Ring Alarm Review

The gold standard for low-cost, DIY home security and automation

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  • Professional monitoring for $10/mo.
  • No contract required
  • Amazon-owned company
Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

Ring is best known for its innovative video doorbells, and the company got started when the inventor’s wife endorsed the thought of reinventing the doorbell. Her phrase for it was “caller ID for the front door.” The primary mission of Ring is to reduce the crime rates in communities, and they focus their products and services around this goal.

While Ring’s flagship product line is the video doorbell, it also has a strong security system and outdoor cameras available. These products work seamlessly with each other, which is convenient if you’re already heavily invested in Ring products.

Equipment & Tech

The Ring Alarm Security Kit comes in a five-piece kit at $199, a 10-piece kit at $259, and a 14-piece kit at $329. The first kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range extender. The second kit adds four more contact sensors and another motion detector. The biggest kit adds three more contact sensors into the mix.

Additional keypads are available for $50, contact sensors for $20, motion detectors for $30 and range extenders for $25.

You have a lot of room to customize the system based on your home’s security requirements. Everything easily connects through the Ring Base Station, which acts as the hub, and you can control each device through the Ring App.

Real-time alerts let you know if there’s anything that needs your attention, and you can see exactly which sensors get triggered. If the power goes out, 24-hour battery backup keeps the system up and running. It recharges automatically whenever your power comes back. Optional cellular backup also protects you if your Internet is unavailable.

Disarmed, home and away modes allow you to set the right security option so you can stay protected without worrying about false alarms.

In addition to the base level equipment, you have other security devices designed to enhance the Ring Alarm system.

  • First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm $40: This dual alarm quickly alerts you during a gas leak or a fire.
  • Dome Siren $30: Flashing LED lights and a 105-decibel speaker warn intruders away and alert your family to the danger.
  • Flood and Freeze Sensor $35: This sensor stops water damage from becoming worse through early detection.
  • Panic Button $35: This panic button sets off the alarm in emergency situations.
  • Smoke and CO Listener $35: This device listens for alerts from your current smoke and CO detectors and goes off if it hears them.
  • Open Window Magnet $5: You can crack your windows or sliding doors without making your contact sensors useless.

Optional 24/7 Support

Add an extra layer of protection with our dedicated professional monitoring team.

Just mention video doorbells/outdoor cameras and general features

Ring’s Video Doorbells come in several models and work well with the rest of the Ring Alarm system. Everything connects seamlessly through the base station, and you’ll receive alerts through the app when people ring the doorbell or motion is detected. The two-way audio allows you to have a conversation with the people on the other end of the doorbell, which offers a lot of convenience.

The outdoor cameras come in models that are just the cameras, and those that also include floodlights. You can choose between wired, battery and solar powered options. They give you an excellent view of the proximity of your

Monitoring & Features

The Ring Alarm comes with three levels of service. The free tier is included with all Ring equipment. It includes Ring and motion alerts, custom motion detection, live video on demand (for applicable devices), two-way audio, and a one-year warranty. This self-monitoring option does not have a monthly fee or a contract.

The Ring Protect Basic Plan is $3 per month or $30 annually. You add this on a per doorbell or security camera basis. It adds video recording for Ring, Motion and Live View events, and stores those files for 60 days. You can also review your videos, share them, and save them. This is a month-to-month plan, and you can cancel at any time. Unless you already have or are adding a Ring doorbell or video camera to your Ring Alarm system, you won’t get any use out of this tier.

The Ring Protect Plus Plan is $10 per month or $100 per year. It covers all the Ring devices that you have at your address, and adds in an extended warranty, 10 percent off Ring equipment purchases, and Ring Alarm professional monitoring. This 24/7 monitoring gives you extra protection for an incredibly reasonable price.

30 Second Average Call Response Time

If you have the 24/7 professional monitoring add-on, then you will receive a response within 30 seconds of an emergency call. The responder helps to dispatch the correct emergency services to your house and will guide you through the situation.

Powerful App Control

The Ring app makes it simple to control all the smart devices and Alarm products at once. You don’t need to switch between software if you want to check on the different types of products that Ring offers. You can access this control panel on smartphones, tablets, and your computer.

Support for Alexa and Z-Wave Devices

You aren’t limited to Ring manufactured devices. Alexa-enabled devices and Z-Wave are both supported with your Ring Alarm system. This opens up the system to many third-party devices that you can use to enhance the functionality of your home security system and improve home automation.

Sensitivity Settings for Pets

The motion sensors won’t go off for pets under 50 pounds, if they’re installed properly.

Instant Notifications

If anything happens at your house, you’ll be the first to know. You get instant notifications via the app whenever someone sets off a sensor, or an alarm goes off. You can configure the types of notifications that you receive and the situations where you should be informed about a sensor getting tripped.

Flexible Configuration

The base security kits get you started with the basic equipment you need for your security system, and you can easily add more sensors, environmental alarms, outdoor video cameras and other devices. Since you control everything through the app, it doesn’t get more complicated to work with a large system.

Ring Neighborhoods Beta

One interesting feature that Ring offers is Ring Neighborhoods, which is a way for you to share videos from your Ring video doorbells or outdoor cameras. The idea behind it is that you can share these videos to help keep the neighborhood safer, such as sharing someone stealing mail or seeing a suspicious person lingering at multiple people’s houses on your street.

Customizable Detection Zones

It’s hard to get usable alerts out of a home security system when you get notifications every time the wind blows a leaf around. You can customize the detection zones and configure how sensitive you want sensors, so you only get alerted when things matter.

Installation & Usability

Ring’s products are designed to be simple and straightforward to use, with a heavy focus on the DIY aspect. Some devices, such as wired outdoor cameras, have slightly more difficult installation processes. Overall, though, you don’t need tools or special knowledge to get everything set up. If you do run into problems, you can easily get connected to professional installers recommended by Ring.

Customer Support

Ring offers a variety of customer service options in case you run into problems with your equipment. The help center has detailed guides, videos, and other resources to walk you through using your new home security system. You can also send in a support ticket or call in to phone support 24/7. The agents that you talk to are knowledgeable and happy to help you with the issues that you have. You usually don’t have to wait very long to contact someone.

Cost & Pricing

The Ring security system is very reasonably priced, whether you get the 5-piece kit or the 14. The add-ons are budget-friendly and make it simple to expand your security system to cover every area of your home. If you want professional monitoring, the $10 per month cost is incredibly reasonable.

Our Conclusion

The Ring Alarm system fits into many people’s requirements and budgets. The pricing is excellent, and the home security system plays well with other Ring devices, Alexa-enabled equipment, and Z-Wave home automation products. The DIY approach, user-friendly app control, and overall low pricing make it an excellent choice.