Best Home Security Systems for the Elderly in 2021

These security systems are ideal for the elderly people in your life, as tested by our experts.

Aliza Vigderman
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Last Updated on Nov 25, 2020
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Nov 25, 2020

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Who has time for home security hassles? Nobody, and especially not the elderly! The best home security systems for the elderly are from companies that keep people safe without playing price games or making new technology difficult. Each company below features straightforward pricing and easy-to-use home security systems.

A typical basic setup has a hub with a siren. The hub can monitor door entry sensors, window entry sensors, indoor motion sensors, and dozens of other sensors. Alerts can be monitored by the owner, caregivers, and/or a professional emergency response service.

Each company lets you easily add extras: doorbell cameras, indoor/outdoor security cameras, smoke alarms with text alerts, remote-controlled thermostats, automated lights, and lots more. Read on for examples from five of the best home security companies for the elderly and their families.

Best Home Security Systems for the Elderly

  • SimpliSafe – Best Senior Home Security Overall
  • Abode – Best No Contract Security for the Elderly
  • Frontpoint – Best DIY Home Security for Seniors
  • Ring Alarm – Easiest to Use Senior Home Security

SimpliSafe – Best Senior Home Security Overall

SimpliSafe is a reputable company with easy-to-use alarm systems. The brand is known for low-priced yet good quality equipment, and they take the title for best senior home security overall. Setting up and using SimpliSafe is simple, just as advertised. No credit check or long-term contract is needed for service. Here we look at prices and equipment.

SimpliSafe Prices and Overview

Prices start at $229 for brand-new SimpliSafe kits. The brand website shows ready-to-go kits in order of home size, with solutions for everything from small condos to five-bedroom homes. You can also buy items separately, choosing from motion sensors, security cameras, smoke alarms, and more.

Payment isn’t needed to keep a SimpliSafe system working. However, we recommend at least getting a $14.99 month-to-month Standard service. This will ensure that the system owner (or a loved one) gets safety alerts even when away from the property. Up to five mobile numbers and email addresses can receive alerts when a smoke alarm, glass break sensor, or other device is triggered.

Premium SimpliSafe service, called Interactive, costs $24.99 month-to-month. This provides professional monitoring of alerts, which means that SimpliSafe can dispatch police, firefighters, and paramedics on your behalf. It also gives you mobile or remote control over the equipment. For instance, you can lock doors when you’re away from home, and you can arm the system with a voice command. This is an upgrade over the $14.99 Standard plan, which only sends alerts.

Setup and Operation

The vast majority of customers set up SimpliSafe themselves. You can order pro installation ($79) but DIY setup is truly simple. All equipment except the SimpliSafe doorbell can be installed without tools. For instance, the base station simply plugs into a wall. Entry sensors can attach to windows and doors with peel-and-stick adhesive strips.

Arming and disarming SimpliSafe is simple too. You can use voice commands or a smartphone app if you choose paid service. For free you can also arm/disarm with the base station’s wireless keypad or a remote control button on your keyring.

The app, base station, and keyring device have panic buttons for use in case of a medical emergency, a break-in, or other danger. These are activated with the $24.99/month monitoring plan.

SimpliSafe Equipment Examples

Equipment from SimpliSafe can add safety and convenience to daily life. Anti-crime features range from security cameras to glass break sensors and indoor motion sensors. Sensors can also alert you to environmental threats: carbon monoxide, smoke, water leaks, and freezing water pipes. With the SimpliSafe Interactive Plan ($24.99 per month) you can add home automation too: The Interactive Plan lets you use Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands or the SimpliSafe app to arm your system, remotely control smart lights, verify that doors are locked, and more.

The SimpliSafe Base Station is a small plug-in tower with battery backup. It wirelessly connects with a PIN pad and all other sensors. The Base Station can monitor up to 41 devices. If it’s tampered with, a built-in alarm will sound… and if you pay for professional monitoring, SimpliSafe will automatically send text/email alerts and dispatch police. As mentioned above, the Base Station also has a panic button. This can summon paramedics, police, or firefighters. Two-way audio on the unit lets you communicate with an emergency dispatcher.

The cheapest SimpliSafe kit combines a Base Station with a wireless keypad, an entry sensor for the main doorway, and an indoor motion sensor. Often a SimpliCam is included for free. SimpliCam is a low-priced indoor security camera with night vision. It can send alerts to your phone or email when motion is detected, and it has a shutter for privacy mode. For $4.99/month SimpliSafe lets you store video clips in the cloud. Motion-triggered clips can be up to 60 seconds long and are stored 30 days. SimpliSafe also has one outdoor camera: a smart doorbell with motion detection and two-way voice. This is the only SimpliSafe gadget that requires hard wiring.

