The Best Home Security Systems for Pet-Owners

Got pets? These security systems won't go off when they walk by, preventing false alarms.

Aliza Vigderman Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Jun 29, 2020

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Note: SimpliSafe now offers self-monitoring, although you’ll only get notifications with the Interactive Plan. They also added a Google Assistant integration, and cloud storage is available separately from monitoring. They’ve also added a professional installation option for $79.

When it comes to protecting your pets, you want to make sure that your security system knows what’s up. A common problem many people have is their motion detectors picking up on their pets, bombarding them with notifications. Another issue is environmental monitoring. What happens if there’s a fire or dangerous levels of C.O when you’re not home to handle it?

In this best pet-friendly alarm systems review, I picked out the best home security systems for pet-owners that touch on these issues and more. I’m judging the systems not only on their components, installation processes, subscriptions, customer support, and app, but also on how pet-safe they are because let’s be honest: your pets are your babies, and they need protection. Let’s take a closer look.

FAQs About Pet Friendly Security Systems

  • Can you have an alarm system with a dog?

    You can have an alarm system with a dog, but it’s better to have motion sensors that are designed to ignore pets. There are many motion sensors available that can be adjusted based on your pets weight from companies like Cove, SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, Vivint, Frontpoint and ADT.

  • Will my dog set off my ADT alarm?

    Your dog won’t set off your ADT alarm as long as it’s under 80 pounds.

  • What are the best pet cameras?

    The best pet cameras are the Netatmo Welcome, the Tend Secure Lynx Pro, the Arlo Ultra, the Netatmo Presence and the Petcube Bites 2.