The Best VPNs for the United Arab Emirates

Short holiday in Dubai? Business trip to Abu Dhabi? These are the best VPNs for you.

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By Aliza Vigderman Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner Gabe Turner, Chief Editor
The Best VPNs for the United Arab Emirates
2,500+ research hours
50+ VPNs reviewed
300 speed tests
6 experts consulted
5 VPNs recommended
  1. Freedom House. (2023). About Us.

  2. Freedom House. (2023). FREEDOM ON THE NET 2023: United Arab Emirates.

  3. WinZip. (2023). What is military grade encryption and does your organization need it?

  4. NordVPN. (2023). NordVPN Has Completed an Industry-First Audit of Its No-Logs Policy.

  5. Securitum. (2023). Proton VPN’s No-Log policy – regarding VPN activity.