SimpliSafe’s motion sensor is a great example of the brand’s value. This $29 gadget has the same features as units costing three times as much; you save because SimpliSafe makes the equipment and doesn’t give a high markup. The motion sensor has a seven-year battery for convenient cordless placement. It has night vision, and it’s pet-friendly; it isn’t alarmed by furry friends weighing up to 50 pounds.

Environmental sensors from SimpliSafe can alert you to threats from smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, and freezing pipes. The advantage of using these wireless devices is the central connection: Even if you can’t hear an alarm, you’ll get a text or email alert.

Smart home equipment can be activated with the $24.99/month plan. This lets you include a Nest thermostat, which makes climate control and energy savings especially easy. August smart locks are compatible too. These give the owner and trusted contracts the convenience of keyless entry, plus you get remote/voice control over your locks. Philips Hue lights can also be centrally controlled. Like an update to the clap-on, clap-off lights, these can work with voice control or the SimpliSafe mobile app.

Whatever equipment you choose, SimpliSafe provides a 60-day trial period. You can return a set within two months for a full refund including return shipping.

Abode – Best No Contract Security for the Elderly

Abode is a newer home security company compared with SimpliSafe. Their starter kits are comparably priced, and Abode’s all-in-one home security unit is very easily installed: Just plug it in and connect a free mobile app.

Paid monitoring isn’t needed to keep an Abode security system running; the alarm will still sound. Unlike with SimpliSafe, the system owner and caregivers can get mobile alerts without a paid plan. You can add affordable pro monitoring anytime without a credit check.

With Abode you can keep prices low, but many people choose this brand for the not-so-cheap extras. Abode, unlike SimpliSafe, can support a wide range of outdoor cameras and has Z-Wave for home automation. Z-Wave radio lets you add smart locks, smart lights, and other wireless equipment from lots of other brands.

Abode Prices and Overview

Abode security prices start at $199 for small condo-sized security kits. The $199 deal is centered around a Gateway hub, which has a siren and can wirelessly connect with up to 151 sensors. Basic sensors are included with the $199 deal.

Maybe the simplest option is an all-in-one unit called Iota ($229). It plugs into a standard outlet, and various security features are built-in: a motion sensor, a wide-lens camera with night vision, a siren, and more. For seniors with small living spaces, the Iota tower on its own could suffice for home security… but if not, it can host up to 160 external gadgets.

Unlike SimpliSafe, Abode allows free DIY monitoring with their mobile app. Professional monitoring is available though for terms from three days to 12 months. One month at a time costs $20.

Abode Security Equipment

An Abode security kit can consist of a Gateway plus external sensors, or an Iota tower by itself or with sensors. Abode can meet the main categories covered by SimpliSafe: intrusion protection, environmental alerts, and home automation. It goes beyond SimpliSafe by supporting a wider range of cameras and third-party devices too. Here’s a sampling of compatible equipment.

  • Abode Cam – This indoor security camera is powered with a standard AC outlet. It has a wide-angle lens and is equipped with infrared for crisp video footage in any light. Two-way audio is included for remote interactions.
  • Nest Cam Outdoor IQ – Abode security systems are compatible with Nest outdoor cameras and other Nest products. Service requires Nest Aware.
  • Smart Plugs – Smart plugs let you remotely monitor and control connected appliances. These are popular for making daily life more convenient, but they can also provide peace of mind. Even when you’re away from the house, you can verify that the oven is turned off, the iron isn’t on, and so forth.
  • First Alert Smoke and CO Detector – This smart gadget can join your Abode mobile app, ensuring that alerts are received even when nobody is at home. The First Alert monitor also has smart technology to limit false alerts, e.g., it won’t be triggered by shower steam.

All in all, Abode is the best no-contract home security brand for the elderly and anyone who wants high tech security without hassles.

Frontpoint – Best DIY Home Security for Seniors

Frontpoint is a top choice for professionally-monitored security systems that customers install in about 30 minutes. DIY setup is easy at any age: Panic buttons can be added to walls with peel-and-push adhesive strips, for example, and even the outdoor cameras can be installed without wiring. The system hub can help monitor for trespassers, give environmental alerts, and automate your home. The high-quality equipment is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Z-Wave sensors.

The Frontpoint team earns great ratings for customer service and their mobile app as well. One advanced feature of the mobile app is geo-location, which helps control your home security system based on your location. For instance, it can remind you to activate the system if you walk a certain distance from home, and it can automatically adjust the thermostat as you head back after a long time away.

Monthly payment isn’t required; a Frontpoint alarm siren will still sound. A paid plan provides better security with professional monitoring and/or remote control, video surveillance, and other benefits.

Frontpoint Security Equipment

Frontpoint starter kits sometimes sell for just $69, which reflects big discounts; when sold separately the hub-keypad combo costs $299. One example of a $69 promo kit is the Safe Home Plus package with a retail value of $538. It includes a hub, a wireless keypad, glass break sensors, door/window entry sensors, a yard sign, and Frontpoint stickers/window decals.

