Lorex vs. Ring Home Security Cameras

We compared the Lorex Wireless 2K and Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Aliza Vigderman
Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Nov 30, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Nov 30, 2021
Lorex vs Ring

Lorex 4 Super HD 2K Camera System

  • $349.99 two-camera system
  • 2K video resolution
  • Color and infrared night vision
Editor's Rating

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

  • Weather-resistant and can work in temperatures from -5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Color and infrared night vision available
  • 1080p HD video
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Comparing Ring and Lorex cameras is no easy feat. Lorex has dozens of cameras to choose from, and Ring also offers a variety, albeit not as many options.

For this comparison, we’re putting two high-quality, outdoor, battery-powered cameras head to head, namely the Lorex Wireless 2K Camera and the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. They both cost $349.99 for two-camera kits, so the choice won’t be about pricing, but quality. Let’s take a closer look.

How They’re Similar

Although these cameras differ, they have a lot in common as well.

Outdoor Cameras

Both the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, which we tested in our Ring Spotlight Cam Battery review, and the Lorex Wireless 2K Camera are outdoor cameras, so we installed the cameras outside of our Brooklyn brownstone.

Now, the Ring only has an IP rating of 55, so it’s dust-protected but not dust-tight, and it can handle low-pressure water jets. The Lorex camera, on the other hand, has a 65 IP rating, so it’s dust-tight, meaning impenetrable to solids. If you live in an area with really bad weather, like heavy snow or hail, Lorex might work better for you.

Fields of View

Both cameras have 140-degree fields of view for you to get the most out of your video; our minimum is 120 degrees, so we were happy with how much we saw out of both cameras.

Infrared and Color Night Vision

Both cameras have infrared night vision as well as color night vision from LEDs. We like cameras with infrared night vision because we can see criminals with them, but they can’t see us.

But if we want to use our security cameras to deter crime, then we turn on the LEDs or set them as motion-activated. With built-in motion detection, the lights will turn on when the camera senses motion, and you’ll get an alert on your mobile app with a live video of what’s happening at home, in full color.

Two-Way Audio

Another way to deter burglars is through two-way audio. Both the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and Lorex Wireless 2K Camera have speakers and microphones, which means that you can have a conversation with the would-be burglar from anywhere in the world. Tell them to get off your property, or tell your kids to take their shoes off as they enter your home. With two-way audio, you can “be home” even when you’re not actually there.

Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations

Both cameras work with the voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, so we could command them using our voices alone.

Voice assistant Lorex Wireless 2K Camera Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
Alexa commands Alexa, show the living room camera.

Alexa, show my feed from the backyard camera.

Alexa, stop the feed on the backyard camera.

Alexa, talk to the living room.

Alexa, show the front door.

Alexa, hide the kitchen.

Alexa, show me the latest activity from the backyard.

Google Assistant commands Hey Google, turn on the camera.

Hey Google, show the living room camera.

OK Google, turn off the camera.

Hey Google, is the baby camera on?

OK Google, talk to Ring.

Hey Google, talk to Ring about the health of my devices.

Hey Google, talk to Ring about starting a new recording.

Since Amazon owns Ring, it’s no surprise that Ring works better with Alexa than it does Google Assistant. If you’ve already made a smart home, you can use either camera with Alexa or Google Assistant. Learn more about the best security camera systems for Google Home and the best security camera systems for Alexa.

Person Detection

Both cameras only alerted us and recorded footage when they detected people as opposed to animals and moving objects. This meant we received alerts that mattered, rather than being notified of every car that passed our Brooklyn home.


Another active deterrent both cameras have is sirens. You can have the sirens go off whenever the cameras detect motion, or whenever you want. But that’s not all…

LED Lights

Both cameras have LEDs (light-emitting diodes), either motion-activated or manually activated. Not only do LEDs shine a light on would-be burglars, but they also allow for color night vision, which some people may prefer. However, if you want to hide your outdoor security cameras, you may want cameras without lights; no need to pay for what you’re not using!

Rechargeable Batteries

Still going to the store and replacing your batteries? Even though both the Ring and the Lorex are wireless cameras (outdoor wireless cameras, specifically), you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries. Rather, they’re rechargeable and easy to release. Ring also has a backup battery in case the first one runs out.

NOTE: If you never want to recharge your batteries, get the Ring Spotlight Cam Solar, which has a solar panel that charges continuously.

DIY Installation

We prefer DIY home security in order to limit the cost of our security cameras. Although Ring now offers professional installation through OnTech1, we installed both cameras ourselves without incident. Lorex was a bit more complicated, as it requires the Lorex Home Hub, but all we had to do was plug it in.

We spent the most time deciding where to place our security cameras outside. Learn more about security camera placement.

Pricing for Two-Camera Kits

Both Lorex and Ring offer their cameras in two-camera kits for the exact same price, $349.99 (although Lorex’s kit also includes a hub). However, pricing differs if you buy one or three cameras, or cameras bundled with other components like the Lorex Video Doorbell or the Echo Show 5, which we’ll get to below.

