Nest Hello Doorbell Review

Nest is well-known for its smart thermostats, but it’s also made plenty of inroads in the home security market. The Nest Hello is their video doorbell that has plenty of power-packed features.

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  • Oversized viewing screen for full picture
  • Integrates with Google and Nest products
  • Optional facial recognition technology
Aliza Vigderman Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 15, 2020

Owned by internet giant Google, Nest is one of the more recognizable names in smart home security. Among its products include cameras, security systems, smart locks, thermostats, and now a video doorbell called Nest Hello.

I love having a video doorbell because it brings my doorbell up to the 21st century. Now when someone presses my doorbell, I don’t just hear a chime. I can actually see and speak to whoever’s on my welcome mat, which comes in handy for differentiating between salesman,  food deliverers, or possible intruders. As I’ve loved all of Nest’s products in the past, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Nest Hello Video Doorbell stacks up.

In this review, I’ll discuss the Nest Hello’s design, features, functionality and convenience, and finally, the Nest app. Strap in, because our Nest Hello review starts now!

Nest Hello Pros and Cons

Nest Hello
Nest Hello

You know I love to go into detail about my video doorbells, so right off the top, I want to tell you about the Nest Hello’s key pros and cons.

The Nest Hello certainly has a lot of great qualities, including 1600 HD video display, person detection, a Google Assistant integration, and two-way audio.

Unfortunately, Nest has really expensive cloud storage options and no local storage. There’s no Amazon Alexa integration and at $229, the Nest Hello isn’t the most affordable video doorbell around, which is typical of Nest products in general.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell Design

Nest Hello Closeup
Nest Hello Closeup

It doesn’t surprise me that the Nest Hello Video Doorbell is so sleek. It’s simply a black pill-shaped cylinder with a backlit doorbell button on one end and a camera on the other. Encased in white plastic, I’m loving the doorbell’s chic minimalism, a hallmark of all Nest products. To see what I mean, check out our full review of the Nest Cam Indoor.

Aside from being pretty, Nest Hello works in temperatures from five to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Living on the East Coast, I worry about what would happen if temperatures dipped below five degrees, which can happen in the colder winter months. However, this may not be an issue for you if you live somewhere more temperate.

The video doorbell will be hard-wired into your home, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. Of course, this makes installation a bit more complicated, but we’ll get to that later.

Nest Hello connects to your phone through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which ensures that it’ll stay on even if your Wi-Fi is wonky. Any redundancies in security devices are always a positive sign.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell Features

Now let’s talk about what Nest Hello can do. First, we’ll go over the camera’s features. Then, I’ll explain the doorbell’s capabilities.


Nest Hello Video Display
Nest Hello Video Display

The Nest Hello’s camera has incredible video quality. First of all, it has 1600 HD, which soars above the industry standard of 1080 HD. On top of that, it has a very wide field of view of 160 degrees, and it can zoom in eight times! You can rest assured that this video can capture everyone from Girl Scouts selling cookies to suspicious persons snooping around your mail.


The camera also comes equipped with two-way audio, which allows you to speak to your visitors. This can come in handy when you want to give a delivery person instructions, scare off an intruder, or simply greet your guests.

Night Vision

Nest Hello Night Vision
Nest Hello Night Vision

The Nest Hello has infrared night vision through 850 nm LEDs.


Nest Storage Options
Nest Storage Options

If you use any other Nest products, you know that Nest does not provide any local storage, a bummer for anyone who wants to be in total control of their footage. However, they recently lowered their cloud storage pricing, and it’s pretty reasonable, which is a good sign.

Smart Platform Integration

Nest Hello and the Google Home Hub
Nest Hello and the Google Home Hub

Unsurprisingly, the video doorbell integrates with all of the Nest products along with Google Assistant. That means that Google Assistant can announce when someone’s at your door or show you your visitor via Chromecast.

Artificial Intelligence

Person Detection
Person Detection

If you purchase Nest Aware at any level, you’ll receive person detection and facial recognition. That means that not only will your camera tell you there’s a person at the door, but over time, it can tell you who it is! The flip side of familiar face alerts is unfamiliar face alerts, meaning your camera can tell you if someone you don’t know is at your door.

