Best Business Security Systems

Last Updated on Jan 15, 2020

When you’re in charge of business security, minding others is part of minding your own business. Here we look at the best business security systems for different needs, from low-budget alarm kits to the most advanced options for video surveillance, business cybersecurity, and more. Each security brand below has high quality customizable systems that run glitch-free.

Best Business Security Systems

  • Vivint – Best Business Security System Overall
  • ADT – Best Commercial Grade Security System
  • Frontpoint – Best Small Business Security System
  • SimpliSafe – Best Business Office Security System
  • Lorex – Best Security Camera System for Business

All the companies have security cameras for sale. Depending on the brand, other equipment choices include motion sensors, glass break sensors, smoke detectors, smart door locks, remote-controlled thermostats, and much more. With most security companies you can guard your property and make buildings “smart” at the same time.

Here are previews of the brands detailed below:

ADT and Vivint offer the best professionally installed business security systems with professional monitoring contracts. Besides providing 24/7 pro backup, they have top-rated mobile apps to help you mind activity. Both companies can help guard against fire, water leaks, and other environmental threats as well as crime. They can automate your business properties with countless Z-Wave devices too. ADT is unique for offering customized cybersecurity in addition to standard security monitoring. Vivint especially shines with automation for convenience and energy savings, although ADT is a leader in this area too.

Both ADT and Vivint are great choices for businesses of all sizes. Meanwhile Frontpoint has some of the best cellular security systems to guard smaller spaces. They have much overlap with ADT and Vivint in terms of available features and professional monitoring, but you install the equipment yourself.

SimpliSafe offers the cheapest security equipment. They manufacture it themselves and sell with minimal markups compared with many competitors. Customers generally self-install SimpliSafe systems but professional installation is offered for $79. You can monitor alerts totally on your own for free or get affordable professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis. Paid service converts the system from Wi-Fi to cellular signalling, which gives your business the advantage of security even in case of a power outage.

Finally, Lorex has the widest variety of indoor and weatherproof business security cameras. You can self-monitor the cams with a Lorex mobile app and/or with a traditional monitoring screen at your office. Lorex sells widescreen monitors that help make the most of its cameras’ ultra-HD footage. It’s the only security camera company below to offer a color night vision option; typically cameras switch to black and white recording at night. Lorex is a best choice if you want wired cameras and they have excellent wireless options too.

Vivint – Best Business Security System Overall

Vivint is a top choice for professionally installed business security systems. Their clients get peace of mind with expert installation, cutting-edge technology, a handy mobile app, and around-the-clock professional monitoring. You can spend moderately or pay extra for indoor/outdoor camera surveillance and building automation; Vivint is an excellent option if you want continuous video recording and remote control of locks, lights, thermostats, etc. Vivint can also help protect your employees and inventory on-the-go with innovative automobile security.

Emergency response is impressive with an average turnaround of just eight seconds. If your security system alerts Vivint emergency operators, they can dispatch police, firefighters, and paramedics. A cellular chip in the Vivint hub helps ensure that alerts from motion detectors, smoke detectors, and other sensors are sent even if your business loses power.

For these reasons and more, Vivint takes the title for best business security system overall. The main drawback is that their trial period is very short.

Continuous Video Recording

Continuous video recording, or CVR, is an alternative to motion-triggered video clips. The option to use CVR gives Vivint an advantage over ADT and other close competitors. It’s useful for countless business reasons, from patrolling against shoplifters to ensuring that workers follow safety protocols.

Indoor and outdoor cameras from Vivint are high resolution, have infrared night vision, and boast other advanced features. For instance, Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can send text alerts about loiterers or “lurkers” who might be casing your business. You can activate its siren to let lurkers know they’ve been spotted.

If you have a Google Home speaker at work, you can control camera feeds with Google Assistant voice commands. “Hey Google, show me the lobby camera.”

Vivint lets you save business security video for up to 45 days with secure cloud storage.

All Vivint cameras can be installed wirelessly. Your complete Vivint system can move with your business to a new location if needed.

Vivint Pricing & Products

Pricing for Vivint business security involves 1) a monthly monitoring fee and 2) equipment purchase. The monitoring part of your bill can be as low as $29.99. Equipment can be financed, which makes add-ons like cameras just $3.33/month.

Most popular is the premium $39.99 monitoring plan, as it allows automation and smartphone control. It makes your business “smart” by giving you centralized control over Z-Wave locks, lights, thermostats, and other smart components. This means that with the Vivint mobile app you can verify that employees armed the system and locked doors for the night – and if they forgot, you can arm and lock remotely. The premium plan also lets you gain voice control over the system with Google Assistant.

