Best No Credit Check Security Systems

If you don't have the best credit, you can still buy a great home security system.

Aliza Vigderman Gabe Turner Chief Editor
Last Updated on May 7, 2020
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on May 7, 2020

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Credit checks are required for home security? Sometimes! This can be frustrating if you find out after lots of time comparing products. To save your time, here we present five companies with the best no credit check security systems. Together they offer a range of basic to cutting-edge home security equipment. Furthermore, most offer professional 24/7 emergency monitoring. Rates are low and the deals are contract-free.

Best No Credit Check Home Security

Regardless of your credit history, you can upgrade your safety with a respected home security system. Here’s a quick summary of favorite home security companies without credit checks. 

  • SimpliSafe – Best No Credit Check Security System Overall
  • Abode – Best No Contract Security System
  • Ring Alarm – Best Alexa Compatible Security System
  • Scout Alarm – Best No Monthly Fee Security System
  • Arlo – Best Affordable Camera System with No Credit Check 

SimpliSafe – Best No Credit Check Security System Overall

Simplest self-installation process for a multipart home security system

True to its name, SimpliSafe makes it simple to keep safe. More than a decade ago, when expensive hardwired systems were the norm, SimpliSafe revolutionized the security industry with affordable wire-free systems for DIY setup. The brand is a well-established favorite for security without credit checks or contracts. You can buy a basic kit for $229 before discounts, and sometimes SimpliSafe will include a free security camera for indoor use. All equipment is freestanding or has peel-and-stick adhesive strips for tool-free setup.

SimpliSafe has inspired countless competitors. Some have an edge in video surveillance and home automation. Still, SimpliSafe may be preferable because of affordability and glitch-free ease of use. The system hub is now compatible with relatively advanced sensors too: a video doorbell, automated locks and lights, a smart thermostat, and more. Google Assistant can be integrated for voice control such as, “Hey Google, arm SimpliSafe to Away.”

SimpliSafe in a nutshell: 

  • Affordable equipment with a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • No credit check or contract required
  • Sensors for crime protection, environmental safety & home automation
  • Optional 24/7 emergency monitoring service
  • Virtual personal assistant compatible (limited functions)

Read on for SimpliSafe security equipment and how to monitor alerts.

SimpliSafe Security Equipment

SimpliSafe offers good quality at low prices by manufacturing equipment themselves. Each system is centered around a SimpliSafe Base Station, which plugs into a standard outlet and has a battery backup. The Base Station is tamperproof; it detects if someone unplugs the unit or otherwise tampers with your home security.

The smallest SimpliSafe package, The Foundation, is meant for small apartments. Its sensors can detect motion at the door, windows, and inside. At review time The Foundation sells for $229 at full price. The bundle includes: 

  • Base Station
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Entry Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Wireless indoor camera (Limited time promotion) 

SimpliSafe sells lots of other bundles. Most advanced is The Haven, which includes (among other equipment) three environmental sensors: a freeze sensor, a water leak sensor, and a smoke detector.

Building a custom set, you can choose sensors from SimpliSafe and a few other brands. Equipment from other brands can be connected if you choose the premium SimpliSafe monitoring plan ($24.99/month). Third-party smart home devices compatible with the Base Station include: 

  • Nest Learning Thermostat – Save money with smart energy management.
  • August Smart Lock Pro – Use PINs for keyless entry into your home, and track activity with a mobile app.
  • Amazon Echo & Google Home speakers – Speak with a virtual personal assistant to control appliances and get weather forecasts, traffic updates, game results, trivia, and more.

If you prefer a system with even more third-party integrations, consider Abode (below).

You can try a SimpliSafe system risk-free for 60 days. If you return equipment during the trial period, SimpliSafe will issue a full refund and pay return shipping.

Monitoring a SimpliSafe Security System

Monitoring SimpliSafe on your own, you can hear chime alerts on the system’s wireless keypads. These can indicate when someone’s entered the home or opened your mailbox, for example. You can also hear a 105-decibel siren if security is breached.

Mobile access is only available if you choose professional alert monitoring. The $14.99/month plan lets you receive text alerts as backup to pro monitoring. The $24.99/month plan provides text alerts, professional monitoring, remote control of your system, and the option to connect smart home devices (lights, locks, and thermostats).

A top competitor for SimpliSafe is Abode. Abode doesn’t require paid monitoring to use their mobile app, but DIY setup isn’t quite as easy.

