Canary Security System

  • Arming and disarming powered by AI
  • Access to advanced features with membership
  • Affordable self-monitored systems

Canary operates with the belief that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure, and that security comes in the form of knowledge. The company developed its security system with this belief as its guiding principle. As a result, homeowners, business owners and tenants alike have access to advanced technology that informs them, puts them in control and provides access to the information they want when they want it. The technology is easy to use but has a profound impact on users’ everyday lives.


Since 2015, homeowners across the nation have saved an estimated $5 million in insurance premiums just by installing a Canary system. Why? Because Canary’s devices boast impressive features that users can control and access from anywhere at any time.

Live Streaming

Connect your Canary system to your phone so you can watch live footage of your home from anywhere and at any time. Canary’s cameras provide for clean HD video 24/7, while its microphones transmit crisp audio.

Auto Modes

Never again forget to activate your alarm system when you leave home, and don’t worry about trying to remember yet another keycode or password. Canary’s auto modes activate and deactivate your system as you come and go. When all members of your home are out, Canary will monitor your rooms and send you notifications if it detects anything unusual. Depending on your settings, the system will disarm itself if one or more members is home. You can also schedule Canary to monitor for unusual activity and alert you while you sleep or set it to privacy mode to fully disable the camera and microphone.

Real-Time Notifications

When Canary is in Away Mode, it will scan each room for motion or sound. If it detects anything out of the ordinary, it will immediately send an alert to your phone, along with the audio and visual. If it’s just your cat being mischievous, you can tell Canary to stand down.

One-Touch Emergency Actions

Take control of an emergency situation as soon as you learn of it. When your phone alerts you of suspicious activity in your home, you will have the option to sound the 90-decibel siren, contact the local police or both, all without having to rush home to the system’s hub.


Know exactly what’s going on in your home from the moment someone enters your front door. Canary provides timestamps and play-by-plays of all activity while you’re away. If you want to make sure your kids make it home from school safely and that they do their homework as you asked them, you can have Canary keep tabs on them until you get home.

Home Health Technology

Not all home invaders are human. Canary monitors the air in your home for abnormalities in temperature, air quality and humidity. If it detects anything dangerous, such as gas in the air or toxic mold, it will alert you.

User-Friendly AppĀ 

Canary devices all hook up to one easy-to-use app. In the app, you can swipe from room to room to keep an eye on all past and present activity as it occurred or occurs.

DIY Installation

Not only are Canary devices easy to use but they’re also easy to install. Install the system yourself to save on costs.

Power Outage Protection

It is not uncommon for criminals to strike when the grid goes down. Ensure your home and loved ones are secure during blackouts with battery backup that features rechargeable batteries. If the Wi-Fi goes down, the system can run on a low-wave blue-tooth connection.

Safety Button

Never feel uncomfortable walking alone again. Canary’s one-touch safety button alerts the police and informs them of your exact location.

Voice Response

Interact with Wink, Google Assistant and Amazon Echo via the two-way communication feature. This feature is available on Canary’s View and All-in-One devices.

Remote Control

Use the app as a remote control for your system. Arm and disarm Canary at any time through your mobile app. This feature is handy when you’re on vacation and need to let the dog-sitter in.


When you sign up for Canary, you have your choice of three different systems. None of the plans require a contract. However, if you do opt to become a member, you can access extended features for as little as $9.99 a month.

Canary Products

Canary offers three different products: The Canary View, Canary Flex and Canary All-in-One. When you purchase a membership plan, you will get the product of your choice at a discounted price. Below is an overview of each product without a membership, with a one-year membership and with a two-year membership.

ProductCost1-Year Membership2-Year Membership
Canary View$99$49N/A
Canary All-in-One$169$119$69
Canary Flex$199$149$99

Canary PackagesĀ 

Canary offers packages to homeowners who want all the equipment and features they need to secure their homes in one fell swoop. Like with Canary products, you will enjoy a steep discount when you sign up for a one- or two-year membership.

PackageCost1-Year Membership2-Year Membership
Starter Pack $349$289$229
Outdoor Security Pack $389$329$269
Total Home Pack $539$469$399

Canary Monthly Plans

Canary offers two levels of membership: Basic and Complete. Below is an overview of the price of each and what each package offers.

Plan Monthly CostAnnual CostCoverage
Basic$0$024/hour live watch

Motion-activated recording (video clips)

Video history (1 day)

Person detection

Advanced detection

Activity Zone Masking

One-touch emergency response

One-year warranty

Connect up to four devices

Complete$9.99$99.9924/hour live watch

Motion-activated recording (full-length video)

Video history (30 days)

Person detection

Advanced detection

Activity Zone Masking

Safety button

Unlimited downloads

Desktop streaming

Two-way Canary talk

Custom modes

One-touch emergency response

Two-year warranty

Incident support services

Connect up to five devices


Regardless of which package or product you choose, each Canary product is designed to keep you informed of the goings-on in your home even when you’re away. The goal is to help you feel secure in the knowledge that your house, your possessions and, most importantly, your loved ones, are safe and sound.

From real-time notifications to one-touch emergency response to power outage protection, you will enjoy several advanced safety features with a Canary safety system device. In addition to these features, users also have access to a highly skilled support team as well as an extensive database of resources designed to guide you through troubleshooting steps if your Canary device isn’t working properly.