With monitoring and equipment included, the cheapest business security system that Vivint advertises online costs $53.99/month. It includes 24/7 professional monitoring and the following parts:

  • A feature-rich touchscreen control panel with speaker
  • Three door/window entry sensors
  • An indoor motion detector
  • A keyfob with arm, disarm, and panic buttons
  • A Vivint sign

Security cameras, glass break sensors, panic buttons, smart locks, smart smoke detectors, and much more can be added. Vivint gives free quotes by phone.

ADT – Best Commercial Grade Security System

ADT is Vivint’s top competitor for professionally installed smart business security. The companies have much in common, but only ADT offers customized cybersecurity along with protection against crime and the elements. ADT also stands out for offering the best commercial grade security systems on-demand: Call early and get same-day installation of a robust cellular system. There isn’t much risk of buyer’s remorse, as every ADT customer gets a long trial period.

The full ADT offering includes business cybersecurity, business video surveillance, intruder protection, environmental alerts, and automation (e.g., remote-controlled locks). Remote control can be accomplished with ADT’s five-star mobile app, plus you can integrate Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

The initial equipment is professionally installed and you can easily expand the system with Z-Wave gadgets yourself. For instance, use the ADT Pulse app to connect a Nest Learning Thermostat to your account. It can quickly pay for itself with automated energy savings.

ADT Alarm Pricing

Pricing for ADT is unadvertised, as each business gets a custom solution over a 36-month term. As with Vivint you can expect to pay under $2/day for essential security equipment and 24/7 professional monitoring.

With advertised promotions or a special request, you could get a few ADT security cameras for no extra charge. The newest generation of ADT cameras has the industry-standard 1080p resolution along with crisp night vision. All motion-triggered video is automatically saved to cloud storage. You can keep clips for up to 30 days.

About ADT Cybersecurity

While traditional criminals might slip in the back door of your building, cybercriminals can hack the back end of your computer system or otherwise gain access to your company’s digital assets. Any employee or contractor could deliberately or unwittingly be your “weakest link” when they use business email, access files with their tablet computers, and so forth. ADT cybersecurity solutions are customized to give comprehensive protection against ransomware, computer viruses and other digital threats.

ADT network engineers are certified in cybersecurity. They can install a next-generation firewall to inspect all Internet traffic on your business network, including encrypted communications. A premium content filtering service can be included too, which guards against phishing and other cybercrime. From there you can include add-ons like a VPN and secure business email.

Professional monitoring is included with ADT cybersecurity. If an ADT agent detects trouble, you’ll be notified in real time. Furthermore weekly reports let you see user-by-user Internet use, blocked threats, and other data.

All in all ADT is a best solution for standard modern business security and customized cybersecurity. It’s best for businesses that are established, as ADT deals are for 36 months unless you’re called to military action. You have 30 days to test an ADT security system and cancel without penalty.

Frontpoint – Best Small Business Security System

Frontpoint is a favorite for protecting homes and small businesses with trustworthy security systems. The company has a reputation for friendly service, straightforward pricing, and dependable equipment. They can support business security, environmental monitoring, and building automation with Z-Wave hubs and pro monitoring. Each Frontpoint system uses cellular communication and can have Wi-Fi backup.

A big difference compared with ADT and Vivint (above) is that Frontpoint systems are self-installed, not professionally installed. This is why we nominate them best small business security system, but not necessarily ideal if you’re surveilling a sprawling property. With DIY labor you can guard a small business with Frontpoint in an hour or less.

Professional monitoring is included with all new Frontpoint systems, and the commitment can be as short as 12 months. Smartphone alerts are included with each professional monitoring plan. With the top-tier monitoring plan you get remote control over the system as well.

Pricing for Kits & Monitoring

Frontpoint lets you get business security without a credit check, as you own the equipment upfront. The cheapest starter kit is just $69. It features a hub, a wireless keypad, intrusion sensors, and a Frontpoint sign and stickers. You can add other equipment such as glass break sensors, pipe freeze sensors, indoor and outdoor security cameras and smart bulbs a la carte… or else choose a bigger Frontpoint starter kit.

DIY installation is simple and tool-free with Frontpoint’s all-wireless security kits. If needed, Frontpoint customer service can help by phone. Equipment is either freestanding or uses removable adhesive strips so you can avoid drilling/cutting into walls.

Professional monitoring ranges from $34.99 to $49.99 per month depending on your choice of features. The best business security comes with a $44.99 or $49.99 plan, as these activate Crash and Smash Protection: Police will be dispatched even if criminals destroy security equipment! The $49.99 plan adds video monitoring and smartphone remote control along with compatibilities for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Emergency dispatching for Frontpoint customers is provided by Rapid Response Monitoring Services, a well-respected firm with endorsements from the US Department of Defense and the NYC Fire Department. Every Rapid Response operator has passed a rigorous six-week training course, and they work in top-notch facilities on the east and west coasts.