Best No Contract Security System – Abode

Greatest selection of high-tech sensors for home security & home automation

Abode is a leader in no-contract home security with indoor/outdoor video surveillance and other advanced features. For free you can operate a system on home Wi-Fi. All Abode users get free cloud storage of video clips as well. For $8 month-to-month, you can add cellular backup, which keeps the system running when Wi-Fi is down. For $20 month-to-month you can add cellular backup plus professional monitoring. Pro monitoring is also available on-demand for terms as short as three days. The lowest rates come with annual plans.

While SimpliSafe can monitor a few select smart home devices, the freestanding Abode hub is compatible with an ever-growing variety of Z-Wave and Zigbee gadgets for safety, convenience, energy efficiency and entertainment.

Additionally Abode sells an all-in-one anti-burglary unit called iota for $299 at full price. With a built-in motion sensor and camera, iota can meet the security needs for a small apartment on its own. It’s expandable too; you can connect more than 150 wireless sensors. Examples are weatherproof cameras, smart locks, smart plugs and Amazon Echo Plus speakers.

Abode security systems have Amazon and Google virtual personal assistant apps. For free you can remotely control Abode with a mobile app as well. 

Main points about Abode home security:

  • No credit check or contract required
  • Low-priced options
  • Sensors for crime protection, environmental safety & home automation
  • Z-Wave & Zigbee compatible
  • Free mobile app for remote DIY monitoring
  • Optional 24/7 professional emergency monitoring
  • Google Home & Amazon Alexa

Abode Home Security Equipment

Abode has two main system designs. Each can monitor up to 160 sensors. Choices are:

  • The all-in-one iota Tower, which has an integrated camera and can monitor wireless sensors
  • The Basic System, which has a simpler Gateway hub for wireless sensors

Compatible devices use Abode, Z-Wave, and Zigbee technologies.

iota, the all-in-one tower, plugs into a wall and has battery backup power. The $299 iota kit includes: 

  • Integrated 1080p video camera with night vision
  • Wide-angle motion sensor
  • 93 dB siren
  • Six-hour backup battery
  • One adhesive entry sensor
  • One keychain remote control

Meanwhile, the Abode Basic System sells for $199. It includes:

  • Gateway Base Station
  • One adhesive entry sensor
  • One indoor motion sensor
  • One keychain remote control

Like the all-in-one tower, the Gateway Base Station can monitor up to 160 sensors. Extra Abode entry sensors, for instance, can be added for $29 each – and with hundreds of brands making products, you have thousands of choices! Here are some popular examples: 

  • Smart speakers by Amazon Echo and Google Home – Control your security system, play music, get weather reports, and more with speakers that “house” virtual personal assistants.
  • Smart light switches, dimmers, and bulbs by Philips Hue – Experiment with a wide range of light bulb colors and brightness levels, and set the ambiance with a voice command.
  • Smart locks by Kwikset, Schlage, Yale and others – Enjoy a key-free home with keypad entry systems.
  • Smart plugs by Aeotech – Convert any standard electrical outlet to a remote-controlled outlet with a sleek Aeotech plug-in.
  • Water leak sensors by Aeotech – Get alerted about water leaks and prevent serious damage. 

Abode security systems have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Monitoring an Abode Security System

You can monitor Abode home security entirely on your own or with professional backup.

Abode owners all get free use of the Abode mobile app. This feature-rich tool sends entry alerts, shows streaming video, and gives the owner remote control over cameras and other connected devices. Video is automatically stored too, though only for three days. The app lets you program up to 100 scenes with IFTTT.

Optionally with Abode Connect ($8/month) you’ll get enhanced system stability with DIY monitoring; this plan lets equipment communicate with a cellular chip when Wi-Fi isn’t available. The Connect plan also increases video storage time to 14 days.

Professional monitoring can be ordered on demand. Using the mobile app, you can choose plans from three to 15 days. Another option for professional monitoring is the top-tier plan, Secure Connect ($20/month). Along with pro backup, this plan saves video clips for 90 days.

Best Alexa Compatible Security System – Ring Alarm

World’s best home security systems with Amazon Alexa compatibility 

Whatever your credit score, Ring Alarm is recommended if you’d like a DIY security system that works well with Alexa. You can use Alexa voice commands to control cameras, lights and more. Ring hardware and Alexa are both developed by Amazon, which helps explain how they coordinate so seamlessly.

Ring’s also a top choice for people seeking doorbell cameras and other video security; indoor/outdoor DIY video surveillance is Ring’s specialty. Among the special features of Ring security cameras are two-way voice, LED floodlights, and loud sirens.

