McAfee Safe Connect VPN

  • Free version with 250 GB daily data limit
  • Monthly or yearly plans for up to five devices
  • Costs go up after the first year
McAfee Safe Connect VPN

McAfee is a digital security company mostly known for its antivirus software, but on this page, we’re taking a look at their VPN and its costs, specifically. Here is everything you need to know about the pricing surrounding the McAfee Safe Connect VPN.

Free vs. paid plan

Free plan Paid plans
1 device 5 devices
250 GB daily data limit No daily data limit
$0.00 per month $7.99 per month
$0.00 per year $34.99 for first year, $47.99 for second year
McAfee PC Protection Menu
McAfee PC Protection Menu

How Much McAfee Safe Connect VPN Cost

McAfee’s paid VPN plans cost either $7.99 if you sign up on a month-to-month basis, or $2.92 a month if you sign up for a year at once, billed one time as $34.99. However, much to our disappointment, the annual prices go up after the first year to $4 a month, billed as $47.99. Still, we recommend going with the annual plan over the monthly plan, as $7.99 isn’t exactly the most affordable monthly VPN cost we’ve seen. However, $2.92 to $4 isn’t half bad.

Feature Free Plan Monthly Plan Yearly Plan
Number of Devices Covered 1 5 5
Daily Data Limit in GB 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Price Per Month $0.00 $7.99 $2.92 for the first year, $4.00 after
Total Amount Billed $0.00 $7.99 $34.99 for the first year, $47.99 after

Free Version

Don’t want to pay anything at all? McAfee has a completely free VPN available, with two caveats:

  • Your data will be limited to 250 GB a day, which may not be enough depending on how much you’re connected and the activities you perform while connected.
  • It only covers one device as opposed to five.

This isn’t a half-bad deal for a free VPN! But for most people, one device won’t cut it, nor will this data limit. To see how much 250 GB really covers, use this data calculator from Verizon.1 Or, to learn more about how VPNs use data, read our page on VPN data consumption.

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VPN and Antivirus Bundle Pricing

As we said, we already tested out the McAfee antivirus in our McAfee antivirus review and covered its cost in our McAfee antivirus pricing page. That being said, some of their antivirus plans include a VPN, so if you’re interested in getting both, it makes sense to hit two birds with one proverbial stone. But, since McAfee has so many products, there’s actually more than one way to skin a cat, not to mix animal metaphors or anything.

Total Protection Ultimate

Feature Total Protection Total Protection Plus VPN Total Protection Ultimate
Antivirus software Yes Yes Yes
Optimizes device No No Yes
Free customer support through phone, chat or online No No Yes
Identity theft protection No Yes Yes
Parental controls No No Yes
Password manager Yes Yes Yes
Safe Web Browsing Yes Yes Yes
Safe Connect VPN No No Yes
Cost for 1 device, 1 year $29.99 n/a n/a
Cost for 5 devices, 1 year $34.99 $99.99 n/a
Cost for 10 devices, 1 year $39.99 n/a $119.99
Cost for 10 devices, 2 years $29.99 n/a n/a

One of the biggest advantages of buying Total Protection Ultimate rather than just the VPN on its own is that it bumps you from five devices to 10. Looking for a VPN for your family? Chances are five devices won’t cut it, so it might make more sense to go with the Total Protection Ultimate Plan rather than separate antivirus and VPN subscriptions. Now, the antivirus software and the VPN aren’t all that’s included in Total Protection Ultimate. Here’s a little summary of what you’ll get:

  • Device optimization: Especially if you’re using your VPN for gaming purposes, then you need a device that isn’t bogged down with the million things you’ve downloaded or the 17 tabs you constantly have open on Chrome. This device optimizer will help you to minimize lag and increase your download and upload speeds while using as little data as possible along the way.
  • Identity theft protection: While we haven’t actually tested out McAfee’s identity theft protection software, it seems to be pretty comprehensive in terms of monitoring your credit and financial areas and providing identity theft insurance. Want to learn more about how to choose an identity theft protection service in general? Read our identity theft protection guide.
  • Parental controls: If you want to keep your kids from seeing certain websites or apps, track your child’s location, or even limit their screen time altogether, then you’ll appreciate Safe Family, McAfee’s take on parental controls.
  • Password manager: We don’t know how we lived before using a password manager. Oh yea, now we can recall: we constantly forgot passwords, reset them, and promptly forgot them again. But with McAfee’s SafeKey password manager, all of your usernames and passwords will be stored in an encrypted vault and synced across your Android, iOS, PC, and macOS devices saving you time and energy on remembering passwords.
McAfee VPN - WebRTC Leak Test Windows
McAfee VPN – WebRTC Leak Test Windows
  • Safe web browsing: Last but not least, WebAdvisor is a part of Total Protection Ultimate, but it’s actually available for free on its own. Regardless, this browser will ensure that you aren’t clicking on any malicious or phishing sites as you surf the web. It’ll also let you know if you’re downloading anything you shouldn’t be.

Pro Tip: Need a VPN for more than five devices? If you sign up for the Total Protection Ultimate Plan, that limit will double to 10.

Android and iOS Mobile Security

For some people, Total Protection Ultimate simply isn’t in the budget. If you only need one Android or iOS device protected with a VPN plus a ton of other digital security features, go with a Plus plan for either device type.

Device Compatibility iOS Android
Plans Starter Standard Plus Starter Standard Plus
Number of Devices Covered 1 1 1 1 1 1
System and Wi-Fi Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Vault Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Theft Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Backup Yes Yes Yes No No No
24/7 Phone Support No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
No Ads in App No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Safe Web No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Guard VPN No No Yes No No Yes
Privacy Check No No No Yes Yes Yes
Battery and Memory Booster No No No Yes Yes Yes
Storage Cleaner No No No Yes Yes Yes
Track Data Usage No No No Yes Yes Yes
Secure App Lock No No No Yes Yes Yes
Guest Mobe No No No Yes Yes Yes
Annual Price $0.00 $29.99 $79.99 $0.00 $29.99 $79.99


The last option to get a VPN bundled with other digital security is LiveSafe, which covers an unlimited number of devices for a year for $39.99. However, the VPN is only available if you select auto-enroll, meaning you’re actually signing up for two years for a total of $79.98. LiveSafe also includes:

  • All features included in iOS and Android Mobile Security
  • Anti-spam for email
  • Antivirus software
McAfee Web Protection Menu
McAfee Web Protection Menu
  • App Boost
  • Encrypted file store
  • Free customer support over chat, phone or online
  • Identity theft protection (with auto-renewal only)
  • Password manager
  • PC Optimization
  • QuickClean
  • Safe Family parental controls
  • Shredder to delete sensitive files
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Web Advisor
  • Web Boost

This is by far the best plan available; at only $5 a more for the first year, you’ll get a VPN for unlimited compared to five devices, plus a ton of other important digital security features.

What We Liked

Our McAfee VPN review has all of the details about our testing, but here’s a summary of what we liked the most.