Facial Recognition on the Nest App
Facial Recognition on the Nest App

If you don’t purchase Nest Aware, you’ll get no artificial intelligence features which means less specific notifications. As the camera won’t be able to differentiate between people and other moving objects, you may be notified about pets, cars, or even shadows.


Now let’s talk about the extra things that don’t fit so neatly into categories.

Nest Aware

Along with person detection, facial recognition, and up to 30 days of cloud storage, Nest Aware will get you motion and sound detection, dog barking alerts, person speaking alerts, familiar face alerts, and 24/7 continuous recording which are all pretty self-explanatory.

Nest Activity Zones
Nest Activity Zones

Nest Aware ensures that you’re given the most specific information possible- not just that the camera detected movement, but that your mailman Doug is here, for example. With Nest Aware, you’ll also receive clips and time-lapses of your footage which is a great way to stay organized and find specific events.

Activity Zones
Activity Zones

The final feature of Nest Aware is activity zones, which allow you to mark important areas for the camera to focus on. Depending on your video doorbell’s placement, you can mark your mailbox, front window, or anything you think is particularly vulnerable to attack.

Doorbell Capabilities

What happens if someone rings your doorbell when you’re not home? With Nest Hello, you can set up pre-recorded messages to greet your guests in your absence. It’s a doorbell and an answering machine rolled into one.

Installing Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Installing the Nest Hello
Installing the Nest Hello

Although the Nest Hello was designed to replace existing doorbells, if you don’t have one, you can buy a power adapter to plug it into your indoor outlet. If you do have an existing wired doorbell and chime, you’ll also need a 16-24 VAC, 10VA transformer. Nest recommends that you get the doorbell professionally installed.

The Nest App

The Nest App
The Nest App

What would a smart doorbell like the Nest Hello be without its trusty mobile app? Here, I’ll talk about what the Nest app can do, and what customers think of it.


From the Nest app, you can view your camera’s livestream, communicate with visitors, and check out event history. You’ll also be able to set activity zones and pre-recorded messages.


I was a bit shocked at the Nest app’s customer reviews. While it did get a 3.8 star rating on the Google Play store, which is not half bad, iPhone users only gave it a 2.1 star rating. One Apple customer said that the app wasn’t giving them all of the notifications from their Nest Hello,

“If someone rings the doorbell, the system is perfect. I get an alert. I can talk to them. Golden. But if there is movement or someone just walking up (like someone stealing a package), I get no alert,”

the user wrote in a one-star review. Clearly, the Nest app works better on Androids than it does on iPhones.

Recap of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

At $229, the Nest Hello Video Doorbell doesn’t come cheap (another less fortunate hallmark of Nest products). So, is it right for you? Let me ask you a few questions.

Do the following features tickle your fancy?

  • Chic minimalist design
  • Works from five to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
  • 1600 HD video
  • Field of view of 160 degrees
  • Ability to zoom in eight times
  • Two-way audio
  • Integrations with other Nest products, Google Assistant
  • Ability to make pre-recorded messages

If so, the Nest Hello Video Doorbell may be your perfect match.

But let me ask you this. Are any of the following deal breakers?

  • No local storage
  • Hard-wired into your home making installation more difficult
  • Person detection and facial recognition available only through Nest Aware 
  • Activity zones not included
  • Poor app reviews
  • Expensive price tag

If so, you might want to look elsewhere.

That’s all I have for our review of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell! For any burning questions or comments, please let us know, or check out our list of the best video doorbells to explore some other great options.

Nest Hello Doorbell FAQs

  • Is there a monthly fee for the Nest Hello?

    There’s no required monthly fee for Nest Hello; you’ll be able to access your recorded footage for three hours on the house, as well as livestream footage and control your device remotely through the Nest app. However, you can pay separate fees for storage or professional monitoring. 30 days of cloud storage costs $6 a month or $60 a year, while 60 days costs $12 a month or $120 a year. Professional monitoring and cellular backup cost either $29 a month if you sign up for a monthly contract, or $19 a month if you sign up for a yearly contract.

  • Is Ring better than Nest?

    In terms of doorbells, Nest is better than Ring in terms of video and artificial intelligence capabilities.

  • Does the Nest doorbell have a battery?

    The Nest Hello video doorbell doesn’t have a battery. Rather, it’ll be hardwired into your home and requires a wired doorbell, chime and a 16-24VAC.