Brinks Security Systems

  • 150+ years in security industry
  • Wireless systems with 24/7 monitoring
  • Advanced home automation features

Brinks Home Security is one of the highest rated home security solutions in the U.S. in terms of customer service. And, the company is also a feature-packed security tool that works for many homes. One of the key benefits this particular brand offers is speed – if someone is breaking into your home, they promise to alert authorities in an average of 30 seconds. That’s about ten times faster than competitors.

The company isn’t new as it has been in place for numerous years. However, it has upgraded in terms of features and technology recently. The company merged with ADT in 2009 and has since provided a larger range of services for consumers, as well as some nice cost-savings options. The company is providing service to over a million companies, according to their data and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Google reviews are 4.4 stars as well.


It’s all about the features when it comes down to choosing Brinks Home Security over other providers. The company is here to compete with a full line of some of the most sought after features in home security.

24/7 ASAPer Monitoring

As noted, one of the most impressive features from Brink Home Security is its ability to get help to you as soon as possible. On average, it takes the company’s well trained and certified technicians about 30 seconds to notify customers about an alarm, and, if necessary, to send emergency help. They call this their ASAPer service. This is 24/7 monitoring. It also has built-in easy resolution to minimize alarms for non-risk events.

Wi-Fi & Cellular Connectivity

Brinks Home Security systems run on both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. That’s a good thing because it ensures you have access to your system even if there is a storm that takes the power out or someone breaking in tries to cut your lines. It adds a lot of peace of mind to the package.

LiveVoice Assist

One of the features offered through the Brinks Home Security system is called LiveVoice Assist. This means if there is an emergency situation and you need immediate help, you can simply talk to the professional monitoring team in real time. They can ask questions and dispatch help for you. Imagine falling and being unable to reach a phone, for example.

DIY Installation

This home security system offers several packages. However, each is very simplistic to install. Most homeowners are able to install the system in a matter of minutes. The company provides full information and even unboxing steps to help you to get set up right away.

2-Year Warranty

To provide peace of mind, the Brinks Home Security system provides several warranties. First, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your system. Then, it also provides a two-year warranty on its products. If one of the components breaks during that timeframe, the company will replace it for you.

Home Automation

Brinks is much like other security companies in that they are branching out to provide consumers with home automation tools. The company offers several devices you can install within your home and link to your security system. Once you do, you can control those devices from the app on your smartphone. Options include the GE Z-Wave Plug-In Fluorescent Light and Appliance Module, a wall dimmer, a Smart Switch, an outdoor version, a GE Z-Wave wall receptacle, as well as KwickSet SmartCode Wireless and Keypad lever locks and deadbolts. There is also the IQ Thermostat you can link. Purchase these in addition to your system.

Smart Home Control & Notifications

As a smart home-equipped system, you can install a variety of devices to provide your home with more smart access. Then, use the Brinks app to control those systems. You will also receive notifications to the app for any smart home sensors as well as any instances in which your other sensors are triggered.

Live Video Streaming & Cloud Storage

For those who need to flip on their app and tune in to their security cameras, you can do this with the company’s live video streaming feature. This makes it easy to see who is at your door, for example. Brinks provides users with cloud storage for up to 1,000 video clips each month.

Alexa Integration

Brinks Home Security integrates with your Amazon Alexa devices. This includes the Alexa Echo Show which can show video from your cameras. It also allows you to use Alexa to control your Brinks system using voice commands.

Google Home Integration

For those who have Google Home devices, you can use your Brinks Home Security system with it as well. This allows for live video feeds on your Google Home Hub, for example, and voice commands.


When it comes to costs, Brinks Home Security offers several options for you. Take a closer look at the options available to you in costs:

Monitoring and Equipment Packages

Instead of breaking monthly monitoring costs down separately from equipment packages, Brinks offers combined plans. Here’s a look at the four packages it offers along with the monthly fee you will pay for ongoing monitoring.

Brinks Monitoring and Packages
PackagesMonthly CostUpfront Cost
Nest Secure Monitoring$29.00$399.00
Smart Security Essential$29.00$199.00
Smart Security Complete$39.00$499.00
Smart Security Ultimate$39.00$1,099.00

Add-On Equipment

In addition to this, you can purchase additional equipment and devices (including your home automation features) to add onto your system. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

Brinks Add-On Equipment
Equipment NamePrice
Carbon Monoxide Detector$79.00
Door/Window Sensors$29.00
FireFighter Fire Alarm$59.00
Flood Detector$49.00
Glass Break Detector$79.00
Indoor Camera$249.00
Motion Sensors$78.00
Outdoor Camera$299.00
SkyBell Doorbell Camera$99.00
Smoke Detector$79.00
Wireless Temp Sensor$49.00


Brinks Home Security is a reliable company, and it offers well-appreciated features. It does have a contract requirement, which can be limiting for some people. However, with Nest and other smart home integration options, you really are empowered with this system. It’s worth a closer look for anyone that wants access to help fast.