime. If the country you’re in doesn’t have a show or movie because it’s only available in the U.S., this is a great way to bypass that.
  • Gaming Servers: Similar to accessing streaming content, you can also use a U.S. IP address to access U.S.-only gaming servers.
  • YouTube: Some videos on YouTube are only available in the U.S. Getting an IP address that tells your device you’re in the U.S. will allow you to watch those videos.
  • Dynamic Pricing: You can use a U.S. IP address to get exclusive discounts on products, services, or software only available in the U.S.
  • Privacy and Security: Using a VPN to get a U.S. IP address can encrypt your internet activity, which will make your time online more private and secure. Using a VPN will also give you anonymity online if you want to mask your location for safety reasons.
  • Testing and Development: If you’re building a website or app, you might want to use a U.S. IP address to test how others see your site and services. Some functions might be different based on location, so this is a good way to test regional functionalities.

Get A U.S. IP Address With Our Recommended VPNs

While in theory, all VPNs with servers in the United States can give you a U.S. IP address, some VPNs are better and more reliable. Their reliability depends on how good they are at encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP address, and in those areas, these three are the best VPNs we’ve tested:

Editor's Rating:
9.7 /10
Editor's Rating:
9.5 /10
Editor's Rating:
9.4 /10

What Is A US IP Address?

IP addresses are numerical codes that tell computers how to get to websites. Each Domain Name Server, or DNS, stands for a specific IP address. So while the DNS is the name of the website that you type in, the IP address is how you actually get there. Along with websites, each device comes with its own private IP address that can reveal the user’s approximate location. Currently, the US has over one billion different IP addresses.1 To check your IP address and make sure it’s truly from the US, click the link below.2

Your private information

My IP Address



My IP Information

Internet provider:


Region/ State:

Browser name:

Browser version:

Device brand:

Device type:



Postal code:

ExpressVPN has different 18 US cities to connect to
ExpressVPN has different 18 US cities to connect to

Pros and Cons of US IP Addresses

Why would someone want to change their IP address to one from the US, specifically, and what are the negatives?

Did You Know: Netflix has 190 different libraries for 190 different countries, so connecting to a foreign server could give you access to hours of entertainment.

  • Watch US content: The US is known for being an entertainment bastion, with the largest Netflix library of nearly 6,000 titles.3 By using a US IP address, you’ll have access to more Netflix content than ever before. And here you go, some of the best VPNs for Netflix.
  • Bypass government restrictions: Say what you will about the US, but we’re well-known for our lack of internet censorship. Protected by the First Amendment, freedom of expression, people can basically do whatever they want online, as long as it’s not child pornography.4
  • Benefit from net neutrality: Finally, many American states have bans on net neutrality, so certain websites won’t be “throttled”, or slowed down, by Internet Service Providers. For example, in California, the bill AB 1699 states “Existing law prohibits a mobile internet service provider from engaging in specified actions concerning the treatment of internet traffic, including, among other things, blocking lawful content, applications, services, or nonharmful devices, and impairing or degrading lawful internet traffic on the basis of internet content, application, or service, or use of a nonharmful device, subject to reasonable network management.”5 In English? No matter which website you go to, no one will be slowing down your connection intentionally.
  • Five Eyes member: Now, this doesn’t apply to all VPNs with US servers, but rather to all VPNs headquartered in the US, like Private Internet Access and IPVanish. Basically, the US is a founding member of the international surveillance alliances Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes, so any country based in the US could be forced to give the US government customer data. As a workaround, we recommend getting a US IP address from a company that’s not US-based, as ironic as that may seem.
  • Some VPNs are paid only: If you need a US IP address for the long term, then you probably will have to pay about $5 to $10 a month for VPNs (or less, with the cheapest VPNs).
  • Slowdowns: Whether you use a VPN, Tor or a proxy server, you can expect slower speeds than without.

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American DNS Servers

Another option to get a US IP address is to connect to a DNS server, the majority of which are free to use. However, if you’re already using a VPN, Tor or a proxy server, then DNS servers aren’t something you’ll have to worry about.

VyprVPN DNS Leak
VyprVPN DNS Leak


Changing your IP address to one from the US will only take a few minutes and can give you access to the entire internet in a flash. So whether you’re in New York trying to get around your work’s website blockers (we’ve all been there) or traveling in Bali catching up on US Netflix, you shouldn’t have any issue obtaining a US IP address.

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Since so many people want US IP addresses, we’re constantly bombarded with questions, which we will answer right now.

  • What is the IP address of the U.S.A?

    There is no single IP address for the entire USA, but rather, a total of 1,573,614,952 addresses have been assigned.

  • How do I get an American IP address?

    You can get an American IP address by using a VPN, the Tor browser or a proxy server and connecting to servers in the US.

  • What is the 192 IP address?

    The 192 IP address is an address used for many popular routers from brands like Linksys and D-Link, among others.

  • Do IP addresses show countries?

    IP addresses may or may not show countries. But rather than being assigned to countries, they’re assigned to organizations and companies, so people may be able to tell the address’s approximate location.

  • Is IP tracking illegal in the U.S.?

    Generally, IP tracking in the U.S. is legal. However, it must comply with privacy laws and regulations.

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