In a nutshell, Frontpoint features some of the best small business security systems that you can self-install and get expertly monitored. Everyday customer service is friendly and readily available. Emergency monitoring is high quality with cellular and Wi-Fi signaling both available, and with two monitoring centers for redundancy.

All systems carry a 30-day money-back guarantee. Frontpoint equipment is under warranty for up to three years.

SimpliSafe – Best Business Office Security System

SimpliSafe has easy options for do-it-yourself office security. Typically you’ll set up the equipment yourself (no tools required), then opt for free or paid monthly service. You can also schedule professional installation for $79. Your system can be bare-bones for basic intrusion detection, or you can include glass break sensors, smoke detectors, indoor cameras, smart lights, smart locks, and more. SimpliSafe equipment is under warranty for up to three years.

While free SimpliSafe service will merely sound an alarm, spending just $24.99 month-to-month will add professional 24/7 monitoring to send police, fire, and paramedics. Furthermore it gives you remote control over security and other office systems. Remote control is with the SimpliSafe mobile app, plus you can use Alexa commands if your office is equipped with an Amazon Echo speaker.

Equipment costs are relatively low, starting at just $229 for the cheapest starter kit, The Foundation. With the best online promotions The Foundation includes SimpliCam, an indoor security camera that responds to motion and has infrared night vision. Also included are a SimpliSafe hub, a wireless keypad, an entry sensor and an indoor motion sensor. You can add more units a la carte or choose a bigger bundle like the Hearth, which also has a smoke detector and a freestanding siren.

Why is the equipment inexpensive? SimpliSafe manufactures components themselves to avoid middleman markups. Their equipment quality meets current industry standards with features such as 1080p camera resolution and high-performance motion detection. Customer feedback is very positive and SimpliSafe gives a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Wireless vs Cellular Service

Free SimpliSafe service uses your business office’s Wi-Fi network. A more secure option is contract-free paid service for either $14.99 or $24.99 per month.

  • The $14.99 Standard Plan upgrades the system to cellular and gives you professional monitoring plus cell phone alerts. For example, you can get notice about a connected smoke alarm being triggered, or see that a motion sensor has been tripped. You can also activate a chime to know that someone has entered your shop.
  • The $24.99 Interactive Plan provides smartphone alerts, smartphone remote control, professional monitoring, video surveillance, and automation of office systems.

Automation with SimpliSafe isn’t as robust as what pricier competitors offer, as the hub lacks a Z-Wave chip. Still SimpliSafe can fit a business office’s needs by supporting August smart locks, Hue smart lights, and Nest thermostats. You can connect up to 41 sensors to the hub.

To sum up, SimpliSafe consistently earns high ratings from customers and professional reviewers. Systems are low budget but not cheap quality. You can guard against intrusion, get environmental alerts, and implement basic smart features for your business office.

New buyers get the comfort of a 60-day money-back guarantee, and equipment is under warranty for up to three years.

A limitation of SimpliSafe is the lack of weatherproof cameras except for their doorbell video camera. In contrast Lorex, below, has the widest security camera selection. Video security is their main focus.

Lorex – Best Security Camera System for Business

Lorex Technology is a leading supplier of industrial quality security cameras for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re guarding a small storefront or spacious warehouses and parking lots, this brand has high-performance options to fit your needs. You can buy Lorex cameras individually or in multi-packs of two to 32 units with free shipping, and prices range from moderate to above-average. You can choose cams with rare special features like 115-foot night vision, color night vision, and vandal-proof casings.

The cameras are sold for your business’s own installation and monitoring. The Lorex Secure mobile app can keep you connected with alerts, cloud recordings, and livestreams anytime. It also lets you group camera feeds onto one screen and save video to your phone. For higher definition viewing Lorex sells wide-screen video monitors too.

Compared with the companies above, Lorex stands out for security camera variety. Their website makes it easy to sort by camera styles with different power sources and output options. The main Lorex categories to search are Wireless, Wi-Fi, Digital IP, and MPX. The variety lets you store to DVR, microSD, and the cloud.

Hardiness helps makes Lorex cameras qualify as industrial quality. Many models are vandal proof; their casings are virtually indestructible. Furthermore Lorex outdoor cameras have weatherproof ratings of IP66 to withstand extreme temperatures as well as serious precipitation. For comparison the typical outdoor security camera has a IP65 rating, which means it’s water resistant and dustproof.

Ultra-HD resolution is available, and you can even get cameras with color night vision. Competing companies above provide crisp black and white night vision only, and color only by day. Some other special features are two-way voice, motion zones, and built-in sirens.

In conclusion, Lorex is focused on high quality video surveillance. You can buy their cameras individually and monitor one or more with the Lorex Secure app. Typically though, Lorex customers are bigger businesses with lots of territory to guard. It’s most common to connect Lorex cameras to widescreen monitors.

Lorex cameras have free shipping and a 60-day return policy.