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This Hong Kong-based VPN has 31 servers in 18 countries.

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By Aliza Vigderman Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner Gabe Turner, Chief Editor
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Editors Rating:
7.8 /10

What We Like

What We Don't Like

  • No split-tunneling: You won’t be able to access public and private networks simultaneously while using BlackVPN.
  • No access to Netflix: Bingers beware: Netflix will not work with BlackVPN.
  • Speed on Mac: I wasn’t impressed with BlackVPN’s speed on my Macbook Air.

Bottom Line

With a strict no-logging policy, BlackVPN encrypted our web traffic in a tunnel and replaced our IP address, making us safe when using public Wi-Fi networks. Plus, if the VPN failed, we knew we were protected with a kill switch, which closed all of our web activity.

BlackVPN Customer Support

BlackVPN Customer Support

Need help with BlackVPN? Before you buy it, I want to make sure that BlackVPN’s customer support is actually supportive. This can really go either way with VPNs, so let’s get into more detail.


To get help, you can either check out BlackVPN’s FAQs on their website, live chat a representative or fill out a support ticket. In my experience filling out a ticket, it took BlackVPN a day to respond, and the answer satisfied me, so I’m pretty happy with their customer support.

Customer Support Ratings

Of course, I’m just one person— what did other BlackVPN customers think of the support? I checked Trustpilot, a review site where 55 customers have reviewed BlackVPN. Out of 13 reviews mentioning customer support, 10 were positive— that seems like a really good ratio to me!

“At first, when I was setting up the VPN I could not find too much information to fix some issues on Linux. So, I contacted the BlackVPN support team and they replied after a few minutes with the correct answer to fix the issues,”

wrote a user in a five-star review.

The BlackVPN App

BlackVPN App

By now, you know a lot about BlackVPN, but all of it could be irrelevant if the app doesn’t work well. BlackVPN’s app works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers.

I was surprised to see that their app is not currently available on the Apple store— at the time of writing, they are still waiting for Apple to approve it. On the Google Play store, BlackVPN has a 3.6 out of five-star rating, which is pretty middle of the road. Many people complained about the app constantly popping up, or the server not connecting during their free trial. I was also surprised to see that BlackVPN was responding pretty rudely to some reviews, which certainly gives me pause.

BlackVPN App Reviews. Screenshots from the Google Play Store.

I don’t think denying your customers’ experiences is a great strategy, but maybe that’s just me!

BlackVPN vs. ExpressVPN

On the surface, BlackVPN and ExpressVPN seem pretty similar; they both have kill switches, they both allow torrenting, and they both offer anonymous IP addresses, standards of any VPN. If you look a little deeper, though, you start to see that there are some important fundamental differences between these two VPNs. For example, when I tested the two for speed, I quickly realized ExpressVPN far outpaces BlackVPN. That’s particularly true on Mac computers. My normal download speeds more than doubled when I turned BlackVPN on, and upload speeds increased almost four-fold. Of course, ExpressVPN slowed down my Mac too–all VPNs do. But the increases were far more modest. Download speeds increased by just 63 percent, while uploads increased by just 17 percent. In addition, ExpressVPN allows torrenting on all its 2,000 servers. BlackVPN only allows torrenting on a handful of its servers.

I do have to give it to BlackVPN when it comes to price. While a single month of ExpressVPN costs a whopping $12.95, you can get a month of BlackVPN for only $5.93. ExpressVPN’s price does fall if you sign up for a full year of the service. In that case, you’ll pay $8.32 per month. BlackVPN still wins out, though. With a one-year contract, you pay just $4.84 per month.

In the end, then, the old truism turns out to be true: you get what you pay for. Looking to cut some corners and save a little money? BlackVPN may be just what you’re looking for. For a faster experience, though, you’ll want to shell out a little extra money for ExpressVPN.

For more information, check our full ExpressVPN review.

Recap of BlackVPN

While I would recommend BlackVPN overall, I think it would be good for some but not all people. Let me explain.

BlackVPN would be good for someone who wants…
  • No international surveillance alliances: As BlackVPN is headquartered in China, they’ll never be forced to hand over your data to another country.
  • Fast speed on Windows: If you’re a Windows person, BlackVPN should work well on your computer.
  • Good customer support ratings: Customers from Trustpilot had great things to say about BlackVPN’s customer support.
  • Kill switch: If BlackVPN fails for whatever reason, your data will remain protected.
  • Does not log data: BlackVPN will only keep your account information, but nothing about your web traffic, IP address, etc.
However, I’d avoid it if you don’t like…
  • Disappointing speed on Mac: While BlackVPN didn’t perform horribly on my Mac, it wasn’t as fast as on my Vivobook.
  • Limited torrenting abilities: For those looking to torrent commercial content on servers int he U.S or U.K, BlackVPN is definitely not the VPN for you.
  • No split tunneling: You won’t be able to access public and private servers at the same time.
  • No Netflix: BlackVPN isn’t the best app for streaming television or movies.
  • Long-term contracting: You have to sign up for a year of BlackVPN.

There you have it! To explore more great options, check out the best VPNs of 2024. I’m looking forward to hearing your questions and hope this was helpful to make your buying decision.


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Editors Rating:
7.8 /10