Brinks Home Security Review

A trusted name delivering wireless security and advanced home automation

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  • 150+ years in security industry
  • Wireless systems with 24/7 monitoring
  • Advanced home automation features
Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

Brinks has more than one million customers and is one of the biggest home security systems in the United States. This company focuses on providing a reliable and powerful system with innovative technology supporting it. Their US-based Alarm Response Center reacts quickly when their customers need them the most.

Brinks includes home security and home automation equipment in its packages. You can opt for one of the home security kits available or create a custom plan that’s perfect for your home and lifestyle. The 24/7 monitoring service helps you stay safe and sound at all times, and the home automation features make life that much better.

Equipment & Tech

Nest Secure

The entry-level Brinks home security tier is called Nest Secure. It uses a security system developed by Nest, the same company that pioneered the smart thermostat. This package includes the Nest Guard base station, 2 Nest Detect sensors, 2 Nest tags for easy entry, yard sign and window stickers. The Nest Secure is $299 and requires a $29 per month monitoring service. Google Assistant is built into the Nest Secure, which brings a variety of smart home features to your home security system, such as voice control.

This home security system has many powerful features that include Remind Me alerts, which ensure that you arm and disarm your system, quiet open, which allows you to open a door quickly without completely disarming the system, and Pathlight, which is a soft night light that automatically turns on and off as you walk by.

Dog pass is another welcome feature that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection so medium size dogs and smaller pets won’t trip it. The Nest Guard is an all-in-one hub, keypad, motion detector, siren and panic button for your home system. It also acts as your Google Assistant and can help you manage your daily activities and look up information for you.

You have full remote control of this system via the mobile Nest App, and you also receive alerts whenever alarms go off. If you have other Nest products, these seamlessly integrate with the Nest Secure.

Smart Security Essential

Brinks also offers two home security systems featuring its own hardware. The Smart Security Essential is $199 and includes a Brinks Touchscreen, 2 wireless door sensors, a wireless motion sensor and a yard sign and sticker pack. You pay $29 per month for the monitoring service to go with this system.

The Brinks Touchscreen is your home security and smart home hub. It has a large touchscreen and supports many third-party smart home devices, such as those using Z-Wave and Amazon Alexa products. It encrypts the data that gets sent from sensors, so hackers aren’t able to access them. This hub sends alarms to the monitoring center via 4G LTE wireless for fast response.

The motion sensor is made with pets in mind – if your animal is under 40 pounds, it won’t send out a bunch of false alarms. The door sensors can go on any entry point and work up to 200 feet away from your base station.

You can expand your home security system beyond the base package with flood sensors, smart locks, indoor and outdoor video cameras, smart thermostats and more. In fact, you can add up to 119 devices through the Brinks hub. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Z-Wave, and other smart home platforms are supported.

Smart Security Complete

Another Brinks equipment system, Smart Security Complete, is $499 and has a $39 per month monitoring fee. In addition to the base station, motion sensor and door sensors of the other package, you also get an indoor camera.

The indoor camera records in 1920×1080 HD video and has a 113-degree viewing angle. The sensor has no problems seeing in the dark, so you’ll always get a clear view of what’s going on. The video doorbell gives you 720p HD video at your front door and has a speaker that goes up to 110 db. You get a 180-degree viewing angle so no one can hide off to the side, and night vision keeps it functional after the sun goes down. 2-way talk allows you to communicate with whoever is at your door, even if you’re a long way away from your property. You can add more cameras for $199 each.

Smart Security Ultimate

Lastly, there is the Smart Security Ultimate bundle. This package comes with the Touchscreen panel, a SkyBell doorbell camera, an outdoor camera, 2 motion sensors and 3 wireless door sensors. Monitoring is $39/mo. and requires a 3-year contract.

Add-On Devices

You have a selection of add-on devices that you can get with your base package. GE Z-Wave switches, wall receptacles, outdoor modules, dimmers, and other accessories are $59 and help you transform your house into a smart home.

The Brinks Home Outdoor Camera is $299 and has a 1920x1080P resolution. It has a range of 40 feet in the dark, so nothing goes unnoticed in your backyard. You can watch the recordings or view the stream live as it happens.