How They’re Different

Of course, the differences are the most important, as they’ll influence your buying decisions.


In terms of video resolution, Lorex wins, with 2K versus 1080p HD video. Now, both of these resolutions are clear and up to industry standards, but 2K takes the cake.

Cloud and Local Storage

Since the Lorex 2K uses the Lorex Home and not the Lorex Secure app, there are no cloud video storage plans. Rather, the camera records onto a 32 GB micro-SD card that was included in the package (although the maximum capacity is 256 GB). With Ring, it’s the opposite: only cloud storage via the Ring Protect plan.

FYI: 32 GB translates to 160 minutes (two hours and 40 minutes) of 24 Mbps footage, while 256 GB translates to 1,280 minutes (21 hours and 20 minutes).

What you get Free Basic Plus
Cellular backup No No Yes
Number of cameras covered All Ring devices at 1 address 1 video doorbell / security camera All Ring devices at 1 address
Ring.com discounts No No 10%
Length of cloud storage (in days) No 60 60
Warranty length 1 year 1 year Extended
Shareable and downloadable cloud storage No Yes Yes
Monthly subscription price $0 $3 $10
Annual subscription price $0 $30 $100

If you want local storage, go with Lorex; if you want cloud storage, go with Ring. Learn more about Lorex camera pricing and Ring camera pricing. By the way, if you have Ring Alarm, the Plus plan includes professional monitoring. Read more in our review of Ring Alarm, which is a good choice for a Wi-Fi-connected, wire-free security system.

Fire TV Stick and Apple TV Integrations

While both cameras work with Alexa and Google Assistant, Lorex takes it a step further, working with the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast. We have Chromecast at home, so it was fun to see our live Lorex footage on the big screen. With the Ring cameras, we stuck to watching the livestream on our Echo Show 8, which wasn’t quite as satisfying.

Lorex also works with Apple TV, a rarity for home security cameras. If you have an Apple TV home security system or a Fire TV Stick, Lorex wins over Ring.

Ring Doorbell button press
Ring Doorbell

Solar Panel Option

One of the things that make wireless security cameras less reliable is their dependence on batteries. Although we got low-battery alerts and the batteries were rechargeable, it was still a pain to deal with. However, if you buy a solar panel for the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, it’ll charge continuously, given you’ve placed it outside where it can get some sun. Now, pricing is a bit different for the Ring Spotlight Cam Solar, but hey, you pay for convenience.

Package Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Ring Spotlight Cam Solar Price difference
1 camera $199.99 $229.99 $30
2 cameras $349.99 $419.99 $70
3 cameras $529.99 $609.99 $80
4 cameras $679.99 $779.99 $100


Ring has one app, the Ring — Always Home app, for all of its cameras. Lorex, on the other hand, makes figuring out which app you’re supposed to use supremely confusing, but with this 2K camera, it’s the Lorex Home app.

Both companies have greatly improved their apps recently, and we were surprised to find that the Lorex Home app is actually slightly easier to use than the Ring app on both iOS and Android devices. However, with firmware updates come bugs, so be sure to check the app stores for the current ratings before you buy.


Only the Lorex 2K Wireless Camera requires a hub, included in that two-camera package. With Ring, no hub is needed, as there’s no local storage whatsoever.

Available Packages

Did you read our Lorex video doorbell review, and now you’re desperate for a Lorex deal? Or maybe you’re dying for an Echo Show to go with your Ring cameras? It’s your lucky day.

Both companies offer discounted bundles with video doorbells and smart displays, respectively, and aside from the two-camera packages, pricing differs. However, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap security camera, go with Ring over Lorex, as the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is available individually for about $200.

Package Lorex Wireless 2K Camera Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
1 camera N/A $199.99
1 camera with Echo Show 5 N/A $284.98
2 cameras $349.99 $349.99
2 cameras and a video doorbell $449.99 N/A
2 cameras and Echo Show 5 N/A $434.98
3 cameras N/A $529.99
3 cameras and a video doorbell $599.99 N/A
3 cameras and Echo Show 5 N/A $529.99

Ring also has doorbell cameras, but from what we could find, there are no discounted bundles with the Spotlight Cam Battery. Read more in our Ring doorbell camera review.

Which One Should You Buy?

Overall, we’d recommend buying the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery over the Lorex Wireless 2K Camera. Although it’s not as impressive in terms of video resolution, we appreciated the cloud storage, solar panel option, and Echo Show bundle. However, Lorex is better if you live in a harsher climate, want 2K video resolution, or have an Apple TV or Fire TV Stick.

To learn more, read our Lorex camera review, our Ring camera review, or our comparisons of Lorex vs. Arlo, Lorex vs. Night Owl, Lorex vs. Swann, Lorex vs. Reolink, or the Arlo Camera Pro 2 vs. the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. If neither camera seems right for you, a good place to look is our list of the best home security cameras.