For personalizing a Frontpoint security system, here are some popular choices:

  • Smoke and Heat Sensor – Traditional smoke alarms are only useful if you’re at home and have good hearing. Upgrade safety with a wireless smoke and heat alarm! By sending alerts to Frontpoint and to mobile phones, it helps ensure that loved ones stay safe and that firefighters are dispatched ASAP.
  • Motion Sensor – The Frontpoint motion sensor helps guard home interiors. It has a 90-degree field of view and can detect movement up to 44 feet away. It’s designed to ignore movement from most pets.
  • Outdoor Camera – This wireless security camera can plug into an outdoor outlet for 24/7 video surveillance. When it detects motion, it makes recordings and sends them to cloud storage. The camera can withstand temperatures from -13° to 133°F.
  • Doorbell Camera – Who’s at your door? The Slimline Doorbell Camera is triggered by motion, plus it lets you use the Frontpoint app to check your doorstep anytime. The doorbell has infrared night vision and one-way audio. It features an exceptionally wide-angle lens of 180 degrees, and it detects motion up to eight feet away even at night. The unit stays functional even in extreme heat and cold.
  • Smart Door Lock – Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry! Smart door locks can be especially useful if you have home caregivers, as each can be assigned a PIN. Paid Frontpoint monitoring lets you set PINs and track their use with a mobile app.

Frontpoint Prices

Not long ago Frontpoint required long-term contracts for its mobile app and professional monitoring. Now you can get Frontpoint contract-free after buying the equipment upfront. Three monitoring plans are offered:

  • Protection – $34.99/month – This basic service plan provides 24/7 professional monitoring of alerts. Also, Frontpoint runs automated system checks to ensure that your home security equipment is working.
  • Interactive – $44.99/month – The Interactive Plan combines pro monitoring with the option to use a mobile app for notifications and to see a history of sensor activity. This plan also activates Crash and Smash Protection, which alerts you and Frontpoint if someone tries to disable your alarm system.
  • Ultimate – $49.99/month – This premium Frontpoint plan builds upon the Interactive Plan by adding video surveillance and home automation. The plan can turn your smartphone into a remote controller for cameras, lights, locks, and other electronics.

If you stop paying for monitoring, the Frontpoint hub siren can still sound. However, the system will not have tamper detection or a mobile connection. Obviously payment makes a big difference! You can try any Frontpoint plan risk-free for 30 days.

Ring Alarm – Easiest to Use Senior Home Security

Ring launched in 2013 with smart video doorbells. These have inspired countless competitors, and Ring video doorbells remain popular all-in-one security systems for small apartments/condos. The company has also expanded to offer complete home security kits for safety and home automation. These work beautifully with Amazon Alexa: The virtual assistant can arm your home, adjust lights, start your coffeemaker, adjust TV volume, and otherwise add a little extra shine to the golden years.

Ring Monitoring Prices

With Ring, you can choose from DIY and professional monitoring. There’s no charge for alerts via a mobile app or desktop, and you can save each camera’s footage for $2.99/month. For three or more cameras the cost is $9.99/month. Also for $9.99 a month, you can get professional monitoring for all surveillance cameras, Ring smoke detectors, water leak sensors, remote-controlled lights, and other Ring smart home devices.

Ring Alarm Security Equipment

A Ring video doorbell can work without other equipment; you can monitor it with a free mobile app. With several models to choose from, there’s something for every door size and preference. Some can be battery powered for extra-quick installation.

The cheapest complete Ring Alarm security kit, which can guard spaces up to 1000 square feet, sells for $199. It includes a base station, a keypad, an entry sensor, a motion detector, and a WiFi range extender.

The Ring Alarm base station has a Z-Wave radio chip for communicating with add-on devices from Ring and other brands. A sampling includes:

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – This popular video doorbell with a 160-degree lens can be installed wirelessly or connect to the hardwiring for a previous doorbell. It lets you know who’s at the door, even if they keep quiet, and it has two-way audio in case you’d like to talk. Video can be saved for just $2.99 per month.
  • Stick Up Cam – A Ring Stick Up Cam can go anywhere, as the name suggests. It’s weatherproof and can be powered with solar energy, a battery, or mains power. Special features include motion detection, infrared night vision, and two-way talk.
  • Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor – It’s easy to ignore your basement, and especially if you’re elderly with a desire to avoid stairs. Keeping Ring sensors for water hazards in your basement and elsewhere in the home can help prevent expensive damage.
  • Plug-in Dimmer Switch – Smart dimmer switches by GE are compatible with the Ring mobile app. By voice or with a smartphone you can control your lights, one at a time or in groups, for convenience and another layer of home security.
  • Plug-In Smart Outlet – Smart outlets let you remotely monitor the connected appliances and turn them on/off. Ring Alarm works with GE smart outlets that simply plug into standard AC outlets.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with all new Ring Alarm equipment.