Protect America Review

Affordable DIY home security systems featuring a low-price guarantee

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  • Wireless, do-it-yourself installation
  • Smart home features and integrations
  • Low-cost professional monitoring plans
Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

Protect America started out in Austin, Texas in 1992 and quickly expanded to the rest of the United States and Canada. This company focuses on self-installed security systems with the latest home automation technology. While they grew quickly, Protect America didn’t forget when they started out as a small local security provider.

They keep everything in-house and look for ways to keep costs reasonable without cutting corners. Their monitored home security products and customer-centric attitude supply an excellent experience from start to finish.

Equipment & Tech

Touchscreen Panel

This home security hub connects all your other devices and provides you with a system status. The hardware is laid out with user-friendly navigation that relies on icons to guide you to each section.

Indoor and Outdoor Home Security Cameras

These HD cameras provide 720p HD quality with a 60-degree field of view. They have a small form factor that blends in with their surroundings, so they don’t stand out on the interior or exterior of your home. Two-way audio gives you the ability to communicate with people near the cameras. At night, you have infrared LEDs that give you clear views in dark conditions. Check-in on the live video feed through the Protect America app, available on iOS and Android smartphones.

Door/Window Sensors

These tiny sensors alert you if someone opens or closes the connected door or window. You can get an early warning if someone tries to break in through those entry points with the help of these sensors. If your system is armed when this happens, the alarm goes off.

Wireless Motion Detectors

You get a 25-foot range with a fully wireless installation that gives you a lot of flexibility for their locations. They’re designed so animals less than 40 pounds will not cause any false alarms.

Smoke Detector

This smoke alarm helps speed up the response time if a fire happens. It’s monitored, so if it goes off while you’re not home, Protect America can get the fire department to your house for you.

August Smart Door Lock

This powerful smart lock lets you have full control over your front door. You can check whether the door is locked or unlocked, grant access to your guests, and quickly unlock the door as you arrive home. The August Smart Lock Pro works well with other home automation solutions so you can tie it into a scene.

Trident Environmental Sensor

Several environmental threats can cause significant destruction of your property. Floods and extreme temperatures are two situations that you need to be aware of. This sensor will let you know so you can take the appropriate next steps.

Monitoring & Features

The 24/7 professional monitoring by Protect America quickly deploys the right responder for the job. Their well-trained agents know how to react with each type of emergency and get you the help to resolve the situation as soon as possible. A 5x redundant configuration ensures that help is always available when you need it.

Smart Home Integration

Protect America can use the Amazon Echo Dot and Z-Wave compatible home automation devices to expand the system’s functionality. Whether you want to record security video or control your locks thousands of miles away, you can find a choice that works well with this security system.

Secure Live Streaming

Access your live video feed so you can look at what’s going on. Sometimes you’ll get to share in a cute moment with your family, and in other situations being able to get eyes on your property can make a major difference during a crime in progress. All the video transmitted from your cameras are encrypted with 128-bit AES.

Event Notifications

Anytime an event of note happens, the Protect America system will push a notification to your smartphone and provide a quick-view link for your video feed.

Environmental Monitoring

Burglaries aren’t the only threat facing your home. Floods and fire are two other risks that you can address with monitoring sensors in place.

Installation & Usability

Protect America custom builds you a system and ships it directly to you. They’ve done most of the configuration for you, so it takes under an hour to get everything set up from there.

The touchscreen security panel is designed to make usage simple, even if you have never used a security system before. Everything on the mobile app is straightforward, and you conveniently get relevant links to the video feed for event notifications.

Customer Support

Protect America has a nicely designed customer portal that centralizes all your support needs. It also supplies control over your system and shows you the alarm history. Quick links start you off quickly with the most commonly used resources, and you can search via keywords if you’re not seeing exactly what you need. You can send in a support ticket, call customer service, or use live chat to reach out to someone about your security system. They respond quickly to your alarms and get emergency responders to your location as soon as possible.

Cost & Pricing

Protect America offers affordable home security systems. Your professional monitoring service starts at $19.99, and you don’t have to pay upfront for the basic equipment package, which includes the standard control panel, motion sensor, entry sensors, and the signs and stickers. Add-on equipment will incur added fees, and you’ll need to get a custom quote for that.

If you want home automation and advanced home security features, then you’ll need to upgrade your plan. It includes HD video, environmental monitoring, and smart home features.

You have three choices to make: Copper, Silver, and Platinum.

Copper is your basic, no-frills security setup. You get the control panel, 3 door and window sensors, 1 motion detector, a sign for your yard and 4 stickers for your windows. The lowest price is for landline-based systems at $19.99 per month. If you want to use a broadband or cellular connection, it costs $41.99 per month.

The Silver package increases your door and window sensors to 9, which makes it excellent for larger houses. If you’re using a landline for your connection, it’s $37.99 per month. For broadband and cellular, it’s $49.99.

Finally, the Platinum plan has 14 door and window sensors and costs $42.99 per month for the landline, and $54.99 per month with broadband or cellular.

Home automation features are included in all plans that use a broadband or cellular connection.

You don’t have to pay any installation fees and your rate is locked in at the time you subscribe.

Our Conclusion

Protect America is an affordable option, with no upfront equipment payments for basic equipment packages and a reasonable monthly monitoring fee. While the equipment is not the most impressive on the market. It’s an excellent home security system for someone wanting to use a solid basic system with some room for expansion.