Add redundancy to your home security system with a Cellular data module, which can take over if your primary connection is interrupted or damaged. It’s $200 for this piece of hardware.

The Brinks Home Firefighter listens for your current UL smoke detectors and sends an alarm to the Brinks monitoring center if they start going off. It’s $59 to add this device to your security system. The IQ Smoke detector is another way to check your home for fires. This device is designed to minimize false alarms while detecting a variety of fires as early as possible. This device is $79.

The IQ Wireless Garage Door Lift Sensor, for $39, answers the question of whether you left your garage door open or closed.

The IQ Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector, for $79, adds protection against CO2 in your home. It’s a wireless device that is battery operated and has an internal siren to warn you if carbon monoxide is detected.

The IQ Wireless Flood Detector, for $49, keeps watch for any water leaks or floods that could cause long-term damage if they aren’t addressed at once.

The $79 wireless glass break detector is an excellent device to add to your Brinks home security system setup if you have too many entryways to easily monitor with entry sensors alone.

The $29 keychain remote is a convenient way to arm and disarm your system, as well as having a panic button on-hand in case something happens as you enter your home.

Monitoring & Features

Secure Cellular Connection

Your alarm goes to the Brinks monitoring center where it’s received by a highly trained agent. They will reach out to you and your emergency contacts via the channels that you specify, such as SMS, email, and voice.

ASAPer and 24/7 Monitoring

This powerful application gives you a lot of control and options. When an alarm is going off, you can resolve it. When you choose to do that, you can get help from first responders, let Brinks know that it was a false alarm, and chat with your emergency contact.

If the monitoring center doesn’t hear from you or one of your emergency contacts when they reach out, they will contact the police to ensure that everything is okay at your home.

Tamper Protection

Some intruders try to break the base station to prevent the alarm from going off. Even if they attempt this process, they won’t be able to stop the signal from reaching the monitoring center.

Remote Desktop and Mobile Control

You have full control over any of these security systems through the mobile app. Get alerts, manage smart devices, and check your video streams from your computer or smartphone.

Home Automation Integration

Brinks supports a wide range of Z-Wave smart home devices that open a realm of possibilities for your system. If you chose the Nest Secure solution, it’s remarkably easy to integrate other Nest hardware into your ecosystem.

Voice Commands

If you have a Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or another compatible voice-controlled smart home device, you can control your security system without pressing a single button.

Live Video Streaming and Cloud Video Storage

When you have a plan that includes video cameras, you can stream the video and the clips get stored in the secure Brinks cloud video storage data center.

Custom Alerts

You get notifications whenever an alarm goes off, if a sensor is tripped, and if you forget to arm or disarm your security system. You can also track the status of your smart home devices.

Installation & Usability

Brinks home security systems are designed to be easy to install yourself, but they are also happy to offer you expert aid if you need it. It only takes a bit of time to get up and running, and then you can enjoy the protection that this robust system offers you.

The large touchscreens on the control panels make it easy to run the system, and it’s paired up with an excellent mobile app experience. You can also access these resources on your computer, so you don’t need to be glued to the phone in order to get notifications and other alerts.

Customer Support

Brinks Home Security is staffed by highly trained employees who know what they’re talking about. Of course, outside of emergencies, you may not even need to talk to them. Brinks supplies an extensive Help Center that covers everything you could possibly need to know about your system. If you do need to reach out to someone directly, you can request assistance from the community or even text Brinks to get quick help from a support representative.

Cost & Pricing

The prices for the equipment and monitoring services, listed above, are low to mid-range compared to other home security systems on the market with 24/7 monitoring. The Nest Secure offers the most affordable choice with Brinks, but the overall cost depends on how many add-ons you want to load your system with.

If the upfront equipment expense is more than your budget is comfortable with, you have flexible financing options that make it much more affordable. You do need to pass a credit check to take advantage of this possibility. Brinks is upfront about all these costs so you never have to guess what your final bill will be.

You have a 30-day risk-free period – you can return the system for a refund within that period if you’re unhappy. Your equipment has a two-year warranty.

Our Conclusion

Brinks has the perfect combination of flexibility and features that allow it to fit into many home environments. You can easily bring in add-on equipment as needed, and the starter kits are easy to understand and ready to deploy within minutes.