  • Kill switch on Windows: Sure, we wish the VPN had kill switches on all of their apps, including Android and iOS. Still, McAfee could be a good VPN for Windows users.
McAfee VPN iOS Home Screen Connected
McAfee VPN iOS Home Screen Connected
  • Torrenting access: Did you know that, in 2018, there were 17.38 billion visits to torrenting and piracy sites in the U.S alone?2 That’s the most out of any country. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can hide your torrenting with the McAfee VPN turned on.
  • Split tunneling on Android: Again, we wish all of the McAfee apps came with split tunneling, but if you need a VPN for Android or even a VPN for business usage, we recommend taking advantage of split tunneling.
  • Netflix access (sometimes): Netflix has a classic love-hate relationship with VPNs, but not so much with the love. The reason? Because VPNs let people access Netflix (and other streaming services, for that matter), on other country’s servers, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. But while McAfee could work with Netflix, it’s not guaranteed, so you should try it yourself with the free version. In the meantime, check out some other options in the best VPNs for Netflix.
  • 256-bit encryption: Being such a strong player in the digital security market, we weren’t surprised that McAfee encrypted our web activity with AES-256, the standard used by the U.S military and banks alike.
  • Dynamic IP addresses: As McAfee gave us a brand new IP address everytime we connected, tracing us online would have been as hard as finding a needle in an endless haystack.
  • Free version: Sure, it only works on one device with a daily data limit of 250 GB, but hey— free’s free!
    Strong iOS and Android apps: Although we’re disappointed that there’s no macOS app, McAfee’s iOS and Android apps had high ratings (four stars and 3.9 stars, respectively).

Note: The McAfee VPN app is named differently in the App and Google Play stores. In the App Store, it’s called “Safe VPN Connect— VPN Proxy”, while it’s called “Safe Connect VPN: Proxy Wi-Fi Hotspot, Secure VPN in the Google Play store.

  • Money-back guarantee: With 30 days to change our minds and get a full refund, there was little to no risk to putting down a card for the McAfee VPN (if you sign up annually, that is).

Cancelling McAfee

Speaking of, let’s go deeper into that 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re an individual, annual user as opposed to a business user, you can get a refund within 30 days of your original purchase. Even if your annual subscription automatically renews itself, you can cancel it and get a refund within 60 days of that second charge. However, this guarantee does not apply to monthly subscribers, as these subscriptions don’t renew automatically. It also doesn’t apply to customers from the Netherlands, for whatever reason.

McAfee VPN iOS Home Screen Not Connected
McAfee VPN iOS Home Screen Not Connected

In Sum

We think that McAfee Safe Connect VPN is only worth buying in its annual package. If you pay monthly, $7.99 is more money than you need to spend on a VPN. Also, the money-back guarantee only covers the annual packages, not the monthly. So while McAfee definitely isn’t one of our favorite VPNs, it can be a decent choice if you aren’t terribly concerned with privacy and want to sign up for a year. And it’s even better if you want a VPN bundled with other digital security services like antivirus software, a password manager, identity theft protection and so much more.

Got Questions?

Figuring out McAfee’s VPN pricing is like falling down a rabbit hole, but we’re proud to say that we’ve reached the bottom. That being said, if you’re left with questions, we’ll leave you with some answers.

  • Is the McAfee VPN free?

    The McAfee Safe Connect VPN is only free for a week. After that, users will need to pay either $7.99 with the monthly plan or $34.99 with the yearly plan (although that price will increase to $47.99 in the second year).

  • How much is the McAfee Safe Connect VPN?

    After the initial free week is over, McAfee Safe Connect VPN costs either $7.99 a month with no long-term commitment. However, if you want to sign up for a year, that monthly cost goes down to $2.92, billed one time as $34.99. After the first year, the annual plan will cost $47.99, which breaks down to $4 a month.

  • Which is better, McAfee or Norton VPN?

    We prefer McAfee Safe Connect VPN over Norton Secure VPN. With McAfee, coverage for five devices for a year costs between $34.99 and $47.99, while it costs $79.99 with Norton. Neither VPN is great for privacy, however, as both have disappointing data-logging policies and are based in the U.S, a Five Eyes member.

  • How many devices can I use with McAfee Safe Connect VPN?

    You can use up to five devices with McAfee Safe Connect VPN. To add more device compatibility, sign up for the VPN as part of a bundle. With Total Protection Ultimate or LiveSafe, you can use up to 10 devices or unlimited devices, respectively.

Editors Rating:
7.5 /10
  1. Verizon. (2020). LTE Internet (Installed) Data Calculator.

  2. Statista. (2018). Number of visits to media piracy sites worldwide in 2018, by country.