With no credit check you can start for as little as $199. Beyond working with Ring cameras, the Alexa-friendly Ring hub can monitor Z-Wave equipment from third parties. You can use the free Ring app to connect wireless smoke detectors, glass break sensors, automated lights, smart plugs, and more.

Main points about Ring alarm systems: 

  • Best Amazon Alexa integration
  • Wide range of Ring security cameras
  • Compatible with Z-Wave sensors
  • No credit check or contract required
  • Optional 24/7 pro monitoring plans 

Read on for details about equipment and how to monitor a Ring security system.

Ring Security Equipment

A Ring security system uses a base station and keypad, both wireless. The base station can monitor Ring entry sensors, motion sensors, lights, cameras, and more. Starter sets are pre-packaged for homes of different sizes.

The smallest starter set ($199) includes:

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Entry sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Range extender
  • Smart lights (Limited time promotion) 

The above products are wireless. Building upon a starter set, you can add a variety of wired and wireless surveillance cameras. Main camera types are video doorbells, indoor cameras, and outdoor cameras. Some can be solar-powered, and all have long-lasting batteries.

Some popular Ring cameras:

  • Stick Up Cam – The Stick Up Cam ($179) is a “go anywhere” surveillance camera with night vision. It’s useful in the home and is weatherproof too. A handy non-emergency benefit is that it lets housemates/family members check in with each other via two-way voice. Of course, the voice communication is also useful for hollering at intruders via your mobile app. You can leave the Stick Up Cam wire-free or do hardwire installation. It’s available in black or white, and Ring gives discounts on two or more units.
  • Video Doorbell 2The Video Doorbell 2 ($199) is one of five Ring video doorbells. This model can be used wirelessly, or you can hardwire it to replace an existing traditional doorbell. It’s shipped with two faceplates to help complement your home. Main features are adjustable motion detection, 1080HD wide-angle video, infrared night vision, and two-way voice.
  • Floodlight CamRing’s Floodlight Cam ($249) can intimidate trespassers and help prevent serious crime. It features bright LED lights, two-way voice, and a 110-decibel alarm. It’s available in black or white, and Ring gives discounts on more than one. 

Beyond adding Ring products, you can connect Z-Wave products. Note that only Ring devices can help summon the police, however. Examples of compatible items:

  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt – Use a PIN for entry, and lock/unlock your doors with a mobile app.
  • GE Plug-In Two Switch Outlet – No hardwiring needed! This plug-in device lets you control connected devices with a mobile app.
  • EcoLink Garage Door Tilt Sensor – Did you remember to close the garage door? This gadget lets you remotely check whether it’s open or closed.

Ring merchandise is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Third-party equipment tends to carry the same buyer protection.

Monitoring a Ring Security System

A Ring security system can function without paid service. You’ll need to download the free Ring App, available from Google Play and the App Store, for mobile and desktop. The app will alert you when someone rings a video doorbell or other motion is detected. Via the app, you can view live camera streams and communicate with people on your property.

Saving video requires a paid plan. Of course, you’ll likely want video to be saved in case of crime. The two choices are Ring Protect Basic and Ring Protect Plus:

  • Protect Basic is for DIY monitoring. It covers one device for just $3/month or $30/year. Sixty days of video storage are included.
  • Protect Plus is for professional monitoring. It covers all Ring devices for just $10/month or $100/year. It’s a great option for professional home security without a credit check. Sixty days of video storage are included too.

Best No Monthly Fee Security System – Scout Alarm

Affordable DIY home security with optional top-quality pro monitoring

Scout sells low-priced DIY security systems without credit checks. Each system is built around a Scout hub and customized by the shopper. The hub itself houses a keypad, a security camera, a motion sensor and a siren. It can communicate wirelessly with Scout sensors with Wi-Fi or cellular signals. The Scout equipment selection includes an indoor camera, a glass break sensor, a smoke & carbon monoxide detector, and more. Additionally Scout lets you set scenes with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, Nest thermostats, and other brands.

DIY monitoring with text alerts costs $9.99/month, and pro monitoring is just $19.99 monthly with no credit check. The highly-rated service C.O.P.S. fields emergency alerts.

Scout formed with crowdfunding support in 2013. It has big appeal to people seeking simple and affordable DIY home security. A possible drawback is that Scout is still somewhat in startup mode. For instance, they offer equipment in three finishes (black, white and walnut) but your favorite might be on backorder for weeks or months. An exception would be Scout RFID stickers. These make secure entry ultra-convenient, as you can wave an item with a sticker rather than type a PIN.

Key features of Scout Alarm:

  • Low-priced equipment
  • Affordable optional pro monitoring
  • No credit check required
  • Supports Scout cameras & environmental sensors
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other third parties

Scout Alarm Equipment

Scout alarm systems are made with light and dark (Arctic and Midnight) and faux walnut finishes. The hub has a built-in camera and other tools, and compatible sensors are wire-free for easy setup. Features of the Scout Hub:

  • 105-decibel alarm
  • Motion sensor
  • Camera with 90-degree lens
  • Keypad
  • Tamper detection
  • Google Assistant app

The Scout Small Pack ($229) includes a hub, a door panel, a motion sensor, two access sensors, two key fobs, and a yard sign. Other kits include additional motion/entry sensors, glass break sensors, and environmental sensors as well.

Some popular add-on products by Scout:

  • Doorbell video camera
  • Indoor security camera with night vision
  • Glass break sensor
  • Keypad door lock

As of 2019 you can also integrate the following:

  • Amazon Alexa & Google Home – Control your home with voice commands and get the countless benefits of a virtual personal assistant.
  • IFTTT – Use “If this, then that technology” to coordinate wireless devices and set scenes.
  • Kwikset & Yale Z-Wave Locks – Use a keypad for home entry. Set PINs and track access with a mobile app.
  • LIFX and Philips Hue – Remotely control one or more lights at a time. Use this integration for enhanced security and just for convenience.
  • Nest – Nest smart thermostats, the Protect Smoke & CO Alarm, and NestCams are compatible with Scout.

Scout Alarm equipment has a 60-day return policy.

Scout Alarm Monitoring Plans

Paid service is required for alerts to be sent to your phone. Scout offer two pro monitoring plans: Always On and Always On+. The latter adds professional monitoring from a UL-certified call center.

  • Always On: For $9.99/month or $107/year, Always On provides self-monitoring with cellular backup, SMS alerts, and mobile push notifications. You can add cloud storage for $2.99/month per camera.
  • Always On+: For $19.99/month or $215/year, Always On+ adds 24/7 professional monitoring and email notifications to the above benefits. Cloud storage is included for one camera, and storage can be added for additional cameras at $2.99 each per month.

The Scout Alarm monitoring service can dispatch police and fire. Video confirmation of responses is provided.

Best Affordable Camera System – Arlo

A favorite video surveillance brand for completely DIY home security

Arlo sells an impressive lineup of video cameras for home security, baby monitoring, and helping members of the household stay in touch. Each camera is high quality and some Arlo cams have unique features, e.g., lullaby mode for little kids, and facial recognition for trusted visitors. Most Arlo cameras are rather pricey, but the doorbell cameras are relatively inexpensive at $59.99 and up.

You can self-monitor any Arlo camera for just $2.99/month. The company does not offer professional monitoring. However, you can wirelessly connect Arlo cameras to other no-credit-check security systems.

Key features of Arlo security systems:

  • No credit check or contract
  • Cheap DIY monitoring
  • High-quality video doorbells
  • Indoor & outdoor video cameras with unique features
  • Wireless cameras for easy installation
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Arlo Security Equipment

The Arlo Hub or Arlo Base Station can connect cameras to your Wi-Fi router. These devices cost $49.99 and up retail.

Arlo indoor and outdoor cameras are designed for wire-free setup. All have night vision and can capture HD video to help police nab criminals. Some Arlo cameras have facial recognition to avoid disturbing you with irrelevant alerts.

Here are a few examples of Arlo cameras. All include seven days of cloud storage per video clip. With paid service, you can add facial recognition month-by-month.

  • Arlo Go – This weatherproof security camera ($429.99) is cordless and powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Triggered by motion or your instruction, it can record video and audio. Arlo Go has infrared night vision and two-way voice. Camouflage print is available along with black, white, and green casings.
  • Arlo Ultra – An exceptional weatherproof security camera, Arlo Ultra has noise cancellation and can capture color video with minimal light. It also features a motion-activated spotlight. HD footage is captured with a distortion-free 180-degree lens. One camera sells for $399 and Arlo has volume discounts.
  • Arlo Audio Doorbells – Arlo doorbells work with Arlo cameras to provide wide-angle video and crisp audio. A motion detector lets you know that someone is present even if they don’t ring. Alerts are sent to your mobile phone, and the audio system allows for two-way communication.